Here’s What’s Stopping You From Getting Commitment From a Man

Here’s What’s Stopping You From Getting Commitment From a Man

Today, we’ll be covering some of the biggest obstacles you’ll face in getting the commitment you want.

If you don’t make sure to avoid these obstacles, you’ll end up pushing a man away from you instead of creating a beautiful relationship together.

Here’s what those obstacles are:

1. Thinking that men should be different.

Let me ask you something…

Do you want a man to accept and love you for who you are?

Well, men want the same thing.

Yet, almost every time I go out and talk with women about what I do, I almost always get something like this…

“Why do you coach women?!? MEN are the problem! You should be fixing them!”

While I completely understand the frustration there, I know a lot of men who feel the same way about women.

And the truth is that if we want to create the committed relationships that we both want together, we need to stop making each other wrong and start working together.

Think that men should change and be different is a sure fire way to make sure that you never have the relationship you ultimately want.

By the way, there are HUNDREDS of men’s dating coaches out there working with just with men to help them have the relationships they want.

This is an area that both sexes struggle with and are working on.

2. Being shut down to advice and feedback.

If what you’re doing isn’t giving you the result you want, the only way to have something different is to change what you’re doing.

Look: I’ve been teaching dating advice for over 11 years now.

I’ve worked with thousands of men and women and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.

And you’re here because you’re looking for a solution to a challenge that you’re having with men.

All I ask is that you just try what I’m giving you. That’s it.

I’m giving you this because it’s worked for other women.

And if you want it to work for you, you have to at least try to use the advice that I give you.

Otherwise, you’ll still be stuck where you are months or years from now.

And that’s just not what I want for you. And I know it’s not what you want for yourself.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

So before you judge whether something will work for you or not, at least try it on.

3. Thinking your situation is hopeless.

There are quite a few women in our community who are on the verge of giving up on men, dating, and commitment altogether.

Listen: I’ve been there before.

I’ve felt like my dating life and getting into a healthy relationship with a quality woman was completely hopeless at some point.

Yet I’m so happy that started buying books, programs, and seminars about dating advice because that information completely changed my life.

I went from someone who couldn’t get a date to having an abundance of women and relationship possibilities because I did something different and tried something new.

If you’re feeling like your situation is hopeless, there’s something you need to realize:

I’ve seen a woman in our community go from not being able to get a guy to approach her to getting into a committed relationship in just a few months.

I’ve seen woman who only attracted men who wanted friend with benefits relationships with her who ended up using some of my advice and found a great guy within two months and they’re now happy in the best relationship of her life.

There’s a woman in our community who spent most of her life in abusive relationships who switched one thing around, met a quality guy within 3 weeks and has been married to him for over 4 years now.

I could go on and on but the point is that you can have the relationship you want. But you have to believe that something better for you is possible.

You just have to believe it’s possible and try something new and see if it works for you.

Sometimes that’s all you need in order to completely flip a situation around from feeling like it’s hopeless to creating a miracle in your life.

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