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50 Cute Names to Call a Guy

This might seem like a deceptive title. What are cute names to call your boyfriend? Words like Binky, Cuddle Butt and Big Sexy. Sure…

But a guy you like? A guy you just met? A guy you might not even find attractive? Big mistake! You don’t want to go around calling him Cuddle Butt. Talk about awkward!

And yes, a guy will get all weird and clingy if he thinks you like him, so it’s best to be careful with cute and platonic nicknames UNTIL you know you want to pursue a relationship. Otherwise, it’s just too intimate and downright invasive. It’s best to keep friendships casual and serious relationships SLOW, right? No sense jumping into bed or jumping into married life with a lovey-dovey nickname.

That begs the point, what are some cute names to call a guy friend that aren’t sexual or romantic in connotation? What do you call a guy that you LIKE but you’re not anywhere near LOVE yet?

No problem, we’ve assembled quite a list of cute guy names (50) that are safe and playful without stepping over the line of intimacy. Feel free to use these on your guy friends and let the fellow know he’s appreciated!

1. Chewie (why not name your bud after the adorable wookiee?
2. Mountain Man (is he a tall guy or does he have a massive beard?)
3. Shorty (better for a tall friend, to remind him he’s actually a tall handsome guy)
4. Puppy (is he adorable in that innocent and affectionate kind of way?)
5. Beefcake or Muscles (hey, if he takes cares of his body and lifts, give him some credit)
6. The Rock (even better, he looks like a movie star…and talks in the third person!)
7. Noodles (is he a skinny guy? Or does he have a thing for ramen noodles?)
8. Spaghetti (is he a skinny guy who loves pasta and tends to be cheesy?)
9. String Bean (another affectionate name for a skinny man)
10. Cadillac Man (does he seem to love flashy cars?)
11. Mister Las Vegas (is he always the life of the party and a natural showman?)
12. Clown or Clown Prince (if he’s funny or maybe just crazy like the clown prince of crime, give him some joker-street cred)
13. Charlie Brown (is he a clown, that Charlie Brown? Is everyone always picking on him, like the old song goes?)
14. Wadsworth the Butler (is he a smart and ingenious thinker like the butler from the movie Clue?)
15. Mister Nice Guy (is he always a nice guy and does he deserve an awesome girlfriend?)
16. James Dean (is he a natural rebel and a dude that plays by his own rules)
17. Blood Brother (maybe you haven’t traded blood yet, but the thought counts!)
18. Bestie (you can be best friends with a man!)
19. BFF (a shorter way of saying best friends forever)
20. Bro-Mance (why not have a bro-mance with a man, no sex required?)
21. Goofy (is he lovable, funny and just a little clumsy?)
22. Bambino (little brother type of personality?)
23. Sweet Heart (is he always sweet and kind to his buddies?)
24. Candy Man (you can call him this if he always offers you candy, like a true gentleman)
25. Teddy Bear (is he very hugable and innocent? Then give him this honorable title)
26. Buddha (is he more of a spiritual guru than just a dude? Good, here’s a nifty name)
27. Wreck It Ralph (big guy and a big heart!)
28. Thor (hell, if he looks buff and handsome like Thor, let him know!)
29. Big (NAME) (every man likes to be known as Big John or Big Brian, because big always seems to be a compliment)
30. Mr. Entertainment (hey, that has a nice old-timey ring to it)
31. Siskel and Ebert (the movie critic! The smart-ass!)
32. Beethoven (is he a brilliant musician?)
33. Rockstar (or is he just a hot guy that likes to sing shirtless?)
34. Mister Tambourine Man (is he a midnight toker and a philosopher?)
35. Vader (does he enjoy being the bad guy and learning the sexy ways of the dark side?)
36. Hobbit (or maybe he’s more of the pure soul that plays a reluctant hero!)
37. Spartan (maybe he’s just a warrior king who yells while running into battle)
38. Hannibal (err…maybe he’s just a fan of really good wine? And hopefully that’s where the similarities end!)
39. Detective or Sherlock (is he a smart and observant man who always figures out the unspoken truth?)
40. Lucifer (if he a hell-raiser, just like the guy on the popular TV show?)
41. Guardian Angel (or is he more of an angelic figure that always helps a person when they need it the most?)
42. King (NAME) (King is even better than Big!)
43. Mister Money in the Bank (Loosely based on the WWE championship, and it does have a nice sporty feel to it)
44. Alter Ego (is he your non-sexual soul mate? Maybe he’s your alter ego, like a brother)
45. Eye of the Tiger (is he a fighter, a survivor and a leader?)
46. Rocky (or maybe he’s just an awesome boxer who loves to win!)
47. Baby Doll (a popular nickname for a guy who is exceptionally good looking)
48. Baby Face (another term that means the good looking good guy)
49. Buster (or just an affection term meaning someone who’s a troublemaker)
50. Wine Connoisseur (if he loves his wines, he’s got an auto-generated nickname)

In conclusion, remember the purpose of a friendly nickname: to show endearment, trust and appreciation. That’s all you need. You don’t need to reward him with a kinky or brilliant nickname, as if he’s earned any special honors. Friends don’t do that to each other. Friends are happy to be in each other’s company, even if it’s strictly platonic.

Friends are there for each other, regardless of sex, and just because they care about you as a person. Don’t use any nicknames that YOU feel uncomfortable using, because it implies intimacy or attraction. Use a name you feel genuine about and that can express openly. If he’s a real friend, he will love it.

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