40 Catchy Dating Headlines That Attract Men

One of the most underrated issues in dating for women is getting a man’s attention. Now don’t get me wrong. Of course, all you have to do to get ATTENTION is to post “I am a girl” and all the boys will type “hey” and you’ll get a hundred messages in your inbox just like that.

The real issue though is filtering out the wrong type of guys, and finding the “gems”, the elusive man – smart, kind, handsome, sexy and successful. (And yes without being a secret psycho!)

It turns out that creative headlines are the best way to filter out the wrong type of guy and appeal to the right type of guy. Confident, smart and successful men pay more attention to well written headlines because this promises a more enjoyable date, smarter company, and someone “on his level”, so to speak.

He will be looking forward to the conversation, if you can show him how witty you are from the headline and follow it up with a good profile description. The headline should be balanced between “interesting” and “honest”. It’s just like when you click a news headline, right? No one likes to click on a link that promises something outrageous and then turns out to be a scam page. Same thing with dating headlines. Promise something and deliver!

Let’s discuss 40 catchy dating headlines for women that will appeal not just to any guy – but to the most successful men who want to meet someone special. We’re going to do 40 total, divided into these categories: 10 sexy headlines, 10 intriguing headlines, 10 funny headlines, and 10 unique headlines.

1. Hey that’s a very sexy brain you have there! Sapiosexual zombie here…
2. Where are all the bad ass rebels who play by their own rules?
3. I have no reservations about spanking you
4. Know to make naughty comments and offend the masses
5. Looking for a best friend that I also shower with
6. I’m the bad girl you’re mom warned you about but you dated anyway
7. Looking for co-star to reenact The Notebook
8. Single Mom. Optimist. Domme. Star Wars Nut.
9. Yeah I’m Sagittarius…sorry not sorry.
10. Wanna go for a beach or skiing vacation?

1. Why I don’t like most guys (and how to avoid being that guy!)
2. I have a secret and it involves a bestselling novel you might have read
3. So before we chat, let me tell you what happened to me last night
4. 5 reasons why you’re going like me more than your ex
5. 2 things I would only ever confess to you in truth or dare
6. I can guess your darkest secret!
7. I like a man who enjoys a challenge – not mind games, adventure!
8. Why did I move to (LOCATION)? You won’t even believe me!
9. You know what I really want a guy to do on the first date???
10. I cannot resist THIS type of guy…no self control!

1. Why I offer a 30 day free trial in relationships
2. Yes, most guys say I should be a (hot) supervillain
3. I am strong like a lioness…want to be an exotic pet owner?
4. I’m a tapeworm – whoops I meant bookworm! Damn I made things awkward
5. Looking for an alpha-nerd that can be all mega-dorky with me
6. I am off to fly my own starship…and I need you to be my first officer!
7. I swear but I also care?
8. My body parts are covered under warranty
9. Yoga enthusiast and yoga pants supporter
10. I’ve given up on Prince Charming but am still looking for Hercules!

1. Be nice and this cute professional chef might cook for you
2. If Batman and Wonder-Woman had a daughter – that would be me!
3. Favorite drink? Long Island Iced Tea – what does that say about me
4. Looking for a gaming buddy who understands romance and rapid fire clicking
5. Should we talk movies, mechanics or love? I can keep up!
6. I don’t like most guys. But sometimes I find someone truly unique…
7. My favorite movie is The Shining? You? Surprise me!
8. Gotta be honest – I probably will get you in trouble
9. I just want to see The Lion King with a sensitive guy who gets it!
10. Let’s “Netflix and foreign film”! Captions are sexy

In all of them, you’ll notice one thing. They’re not headlines about “you” – they’re about the experience of dating you! That’s what makes guys click. So don’t talk about what you “are” or how great people think you are…talk about the fun you’re going to have together – the thrill of spending time with each other.

Yes, good photographs and videos might get him to “click” onward – but writing a great headline will get his attention. The headline is the first point of interest. This is the moment that stops his train of thought, engages his imagination, and prevents him from scrolling onward.

Whether you want to catch him off guard with a sexy visual or thought, or appeal to his curiosity, or make him laugh hard, or just catch his attention with a creative idea, just remember thinking BIGGER is always better.

In order for him to click your ID, he has to be involved in the experience and feeling intense attraction. The best approach is to let him imagine what it would be like to date you – seeing your sense of humor, mystery, and confidence. Use this opportunity and come up with an exciting headline that will encourage him to click and take a chance. From there, you can lead him into your description, photos, location, and other details. If you can carry the spirit or “theme” of your headline all through your profile page, you will have him hooked!

It’s not about pretending to be someone else, so don’t be discouraged. Rather, it’s about “selling” your best qualities and projecting a positive and powerful presence to others. With a catchy headline, you can do that in just one glance.

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