7 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Attracting a Man

7 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Attracting a Man

Here are 7 mistakes that you’re probably making when you’re trying to attract a man:

1. Pursuing him instead of letting him pursue you

There’s a big difference between pursuing a man and showing you’re interested. When you start pursuing him, he instinctively stops pursuing you.

And if he stops pursuing you, he won’t feel like he’s invested in your relationship. And if he doesn’t feel invested in your relationship, he will NEVER commit to you.

Instead, learn how to show him you’re interested and then give him some space to come in and pursue you. This makes him feel like he’s an important part of the relationship. It makes him feel like the man of the relationship.

And if you allow him to be the man in the relationship, he’ll feel a need to step into that role… and this is what he needs to continue feeling attracted to you and eventually commit.

2. Playing games

You may not even know that you’re playing games when you do. The problem is that playing games creates short term results.

If you get him to chase you, it’ll feel like you’ve gotten somewhere with him. What happens though is that you have to continue this “cat-and-mouse” type of a game FOREVER in order for him to continue being interested.

If instead, you consciously create chemistry by flirting and getting into the feminine part of yourself, he’ll feel an authentic attraction to you as a person instead of some type of trickery that will wear off eventually, making him wonder why he liked you in the first place.

The ONLY way to build a sustainable, long-term relationship with a man is through authentic connection. Games might get you a lot of initial attention but they’ll ALWAYS push him away in the long run.

3. Overanalyzing the situation

There’s nothing that could ruin your relationship or potential relationship more than overanalyzing a situation…

“What does mean by that? Shouldn’t he have called? Maybe he doesn’t like me? I knew I shouldn’t have worn that!”

The more you overanalyze what’s going on, the more difficult dating becomes.

Remember to relax, center yourself, and don’t take anything personally. If you start overanalyzing things, that’s when you start to make silly mistakes that discourage him from wanting to pursue you further.

Focus on having a good time, enjoying yourself, being playful. You’ll have a lot more fun that way. And he’ll be a lot more attracted to you.

4. Not respecting your own boundaries

If you don’t respect your boundaries, neither will he. Learn how to say “no” to anything that goes against your values.

Respecting yourself and your boundaries is the cornerstone to being looked at as “relationship material.”

5. Thinking he should know what you want without asking for it

If you think that he’s just going to magically know what it is that you want and give it to you, you’re going to be constantly disappointed.

Men are not mind readers (and that’s a good thing!). Part of being a mature adult is asking for the things that you want. Expecting someone to just give you what you want without asking for it is what children do.

Thinking a man should know what you want is some kind of childhood fairy tale left over from watching outdated Disney movies.

If you learn how to ask for what you want in the right way, he’ll fall head over heels trying to provide it for you. If you don’t, you’ll sit around wishing men cared more about your wants and needs.

6. Not showing him that you’re interested

Concealing your interest is only attractive to extremely aggressive men. A quality man needs you to show him that you’re interested.

If you don’t show interest, it’s very unlikely that he’ll pursue you because he doesn’t want to waste his time with someone who isn’t attracted to him.

Most men are tired of landing in the “friend zone” with women and need a definitive sign that you’re interested in order to pursue you.

If you don’t let him know that you’re interested, he’ll just go find someone who will.

7. Not having a plan

If you want to go to the gym to get fit, would you just show up to the gym and randomly push weights around hoping that what you’re doing will cause you to get fit?

Not if you’re serious about getting in shape! You’d find out what will make you fit and then you’d follow that plan until it worked.

It’s the same with dating. If you want to find a quality man and create an extraordinary relationship with him, get a proven plan and stick to it until you get what you want.

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