Here’s What Makes Him COMMIT to You in the Age of the Hookup Culture

Here’s What Makes Him COMMIT to You in the Age of the Hookup Culture

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the HOOK UP Industry yet but you should burn it into your brain…

This is the multi-billion-dollar industry that is ruthlessly training men that staying in a committed relationship is for losers.

That being able to hook up with a woman is what makes a real man.

Should this concern you?

I guess it depends if you want more than “friends with benefits”?

Because unlike 50 years ago, men ARE BEING PROGRAMMED with this message every day.

That falling in love is old fashion.

That a relationship is nothing more than a 30 minute “hook up.”

And women are replaced as easy as a swipe of a finger over the touchscreen…

Some women are taking a stand though.

They’re taking back their men and relationships.

How? By activating his Alpha Bonding Sequence…

See, there are multibillion dollar companies like Mixxer, Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Maddison, Plenty of Fish that spend millions of dollare telling men that they should never be “tied down” to just one woman.

Now, for a while… he’ll ignore their tempting offers…

…but what happens if you’re had an argument, or you say the “wrong thing” in a text message?

It’s suddenly very easy to click that advertisment and take a quick look around…

And before long he’s already started the doubting dealth spiral.

Soon he’s thinking to himself, “Hey this is too much work.”

But there is one thing that KEEPS men faithful and KEEPS him from EVER doubting his love for you… and it’s called The Bonding Code…

Bob Grant is a friend of mine and a licensed relationship expert who’s discovered why the Hook Up Industry can’t touch certain men.

When a woman activates The Bonding Code within a man, it unleashes his most primitive desire that frequently caused HIM to beg her for a commitment.

Listen as Bob explains The Bonding Code at the link below:

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The tough truth is that no matter how attracted he is to you…

No matter how much he can’t resist you in that really great little black dress…

This desire is NOT what makes him truly fall in love.

A man will only truly fall love with you when you know this one secret to use during his moment of doubt and/or discouragement.

When you use it, he realizes that you’re the only woman who can make him feel truly complete.

Find out what it is here…

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

P.S. It’s hard enough finding a decent guy. Keeping him happy for life… well that’s another story entirely.

Add in huge multinational companies that are hell bent on pulling you apart and it becomes almost impossible.

And that’s why Bob Grant’s approach is so clever. Once you hear what’s in this video you’ll know exactly what will make a man realize you are the ONLY woman for him!

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