6 Courtship Rules All Women Should Know

Maybe you grew up on “The Rules” by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, the definitive dating book for women in the 1990s. However, that was well over 25 years ago and it’s about time we update the rules for a new generation—all the more so because we live in an age of diversity and non-conformity. Gender roles are not as strict anymore. Men don’t always behave predictably, just as women are becoming more empowered.

However, there are at least six rules that will never go out of style when it comes to being an attractive woman who magnetically attracts men. Take note of them and adapt each one to your own style.

1. Encourage him to chase you.

While today we put less emphasis on who starts the conversation, one thing has remained the same about men: their stubbornness to CHASE. They don’t want to be bullied into a relationship, they want to be seduced by your feminine wiles. This means that you encourage them to chase you, by being flirty and friendly, but that you never give them anything for free. Don’t be afraid to make a man work for greater intimacy. It is, after all, what he wants to do. Men are hard-wired to work for your approval and will perform better and surprise themselves at just how far they’re willing to go to win you over.

2. When he withdraws, you fall back. Don’t pursue him, don’t chase, don’t be male.

The feminine thing to do when a man withdraws emotionally is to let him be. Being overly masculine – getting in his face, arguing, fixing the problem – is male behavior and it’s the opposite of what he wants. He wants independence. From you, he wants patience and understanding. Give him the gift of missing you so that he’ll learn to appreciate what he has, and what he must do to keep you interested in him.

3. Be busy, be successful, always be in control.

The original Rules were a bit overly harsh regarding what you “must do” to keep him in line (i.e. never accept a Saturday date any later than Wednesday). I’ll simply emphasize this: work on improving yourself, for your own personal progress, and don’t count on him to complete your life. You must be content with yourself, happy in your own career and personal goals. If you’re not, make that a priority, rather than bending over backward to please him. He will sense your great confidence if you don’t need him to be happy but do prefer to enjoy his company.

4. Don’t reveal too much information right away. Be mysterious by simply not volunteering information he doesn’t ask.

Men like women who are mysterious, or so they claim. But what they actually are drawn to is the right attitude, a mature attitude, and a very intelligent conversationalist. You don’t necessarily have to turn into Magica De Spell from Ducktales, but rather a woman who puts the focus on him and only reveals information about herself, when she’s asked, and only one tidbit at a time.

This is what keeps him coming back. By focusing on him (namely, letting him shine and entertain you) you make yourself mysterious. You wait until he requests the information, showing you that he’s sincerely interested in getting to know you. The end result will be that he will soon realize, he’s falling for you hard and yet he doesn’t know nearly enough about you that you know about him. That’s the power exchange that drives men wild. Simply put, yeah, guys really do love a mysterious woman.

5. Don’t have sex with him until he’s starting to fall for you.

Too many women try to bribe men with sex in exchange for deep emotional commitment. This is self-defeating because once a man gets the sex that his body craves, he loses interest in you as a person. His head is thinking clearly, for once, and he realizes he doesn’t know you. And yet he’s already “known you” and so he figures the relationship has gone as far as it can go.

The key is to avoid sleeping with him until he earns it by investing emotionally in the relationship. Sex is not given as a promise or a down payment. It’s given to reward him for the effort he puts forth, in this case, sharing his emotions. Becoming vulnerable. Being honest and REAL with you.

By the time he falls for you and gets the sex he craves, the bonding you’ve both experienced has become greater and even more intense than the physical connection.

6. Encourage him to be who he is and stop trying to change him.

A simple lesson in life, even beyond dating: don’t try to change someone. Only the individual can decide to change. And if you go down that road of liking a man’s potential and trying to groom him into perfection, you’re going to sabotage what you have. Too many relationships have fizzled out or exploded into flames because a woman thought she could “tame him” or change him, or subtly pester him until he decided to be the man of her dreams. It will never work.

A man wants a woman who complements him, who ACCEPTS him for who he is and encourages it. So as long as he still chases her, because that’s the dynamic that keeps this relationship strong.

Instead, encourage his independence. Encourage his rebellious streak, his desire to be himself. Support his ambitions, dreams and moral code—be proud of him for who he is.

If a man truly senses that you care about his success in life as much as he does, he will not be fighting against the idea of commitment. Instead, he will realize that in you, he has met someone truly special.

Yes, by adapting these basic rules to your own personal style, and the men you are attracted to, you can create a courtship of mutual respect, irresistible chemistry, and with a power dynamic that will last a lifetime.

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