5 Strong Signs You Have Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome

It’s a shame that a large number of people really don’t understand what PTSD, nor do they get treatment for it. PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) means the various symptoms a person has after experiencing or witnessing a life threatening event. Your body and mind has difficulty reconciling that traumatic memory.

While it’s debatable if official “PTSD” actually happens because of bad relationships, there are still consequences, mental and physical, that result from living in an abusive relationship. In fact, doctors and therapists have started referring to these symptoms as Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome.

You may wonder sometimes if what you experienced was actual “abuse” or if it was just a bad relationship that hurt your heart, pride, feelings, and so on. The easiest way to tell is to simply analyze how the relationship made you feel. How did you change, from the beginning of the relationship to the end?

Remember that narcissists want to be loved, liked, and admired by everyone. So it is actually quite common that narcissistic and sociopathic men might never hit you or make you feel physically threatened. After all, that would make them “unlikable” in the eyes of other people.

But most narcissists WILL emotionally, mentally, and financially abuse their partners.

Sociopaths could also be mentally and emotionally abusive since they lack empathy. There are also people have APD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) AND NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), who become malignant narcissists who are even more difficult to tolerate.

If the relationship makes you feel miserable and robs you of your self-confidence, it’s time to get out. Here are five of the most obvious signs you are experiencing symptoms of emotional abuse or neglect.

1. You’re still in denial of the abuse that happened.

When narcissist-victims come to counseling, they are usually oblivious or in denial of their suffering. They don’t see or feel the wrong committed against them.

You may make excuses for the abuser, or you are more obsessed with your own failures or feelings of inadequacy. In other words, you are more consumed with solving the narcissist’s “problems” than you are caring for herself.

In this scenario, the narcissist has pummeled you into a state of submission, where you’re worshiping his never-ending ego. In reality, what’s happening is that he has warped your mind, trying to sort out the source of confusion, and figure out where you went wrong.

There is no logical explanation. You simply can’t please a narcissist, no matter how hard you try.

2. You are questioning your own sanity.

Remember that gaslighting is one the narcissist’s best weapons and it works so well because everyone’s a little afraid of going crazy. But you have to start giving yourself credit again. A narcissist WILL gaslight you if it makes him look better, gets him out of a lie, or somehow gives him an advantage. The intent behind gaslighting is to distort a person’s reality and for the narcissist to recreate his own reality.

Some sources believe that is much more diabolical than other forms of emotional abuse, since narcissistic abuse aggressively seeks to control and take

captive another person’s mind. This is what causes PTSD-like symptoms and actually causes the Narcissist Abuse Syndrome that ruins lives.

Case in point, you can leave a man who insults you, once you realize he’s being hurtful. A narcissist will make it very difficult to leave because he will convince you that you’re the one with the problem and that he really loves you.

3. You seem detached and isolated from other people.

This is another one of the narcissist’s tactics. His goal is to isolate you from all sources of power, such as friends and family. His goal is to basically make you into a “dependent personality”, someone who needs him just to function. He’s done such a number on you that your first instincts are to think of him (whether you still love him or hate him) at the expense of everyone else. You seem to have only negative thoughts about the world, yourself and other people in general. The narcissist made sure he was your “everything” and that you gave up on everyone else.

4. He didn’t just hurt you – he directly or indirectly threatened your life on several occasions.

Some people speculate that the difference between APD and NPD is that APD abusers will exploit you in unlawful ways, thereby threatening your life. The narcissist may love you, or at least value your life, and try to avoid causing physical harm. But a malignant narcissist (APD + NPD) will exploit you financially, sexually, physically, and basically put your life in jeopardy in many different ways.

In fact, inflicting pain on a partner is oftentimes a narcissist’s “ritual”. The pain may be minor at first but it escalates over time. Before you know it, your very life is in danger…not merely your happiness, which is long gone.

5. It’s not just about pain…it’s about total dominance.

The narcissist will resort to emotional blackmail, which is essentially “punishments” he hands down to manipulate emotions from you. Usually these emotions are negative – fear, guilt, a sense of obligation or loyalty. even states the narcissists will resort to competing with you, and always one-upping you in everything – even little day to day activities – so as to feed his own ego.

Along the way, he will use other tactics in order to dominate your life – comparing you to

other people, sabotaging your efforts in life, withholding things you want from him, neglecting your needs, and invading your privacy.

In closing, remember that narcissists usually always know what they are. They are driven by a very WEAK ego, which makes it necessary to “win” at everything they do. The idealized image that he wants of himself means everything to him, which is why he can never tolerate anyone questioning him or anyone falling short of his impossibly high standards. He must be loved always…or else he punishes you.

That’s the kind of love you don’t need! Avoid this fellow and start focusing on finding real love!

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