Signs He is Testing You. Signs He Wants You to Open Up to Him. How Can You Tell If A Guy Likes You.

How Can You Tell If A Guy Likes You – Here are 6 Signs He’s Into You

It’s pretty important to be able to tell if a guy likes you or not because if you can’t…

You may end up thinking that he doesn’t like you when he does…

Or you may end up thinking that he does like you when he doesn’t.

Both of these situations could end up really embarrassing for you.

Here are some signs to look for to tell if a guy likes you. The first one is this…

He Keeps Looking at You

Guys like to look at women that they like. He might keep looking at you and possibly turn away but find himself looking at you again.

This is a good indication that he likes you. The only time he won’t do this is if he’s shy or he’s trying to act cool by not showing he likes you.

The second sign is this…

He’ll Stand Close to You

Guys will do this even if it’s totally subconscious and he doesn’t realize that he’s doing it.

You’ll see this a lot in bars where a guy will go stand next to a woman he likes, either consciously trying to find a space or opportunity to talk to her…

Or he’ll do it without even knowing that he’s doing it because he’s simply drawn to her.

It happens at the workplace, it happens everywhere. If a guy is spending a lot of time around you, it could be that he likes you.

He’ll Come Up With Reasons to Talk to You

Sometimes this will be stupid reasons and he’ll say stupid things. Dumb stuff will come out of his mouth.

A lot of times it’s just because he likes you and wants to interact with you and he’s less worried about what comes out of his mouth as he is about being around you.

If a guy comes over and just starts talking to you, take it as a compliment and take it as him being attracted to you.

The next sign is this…

He’ll Want to Get to Know You More

When a guy is interested, he’ll be curious about who you are and what’s going on in your life. He’ll want to know what you do, what you read, what you like to spend your time doing.

He might ask you questions about your past and what you enjoy. He’ll just ask you questions about you.

He’ll Talk About the Two of You in the Future Together

Sometimes, he just give hints at this. He’ll throw out hints of possible things that you two could do together to gauge your interest and see if he can take you to that thing.

If you get excited about what he’s talking about, he might end up asking you out to go and do that.

Also, as things progress, this will get deeper and more intense… meaning that if he REALLY likes you, he’ll talk about taking trips with you or something like that.

He’ll Seem Really Happy Around You for No Reason

He might just smile at you. He might just be happy and enjoying his time even though it doesn’t really seem to make any sense because you’re not doing anything too amazing.

If a guy just enjoys being around you and is just happy when he’s around you, that’s a really good indication that he really likes you a lot.

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