7 Reasons You Will Never Get a Man to Commit to You

7 Reasons You Will Never Get a Man to Commit to You

Are you worried that you may never get a man to commit to you? The problem could be that men are commitment-phobic or it could be something that you are doing (most women don’t want to think they have ANYTHING to do with why men won’t commit to them).

But with men getting married at the rate of 2.3 million per year in the United States alone (according to the US Census Bureau), if you’re having problems with men committing to you, you may want to take a look in the mirror. Here are some of the ways you may be stopping yourself from getting a committed relationship…

1. You blame men for all of your relationship problems.

If you want a man to think that you’re NOT relationship material, blame him for all the problems in your relationship. Blame him for how YOU misbehave, for how YOU treat him badly, or for how YOU react inappropriately.

If instead, you want to be EXACTLY the type of woman a man is looking for to be in a committed relationship with, take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Take responsibility for your relationship. And only get into a relationship if a man is willing to do the same thing.

2. You ignore red flags.

You meet a guy… he seems amazing… but there’s something that keeps coming up and everyone tells you that you should run the other way… but you’re SO in love! You know you shouldn’t get involved with him but you do so anyway and you end up heart broken.

This is one of the most typical situations that women come to me for. The problem with ignoring red flags isn’t that you’re spending your time with a guy who isn’t good for you… it’s that you’re not going to be mentally and emotionally available when the right guy comes around.

Plus it’s painful. It’s painful for you, it’s painful for your friends and family to watch, and it’s painful for me to listen to when you’ve given up on men and dating and come to my site looking for answers.

Pay attention to red flags. And if someone tells you that there are red flags there, listen to them.

3. You avoid talking about your deal breakers.

There’s almost nothing worse than a woman who comes to me who has been dating a man for YEARS… asking me what she should do because she wants to get married, have kids, get him to be religious, or something else that is deeply important to her that her man doesn’t want.

You’re more likely to get struck by lightning twice, standing next to a really tall man with metal teeth than you are to change a man’s mind on something that’s important to him. You can overcome this frustration by discussing deal breakers within the first few dates with a man.

4. You try to force the man you’re seeing into a relationship too quickly.

As you may have figured out by now, men don’t get into relationships and stay in them because you want them to. A man only commits to a woman if he feels like it was his idea.

If you attempt to force him into a relationship before he’s ready, at best he’ll pretend like that’s what he wants for awhile until he’s tired of pretending and then he’ll just disappear on you.

5. You avoid having “the talk” with him about exclusivity.

I want you to read this very carefully because it is extremely important… if you don’t talk about whether you’re exclusive or not… you can just assume that you’re not.

This is really an issue with having boundaries and being willing to discuss those boundaries with a partner. If you don’t believe that you deserve a man who is with you and only you, no man will believe that either.

Respect and value yourself and the men you meet will do the same, or they won’t be a part of your life. Only you can decide that you’re worthy of this.

6. You’re attempting to make a man commit to you when he isn’t ready for a relationship.

If a man “isn’t ready” for a relationship, there’s NOTHING you can do that will make him ready. You’re wasting your time. You’re better off finding out what he needs to do in order to be ready.

Most men who say that they aren’t ready have a good reason for it. Find out what that is and if you are willing to wait around long enough for him to be ready… if not, find a guy who already is ready and stop messing around with men who are just wasting your time.

There are billions of men on this planet… many of whom are looking for relationships. Stop trying to force a man to be who you want him to be and learn how to work with men so that you both can get what you want out of a relationship instead.

You’ll both be a lot happier if you do.

7. You focus too heavily on your physical/sexual attractiveness.

Believe it or not, men have emotions (It’s true. Just trust me on this one). And if you want a man to think of you for a long-term, committed relationship, your first step is to create a deep emotional connection with him.

Most women focus so much on their physical attractiveness… they focus so much on being sexually alluring to him that they miss out on ever creating a real relationship. Then they end up with guys who ONLY want a “friend with benefits” type of relationship with them.

If you want a man to commit to you, he needs to feel like you’re “the one.” The only way that you’re going to make him feel that way for you is if you differentiate yourself from all the other women he meets.

A man will commit to you only if he feels like you’re special… like you’re a woman that he needs to take off the market because you’re so amazing that he doesn’t want any other man to get you.

The only way he’ll feel this way about you is if you connect with his emotions. You need to win his heart and be like no other woman he’s ever met.

There’s actually one thing that makes a feel this way about a woman but few men ever talk about it. I put it in this video about how to make a man fall in love with you… Click here to watch the video.

If you’re tired of men not committing to you, you need to make him feel like you’re the perfect woman for him. You need to make him feel like you’re “the one.”

There’s one very specific thing that a man needs in order to feel this way about a woman…

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Disclaimer: Results will vary, and you should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Good luck!


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  1. I am guilty of 2, 4, 6. However, I wasn’t as dramatic or forceful to have someone to commit; I was just trying to understand later on more about the situation. This person & I still keep in touch because we both know we have a deep emotional connection however he has his reasons for not wanting to start a relationship. Maybe things will change & I’m definitely open to other possibilities. However even if that happens I think you can always reset your standards with the man you’re seeing. I have & I’ve seen the shift on the other person’s interest. He misses me and wants to see more of me. I am not in a relationship with this person, however the dynamic of the relationship has shifted. We are on friend terms. Will he be for me in the long run, maybe yes, maybe no. But I’m open to all possibilities with men; including him.

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