8 Secret Ways to Keep Your Man Happy

How can you keep a man happy when his instinct is to stray? Believe it or not, most men’s instincts are to provide for the women they love, not stray. The majority of men would be happy with just one woman who makes them feel independent, strong and ambitious. However, crossing that bridge and earning his trust is no easy feat. Remember these 10 “secret ways” to keep a man happy and make him yours forever.

1. Have a wonderful and useful talent that not many others have.

Sure, a lot of men appreciate basic life skills like cooking, but more men are learning how to cook on their own these days. Don’t underestimate other vital skills that might prove useful in the long run, like medical knowledge, mechanical know-how, botany / farming, or even survivalist skills. These separate you from other women putting you in a high class all your own. Have a skill that makes you unique AND a great friend to have when times get rough.

2. Remind him how lucky he is to have you.

Be charming and attractive to ALL people you meet, including other men, his friends, family and people you meet with on a daily basis. When he sees that you have high confidence and dress to impress, always making friendly conversation with the locals, he is reminded that you DO have other options, but you still choose him.

3. Don’t be his mother—be the girl next door.

Some women fall into the dating trap of becoming a man’s mother and displaying negative qualities like jealousy, domineering behavior, manipulating his emotions, and “taking care of him” as if he’s a big baby. But that’s not what most men want. Most men admire women who do NOT try to limit their independent behavior, but who encourage it. Maybe you do this by goofing off with him or laughing with him rather than getting upset that he’s being immature. Men do like to get in touch with their “inner child” sometimes and that’s when they want the girl next door…not Mom 2.0.

4. Always stand up for him as a friend.

Standing up for your man is a prerequisite, even in the dating stages, but you might be surprised at how subtle you can be. This does NOT mean that you have to agree with everything he says or never tease him or even laugh. But it DOES mean that you avoid patronizing him, avoid saying anything insulting (because really, who wants to hear that even in jest?) and avoid taking the side of someone else, instead of him. It’s just a matter of common courtesy to want to see the perspective of the man you LIKE and see him as the sympathetic figure.

This not only means not ridiculing him in front of others (even in a joking way), but also involves being unified with him in principle, if not in thought. The key is not in agreeing with him in everything just to fake support, but to find areas of agreement and emphasize that common ground. This shows a willingness to support him and what he believes in.

5. Always be the “experienced woman” when you go to bed with him.

If there’s one thing men unanimously agree on, it’s that they want women to be more take-charge in the bedroom. We live in a politically charged world, where men are often criticized for being chauvinist, or “rapey”, or perverted. Now of course, most decent men are not such terrible things. But they are always a little nervous when it comes to making the first move because they don’t want to be pushy. So when they do make a move, and if you’re feeling the attraction (and have waited long enough for them to fall for you) let them know that you ENJOY it. Be more sexual, be more enthusiastic, be more knowledgeable (especially about what gets you off) and let him know that you desire him just as badly as he desires you.

6. Give him as much independence as he wants.

Beware if the maternal instinct that says your guy needs constant supervision and support. Most guys do NOT want this and would rather be given some space. Men want to be independent. They want to have time to themselves. And they want the freedom to go where they want, if they want to, and still have the trust of their girlfriend / wife. By understanding this basic fact about masculine thinking, you can earn a man’s trust and fast-forward all that argument and drama that occurs with most couples, when a woman becomes too controlling of the man’s time.

7. Don’t try to solve his problems. Instead, ask him for advice.

This tidbit is often misinterpreted. Your gut reaction is probably something along the lines of “He should listen to me because I’m an equal partner in this relationship!”

You’re right—you are both equal. And fundamentally, that means you are both entitled to solve your problems independently. Men usually do NOT want a woman to solve their problems, fight their battles or come up with great ideas that will make their lives easier. This is mothering behavior and most men don’t like it. Be available for advice, if they ask for it, but until then assume that they can handle their own problems.

On the other hand, men LOVE it when you ask them for advice. It shows that you value their “expert advice”. They are flattered by the idea that you really respect their opinion.

8. Be his biggest fan.

Remember that above all else, men are looking for a woman that believes in them. You have confidence in his abilities, faith in his character, and the patience to let him go about fulfilling his dreams in the way he wants to do it. You give him joy by praising him in front of others, always giving him the benefit of the doubt, and how to motivate him to keep going and fulfilling his dreams.

Master these subtle but significant secrets and you will always have your man’s heart.

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