Shocking Words Men Desperately Crave (He'll thank you for this)

4 Compliments That Make Men Melt

If you want to capture your man’s heart, one of the most powerful ways is to use a compliment, at the right time, that’s designed to make him feel the right things.

Here are 4 compliments that your man is dying to hear from you…

1. “I love to hear you talk about [his passion in life].

Men are oftentimes so excited to talk about their favorite thing in life that they’ll ramble on for minutes on end.

When you listen objectively, showing support and enthusiasm for their life’s work, men take that as the ultimate compliment.

2. I really admire your [insert character trait here]…

By noticing the fine quality of his personality, you show him that you respect who he is as a person, deeper that the superficial things that others may notice about him. You notice what others take for granted.

And THAT is powerful.

3. “I need your advice on something.”

A man’s ego is closely tied with his ability to solve things on his own. He wants to solve problems and impress you.

Pay him a tremendous, if rare, compliment by actually asking his opinion on something and asking him to share his advice.

4. You’re my hero.

Every man wants to be a woman’s hero, and especially the woman he’s falling in love with.  He’ll do anything to please her, protect her and become her knight in shining armor.

Every man wants to be a hero.  Every man wants to feel like the lead character in his own Great Story.

You have the ability to make him feel that way.  Compliment him frequently, but only when he works for the recognition.

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  • Faith

    Reply Reply August 22, 2018

    I know these now but I wish I had known them when I was still married. 🙁

    • Optimistic

      Reply Reply August 22, 2018

      Did you check out “Obsessive Phrases”? There’s a link in the article. I found it amazing! You may find what you’re looking for there…even if it is regarding an ex. Good luck!


    Reply Reply February 19, 2019

    This is great just want to know more or an example of magic text messages that wil melt him heart

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