6 Good Morning Love Texts Men Love

Sometimes women ask me, “If I love him why should I avoid telling him that?”

It does seem kind of sad that we live in a world where genuine emotion is feared or at least frowned upon. Is it true what they say? Will a man lose interest in you if you’re the first one to say “I’m in love with you?”

Well let’s put it this way. The reason why most dating coaches tell you to NOT say it first (myself included) is that usually men want to feel love and they want to work for love before they really believe they’re in love.

Let’s put it another way. Let’s say you’ve been searching for buried treasure your entire life. You’ve given blood, sweat and tears to find that treasure. Suddenly a pirate comes up to you and tells you, “Hey buried treasure is over there. Trust me…I’ll show you where it is.”

What’s the natural human instinct when something so good happens we can hardly believe it? Of course, our first reaction is to doubt that great news. It’s just natural instinct to be cautious. It’s shrewd thinking to take things slow and not be so blindly optimistic.

So when a man hears from a woman “I’m in love with you!” his first questions are probably:

• Why does she love me?
• Why did she decide this so quickly?
• Am I her only option?
• Is she using me for something?
• Does she fall in love easily with everyone she meets?

Simply put, men want to say “I love you!” first because they want to have that realization that they’re in love. They want to confirm how they feel by declaring love for you. They want to feel that strong emotion themselves and then share it with you. Men are the ones who “chase” you and so they want to work for your approval and remind themselves that you ARE special and you are worth the extra effort.

If not, and if the woman says “I love you!” first, the strategy may backfire. Now the man feels pressured to feel love, or feels rushed into a commitment. But he didn’t get to figure that out. He didn’t get to feel the love that compelled him to take a chance and tell you first.

That said, once he DOES say he loves you can say it back to him. And he keeps telling you how he loves you or how crazy he is about you…well, then it’s time to reward him for that dashing and romantic behavior.

Why leave him hanging with a “Me too” or “Aww thanks!”? Instead remember, these creative ways to say “I love you” via texting. Texting is a great way to express how you feel and to encourage him to keep drawing closer to him.

You can use these six texts when he first checks his phone. Give him a little love tap first thing in the morning.

1. “Waking up in your arms, in your bed, is what heaven must feel like.”

If he loves sweeping emotion, then butter him up with this line. Encourage more physical intimacy and compare the romantic things he does to something that’s divine, magnificent, sexy or happy. It’s all about positive associations!

2. “{Wakes you up with a passionate and lingering kiss} {and another one} {and another}”

Virtual kisses are so romantic, aren’t they? Which is precisely why I suggest you wait until he says “I love you” before you start showering him with kisses, hugs and other heartfelt feelings. He’s going to love it and will feel your love for him. That’s why it’s important to flirt casually during dating, but then splurge with love and romance when he finally falls for you. He’s been waiting to get in touch with his emotions and now it’s time to enjoy it!

3. “Today is going to be amazing! (WHY?) Because I have an amazing boyfriend. And now, every time I wake up I feel on top of the world!”

He’s one reason why you’re waking up with pep, ready to face another day. He loves being your new motivation, your muse, and your little boost first thing in the morning. Happiness and love are contagious! Keep it going…

4. “You know what would make this a really good morning? You staying with me in bed. Skipping work…cuddling…making love. Come over and let’s do that. (I CAN’T!) Okay…rain check. Our next day off!”

I like this line because (A) it makes him long to be in bed with you again. It speaks to both his passion and the intimacy between you that he’s enjoying so much. Get him all hot and bothered for a day in bed. Of course, he’ll explain that he’s working…and that’s when you make him promise to come see you on his next day off.

5. “You can always make me smile! Even if I’m feeling down, or crying, or frustrated at work…I can always count on you to make me laugh! One of the many reasons I love you.”

This is a good strategy and a good line. When trying to think of a creative love good morning text, don’t just speak of love in a general way. Give specific examples of WHY you love him and how he makes you feel. Be appreciative of his good qualities and share that with him.

6. “I don’t wish for anything. My dream already came true when I fell in love with you. I’m a lucky girl. I love you so much.”

This text has a good message all around. You’re happy and you’re content in life. You go pursue the things you want. But he is one of your dreams and one of your dreams that came true. What a big ego caress! It will make his heart melt.

This blissful romantic stage you feel right now may not last forever, but as long as you keep these emotional and heartfelt texts going back and forth (even for years!), you will always stay in love and grow in love no matter how much time passes.

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