9 Sweet Morning Texts to Send Your Guy

The first time you make love is definitely a magical, amazing experience! There’s passion, exploration, intimacy and pure orgasmic joy. Sex – it’s highly recommended!

But let’s be honest. After the soothing afterglow wears off, there’s always the awkward phase of “What happens now?”

Sex changes everything. And yes, in the back of your mind, you’re hoping you didn’t sleep with him too soon. Your paranoia kicks in, figuring he’s just going to lose interest in you and that the whole thing was just an act to get you into bed.

The last thing you want to do is talk about love or commitment! That’s like kryptonite to the average man. So what are you supposed to do after sex happens?

Relax…it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Your goal in this stage is to come across as confident, cool and most of all, sweet!

A man who’s still high from all those love chemicals doesn’t want you to be tough, or moody or clingy. He just wants more positive assurances that the relationship is going well.

Here are nine ideas on sweet things to say to your guy after sex, even if you’re not yet in a committed relationship.

1. “Good morning. I enjoyed waking up next to you. Have an amazing day.”

Good morning is a safe and sweet introduction. The next line is golden because it reinforces the joy he felt the morning after, still keeping positive associations. The third sentence is keeping it cool and casual. You’re letting him know you enjoyed the experience without putting any pressure on him.

2. “Hey! How’s work? (Wait for his reply) Mine’s okay…but I’ve been thinking of you all morning.”

“How’s work?” is a good start, keeping it casual and fun. But the next line is steamy and yet very enticing. You’re letting him know you’re still thinking about him and last night. That means your desire for him is still running hot. If he wants more sex, he may have a second chance with you…if only he keeps chasing you and putting forth the effort.

3. “Breaking News: World’s Sexiest Man Just Woke Up and Went to Work!”

Funny! Love this quote because it’s funny and complimentary. Even better, it leaves him with such an ego boost and big smile that he simply HAS to say something back. It challenges him to come up with a better line and he’ll love that.

4. “Did you dream anything? I dreamed of something…kinky.”

What better way to get your future boyfriend all excited about the sex you just had, than to talk about future sex in a creative way? First, get him to confess if he dreamed something. Get him to SHARE with you, and as a reward, give him a fantasy. You don’t have to lie and make up a dream if you didn’t have one. Just say something like “I’ll trade you a kinky fantasy for a description of your dream.”

The real breakthrough here is sharing what’s on your mind and delving deeper into his.

5. “Good morning, handsome stranger. Thought you might want to see me in my natural state…thinking of you.”

This line works very well with a sexy post-sex bed picture. (Covered up by sheets is fine) Men love to feel that “afterglow” sensation even hours or days after the fact. Seeing you in bed, and being reminded that you think he’s handsome is a wonderful ego caress.

6. “Just wanted to thank you for showing off that nice ass this morning. I got a sneak preview.”

Believe it or not, a guy LOVES it when a woman objectifies his body. Let him know that you love his body and couldn’t help but look at him when he got up and got dressed. Men don’t get complimented on their looks nearly enough, so any little bit about their butt, eyes, penis or muscles goes a long way.

7. “I have a naughty urge to make breakfast in bed for you.”

What guy wouldn’t be flattered at the idea of a woman making him breakfast in bed? It’s become almost a taboo to discuss the joys of a woman cooking for a man. But cooking, like sex, like anything, is just showing a man that you like him. It’s giving him pleasure, based on what he’s done for you and how hard he’s fallen for you. He’ll be delighted that you want to do something kind for him…and next time, he’ll return the favor.”

8. “People around the office are saying I have a big smile on my face. That’s because I’m still laughing at your crazy sense of humor!”

Compliment him in a different way – going for how hard he makes you laugh. It puts him in a good mood and reminds of him what a skilled lover and conversationalist he is.

9. “Now I can’t stop thinking of (use a conversation you had earlier) whenever I see people at work…”

This is a subtle and seductive thing to try with your intellectual boyfriend. Remember a conversation you had with him last night. Then, use it the next day, telling him that his idea(s) made you look at things differently.

For example, “Remember what you said about people who say “Good morning, sunshine!” and how much it annoys you? Three people just said that to me! Lol And I thought about you.”

Basically, you’re giving him an intellectual compliment, telling him that something he said left a big impression on you. Now you’re thinking about him, his brilliant mind, and still feeling that strong attraction.

The point of all these texts is to go for SWEET and affectionate – but without escalating talk of commitment or love. Save those “loving” sentiments for when the relationship progresses and he really starts falling for you. Let him tell you he loves you first

In the meantime, enjoy the courtship day by day and don’t rush it. Build intimacy over time and learn to trust each other. This is how feelings of commitment grow.

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