Here’s What You Should Do When He Doesn’t Text Back

Here’s What You Should Do When He Doesn’t Text Back

One of the most critical moments when you’re seeing or in a relationship with a man is when he doesn’t text you back and how you respond to it…


Because this is one of the moments when he determines what you’re made of.

Several years ago when I was still in my dating phase, I met this girl at a swing dance event, got her number, and was texting her when I got home.

I sent her a text about something and when in to take a shower.

When I got out of the shower, I had a line of text messages waiting for me. It was almost like she had an imaginary conversation with a guy who didn’t exist while I was in the shower.

She responded to my text (I can’t even remember what it was anymore) and then came something like…

“Did you get that?”

“Why aren’t you responding?”

“If you’re not interested, you should let me know”

And it went on and on until she was basically telling me how much of a jerk I am and how I shouldn’t treat women like this.

And remember, this was in a period of a 10 to 15 minute shower.

Needless to say, I explained I was in the shower and then never talked to her again. Not because she didn’t mean well or she wasn’t a nice person…

Simply because if she’s going to get that insecure and upset after just meeting me and not receiving a text, I can only imagine how she’d act in other, more pressing or difficult situations.

Very unattractive. I lost all interest in her almost immediately.

What you do when he doesn’t text back will tell him a lot about you.

So, let’s talk about…

Why Don’t Guys Text Back

It’s important to understand why guys don’t text back so that you can rationalize and justify it instead of making it just about you and how much he does or doesn’t like you (which it may or may not have to do with).

Here are some of the reasons a guy might not text back:

• He’s busy with something
• He doesn’t like texting
• He thinks you’re acting needy
• He isn’t really that into you
• He’s not near his phone
• He’s with another girl

I know some of those might sound really bad but those are most of the scenarios here. I could talk about all of those but I don’t want to write a novel here.

So let’s talk about…

What Doesn’t Work

When I talk about what does or doesn’t work, what I’m talking about is whether it makes him feel more attracted to you and like you ARE relationship material or whether it makes him feel less attracted to you and like you’re NOT relationship material.

I’m not talking about how it makes YOU feel. If you want to do these things because it makes you feel better, that’s fine.

Just realize that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about here.

This is what does NOT work:

Shaming or condemning him:

When you shame or condemn him, it makes him feel like you’re not someone he could feel safe around. It makes him feel like you don’t respect him, his time and who he is.

And it makes him feel like you’re not a valuable woman because people who are valuable usually have a lot of things going on in their lives that need time and attention.

Treating him like dirt or getting revenge on him:

If you try to get revenge on him for it he’ll simply feel like he can’t trust you.

What DOES Work

Let’s talk about what does make him feel more attracted to you and like you’re a valuable woman that he would like to be in a serious relationship with…

Give him space:

When in doubt, give him some space. Have other things going on in your life. Have passions and hobbies and friends you can get involved with that will take your mind off of him.

Go take a hike. Ride your bike. Go dancing. Do something spiritual. Get involved in art.

Then, after you’ve given him some time, if you send him a message it can be about something fun, interesting, an exciting that you’re doing that makes you seem like a valuable, awesome person instead of someone who’s sitting around waiting for him to contact you back.

Praise his contact initiation:

When he does contact you, tell him you’re happy to hear from him.

The mistake a lot of women make is that she’ll punish a guy when he does what she wants and she’ll reward a guy when he does something she doesn’t want…

Like giving him all her attention she he stops contact and then condemning him when he reinitiates.

Instead, you should give him space when he takes it and then reward him for getting back in contact.

THAT will make you seem a lot more attractive and like someone he could be with in a serious relationship.

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