Cute Things to Say to Your Crush (He’ll LOVE These)

Making the transition from “Cool Texting Friend” to boyfriend-girlfriend can be intimidating. In fact, we cautioned you in one of our other articles about using too many emojis or saying too many “girly things” that imply love and marriage. Men don’t want to feel pressured or pushed into dating someone. They wanted to feel attraction first.

That’s why the objective to texting and progressing in this relationship is to make them feel attraction to you. To make them realize that the conversations you have are so good, they’re almost better than sex!

So we’re going to break it down to six stages and then give you some cute things to say to your crush when you’re ready to strategize and make him your boyfriend.

Stage One: Compliments (This helps to gain his trust and realize that you DO in fact like him, even though you’re not chasing him)

“I like your ____”
“You have a very nice _____.”
Then say, “I’d like to _____.”

For the best results, avoid anything too personal or overtly sexual and focus on the CUTE. Compliment his haircut, his shoes, his voice or his fashion sense. Then tell him how you RESPOND to his very nice ____, saying something cutesy, “I love your voice…I’d like to hear you sing sometime.” It’s cutesy and yet not mushy or manipulate. It’s complimenting him while staying cool.

Stage Two: Sexy Quirky Dialog (This stage is mostly about sexual tension and basically says to him, “If you were to ask me out, maybe I would say yes!)

I am actually against memorizing cheesy lines because there’s nothing sincere about it. But coming up with ORIGINAL sexy, cutesy things to say is the next big step in your relationship. With these lines, you’re basically telling him, “I want you to flirt with me. I’m not offended by the idea of us together…I dare you to ask me out!”

Of course, subtle is always better. As in…

“Your lips are my newest obsession.”
“When I talk to you, minutes become hours. What kind hypnotic powers do you have over me?”
“You need to stop popping up in my dreams.”
“Are you made with high-fructose corn syrup? Because you are way too sweet!”

All of these statements are sexual, bold, edgy, and yet still very cutesy. You’re not challenging your crush or asking him out, or suggesting you should have sex. You’re simply playing with the sexual tension that’s growing between you. Keep doing this and see how long it takes before he starts doing it back…or maybe even asks you out!

Stage Three: Tiny Compliments (A dramatic shift…go from flirty and fun to compassionate and almost vulnerable)

“That was really cool…what you did back there? You didn’t have to do that.”

“You have such a big heart. I can see that.”

“People don’t seem to understand just how much you give.”

“Wow…sometimes you are amazing at what you do.”

“Thanks for making me smile after a bad day.”

The dramatic shift from fun to serious and heartfelt will impress him. These cutesy lines are emotional and yet controlled. He senses that you’re really noticing him and paying attention to the little things. There’s something special about him…that’s what you’re telling him and he loves it.

Stage Four: Arranging for Fun—Not a Date

To avoid the awkwardness of dating, just stop calling it dating! Don’t ask him out or wait for him to ask you out. Instead, suggest plans or places that would be fun to visit. It’s important to choose “fun” or romantic since “romantic” suggests a high-pressure situation. It also emasculates him, since HE usually wants to be the first one to ask you out.

Instead, play it safe with clever cutesy lines about going places. Like:

“I’m thinking of going to this concert this weekend. Are you into Oingo Boingo? (Or you know, someone a little more mainstream!)”

“I heard there’s a new Caribbean Restaurant downtown. Thinking of trying it out. Interested?”

“Haven’t been to Six Flags since I was a kid! How about you? We should totally just go together and ride some roller coasters. Unless you’re chicken?”

In all these scenarios, you’re making it easy for the guy to take you out on a date, without actually talking too much like a man and asking him out (as if he’s a woman). Instead of formal, stuffy romantic dating, you’re just hanging out together. It’s a very tough offer to pass up!

Stage Five: Exploding the Sexual Tension!

When it’s time to progress into a physical relationship, it’s important that you not come across too strong or too overly interested. Either he’ll slow things down, or he’ll just use you for sex. The key is to get him emotionally engaged so that even after sex happens, he’ll still be intrigued.

“What was that look? What were you thinking just then?”
“How is it you look so freaking hot every single day?”
“Of all the guys I know, you’re the most interesting to talk to.”
“Sometimes I get nervous around you. Sometimes I even forget my own name.”
“Don’t look at me like that. You make me think naughty things.”
“Don’t fall for me, (Use His Name). I’m bad news.”

These are just great lines to rile him up into kissing you. They’re not very direct and yet they a strong idea into his head. That if he kissed you, you wouldn’t stop him. You’re eager to feel something with him. You want him to chase you and take a risk.

Stage Six: Broaching Commitment

This is where many women lose the battle by pressuring the guy into commitment in exchange for sex. Wrong. As we’ve discussed before, you sample the exclusive relationship when you have sex. But after that, you stay strong and let him chase you.

Now, there are cutesy things you can say, but notice how all of these lines are more about feelings and NOT about commitment.

1. “I’m glad we met each other.”
2. “I love the way you ____.” (Something he’s good at doing)
3. “I could never forget you.”
4. “Talking to you always cheers me up.”
5. “I can’t imagine ever not being your friend. I hope we always stay in touch.”
6. “I do wonder what it would be like to wake up next to you every morning.”
7. “I wish I could press PAUSE and stay here like this.”
8. “I love the way you kiss me.”
9. “Your heart is always safe with me.”
10. “You know you can call me if you ever feel down.”
11. “Sometimes I can’t get you out of my head.”
12. “I hope you know how much you really do matter to me.”

All these lines are cute and romantic and YET they’re not actually about commitment, are they? They’re about feelings. You have feelings for him but you’re not a slave to those feelings. It’s really up to him to convince you that you belong together.

Remember these cute lines and progress in your relationship!

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