7 Signs He's Primarily Interested in Just Sex.

7 Signs He’s Primarily Interested in Just Sex

Navigating the world of dating can often feel like walking on a tightrope. Is he looking for something meaningful or just a fleeting connection? Are you unsure about a man you’ve been seeing for a while? Let’s delve into the seven signs that indicate he’s more interested in a hookup than a committed relationship.

  1. His idea of a first date is a home visit

If he invites you to his place or suggests coming over to yours on the first date, it might be a signal that he’s not looking for something serious. According to one woman who altered her dating approach by delaying physical intimacy, she suddenly found that many more men were interested in pursuing a serious relationship with her. Typically, the faster a man moves to physical intimacy, the more he controls the nature of your relationship. Conversely, slower progress gives you more say in what you want from the relationship.

  1. He only gives superficial compliments

When his compliments revolve solely around your physical appearance, it suggests that he’s avoiding a deeper emotional connection. This behavior doesn’t always stem from a desire to hurt you; it might simply be due to his current unavailability or inability to delve into a more serious relationship.

  1. His conversations always steer towards hooking up

If he consistently redirects discussions back to physical intimacy, it indicates that he’s not interested in learning about you or connecting your lives on a more profound level. Men who genuinely desire a meaningful relationship seek compatibility and a deep connection that could lead to a future together.

  1. He doesn’t take you on real dates

If his idea of spending time together is limited to grabbing a drink or a Netflix and chill scenario, it might mean he’s avoiding creating the expectation of a romantic relationship. He probably doesn’t want you to anticipate him behaving like a man genuinely interested in building a connection with you.

  1. He makes no effort to provide for or protect you

Men who are emotionally invested in a relationship feel an innate desire to protect and provide for their partners. If he shows no interest in ensuring your well-being, financially, emotionally, or safety-wise, it’s likely because he’s not emotionally invested in the relationship.

  1. He only spends time with you if it leads to a hookup

While men interested in a romantic relationship will also look forward to the intimate aspect, they equally value spending time with you and getting to know you. If he seems disinterested in spending time with you unless it leads to a hookup, he probably isn’t seeking a serious relationship.

  1. He openly states he wants something casual

His words carry weight. If he states that he’s interested in dating around or isn’t ready for a committed relationship, take his words at face value. If he asserts he’s looking for a committed relationship, let his actions prove his words. If he’s uncertain, give him time to figure it out before you get emotionally attached. And if he confesses he doesn’t want anything serious, believe him.

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