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One of the reasons you have to love good night texts is because they teeter right on the edge of being funny and romantic. Since you’re saying goodbye for the night, the natural instinct he feels is that he doesn’t want the conversation to end. He doesn’t want to get up tomorrow morning and go to work, he doesn’t want to stop talking to you or hearing your voice.

So that’s your opportunity for something a little more romantic, or at least suggestive of romance and intimacy. It’s almost as if when you say goodnight, you’re both sitting in the same bed, ready to cuddle under the blankets. That’s how sweet the moment feels.

The question is, how can you convey that intimacy and warmth towards a man whom you’re not already sexting or romancing? You do have to be subtle. You have to make him crave your attention and desire an even deeper level of intimacy. Because once he feels that, he will start to try harder to keep talking to you.

The key is to give him a hint of romance, but also give him the option of pushing forward or holding back. He wants to feel in control of the relationship.

Let’s review 10 text messages that work as “good night” messages. They’re warm, positive and just a little provocative, putting some ideas into his head.

1. I really do wish, sometimes, that we could talk all night. But I guess I should go. Night (Name).

Not only do you use his first name for a stronger emotional connection…but you’re also revealing a little vulnerability. You trust him. You enjoy his conversation. You wish you could talk all night, as if in bed together. It puts the idea into his head and he thinks it over.

2. I have something for you. Something very warm, very tight, and a little fuzzy. A hug! Naughty boy, what were you thinking? G’night.

A funny line you can use later on, after sex, or right before sex is imminent. Tease him with something naughty and then let him off the hook by suggesting something innocent. A guy is always tickled with a woman who’s just as amorous as he is!

3. Never forget you are a blessing to someone, somewhere. They appreciate you and miss you. And I’m starting to understand why.

Deep down, guys know that someone somewhere loves them. That person might be a friend or family member or someone they work with. They feel appreciated instantly. Then you drop the bomb, suggesting that you are starting to care for him too. Just a hint of romance goes a long way.

4. I hope you had a good day that was worthy of your great wit and intellect. Good night!

A nice compliment. Men sometimes get compliments on their looks…but rarely get compliments on their wit and intelligence. In fact, some men may feel hindered by their intelligence – as if they’re not sexy or brawny enough like other guys. Remind him that you are a “sapiosexual” and that his brains are part of his charm.

5. You are starting to corrupt me. A woman at work today told me a long boring story, and I just imagined the stuff you would say, making fun of it! G’night, bad boy.

Good one, letting your crush know his sense of humor is rubbing off on you. You’re finding inside jokes to laugh at together and that’s building a relationship.

6. Sometimes I think you need a hug from someone who understands you.

Way to make him feel vulnerable! A huge is a powerful thing, especially in early courtship when he’s trying to impress you with his mind and heart. And of course, telling him that you get him (whereas most people don’t) is a pull at the heartstrings.

7. Sweet dreams tonight. No really. You deserve some sweetness for a change. No more nightmares or weird horror vignettes. Dream something happy, sweet and romantic. You deserve a break!

If he’s the brooding poet or creative type, he’ll appreciate some light at the end of the tunnel. You understand his dark mind but you want to see him happy and relaxed. This immediately starts positive associations with you.

8. You asked me the other day about memories of the past. I think it’s safe to say I don’t think much about it. I focus on the present. Like chatting with you…that’s so much more rewarding than looking back, you know? Good night.

A lot of guys do enjoy discussing their past, old friendships, triumphs and regrets. At some point he may ask you. When he does, let him know that you don’t dwell too much on the past because the present (and spending time with him) is what brings real joy.

9. I’m sure plenty of girls wonder what you sleep in at night. But I’m far more intrigued at what naked thoughts you have at night, right before you go to sleep. Oh and P.S. I know you sleep in Star Wars pajamas.

Great line because it lets him know his mind is the most interesting thing about him. And yeah, at the very end you assume he wears something geeky. He’ll then correct you and tell you that he sleeps in something much sexier. So mission accomplished!

10. There’s so much more I want to say…but it’s hard to type it all out. We should just have one big brainstorming session sometime. But until then, good night. And have a wonderful tomorrow.

Nice way to put the idea into his head that you want a real date with him. But as always, you let him lead by suggesting a time and place.

As we reviewed, the best good night texts are mysterious, borderline romantic, and most importantly, they leave him wanting more. Always end on a high note and remember to cut the conversation a few moments short rather than hang around until it he ends it. This is how you show him that you’re busy, high-value and that your time is important…but if he wants your attention then he knows what to do. Start trying harder to win you over!

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