5 Signs a Virgo Man Is Falling on Love

Virgo is an earth sign and since this particular fellow was born between the dates of August 23 to September 22, that means you’re dealing with a strong personality, a somewhat conservative person by nature, and above all else, a practical and well organized man.

Virgo is one of the most organized people you’ll ever know and even if his life is in absolute chaos, well, he still is adhering to law and order in some way. The poor boy just can’t “let loose” because if he misses any detail he becomes anxious. No wonder he tends to be overcritical at times, since his analytical and organized mind is what makes him so successful in business and other aspects of life.

Virgo tends to be shy and worries about the future, particularly things he cannot control. It’s common for Virgos to become workaholics as well as to rub other people the wrong way. Details always matter to Virgos – and if others slack off, Virgo is sure to let them know!

But just because Virgo can be snippy, there is a lot of to love about a man driven by loyalty and the need to succeed. He is traditionally healthy, fond of nature and clean! Even his flaws can be charming, since he rarely asks for help, because he is so determined to finish things and live up to his promises.

If you’re dating a Virgo man, it might help to learn what makes him tick before pursuing a serious relationship. Even before that point however, make sure he IS interested in you, and it’s not just a mindless flirtation.

Virgo tends to be shy or overly formal, so it’s not unthinkable that he might flirt with you just because he’s not used to flirting for fun. That said, there are specific signs you can look for when you know a Virgo man likes you a lot or even if he’s falling in love. Let’s consider each one and then return to the question of if dating a Virgo is the right choice for you.

1. He remembers the details!

You know how most men never remember anything? Well that’s definitely not Virgo, since details are his whole life. If he really likes you he will remember specific things and important things about your conversations, your past, and important dates and names. That’s the sign of budding love – a man who takes notes!

2. He wants to hear your voice and talk to you.

Whereas some guys are shy and may text you for a while, Virgo is characterized by action, even if it’s not grandly romantic. What he will do is call you on the phone. As he falls deeper for you, he’ll want to hear your voice, interact with you and get involved in your life. In short, he’s not a big fan of waiting for a reply once he gets it in his head that there’s a connection.

3. He learns to relax with you.

You may well be his only way to relax, let loose (just a little bit), and enjoy things other than work. Virgos tend to be rigid until they meet a partner they can feel safe with, and then gradually let their guard down, trusting their partner implicitly. You’ll know for sure if he feels safe around you by how much he starts confiding in you. He won’t reveal his secrets to any one…at least, anyone he isn’t madly in love with!

4. It’s definitely not just a physical thing!

Virgo knows the difference between love and lust and the more he likes you, the more attracted he becomes to your intelligence and abilities. He will also show you his high aims, as he asks you for your opinions, your perspectives and your attitudes about life. This is important to him, far more than just flirting. Now that’s not to say he’s disinterested in sex altogether…it’s just not his primary motivation. In that respect, Virgo men are easier to date romantically than most other men. (Though I never said living with them was easier!)

5. His love language is that of “gifts” – gifts not only of things but also in time and effort.

A Virgo man isn’t flowery with words so he won’t be romantic like in the movies. But he WILL try hard to be sweet, to do things for you, and invest time and energy in making you happy. He will surprise you with gestures and remember all the little things you say just in time for a birthday gift or anniversary present. He will also spoil you with presents since most Virgos tend to have well-paying careers.

But is He Who You Want?

Simply put, you DO have to be the right “type” to match with a Virgo. Virgo men usually follow the pattern of being romantic and sweet in the beginning but eventually becoming more critical and frustrated with their spouse’s behavior. Why is this? It’s not because he’s ungrateful…

The problem is simply that he EXPECTS you to be a high performer, organized like him, and firmly devoted to your life course and the relationship. If you start giving lesser effort or if he senses you stop caring, he becomes frustrated and that leads to overbearing and critical behavior.

If you’re the type that match Virgo, meaning you ARE organized and high performing on a daily basis, then it won’t be a problem. But if you are the type of woman who wants to chill out, relax, and not take routines seriously…you might be in for a volatile romance indeed.

Remember though, if and when Virgo meets his match he proves himself a loyal partner, devoted family man and always honest about how he feels. He is a “collector’s item” in a sense, but if you’re the right collector, your relationship will blossom.

But if any other guy will do, and you can’t stand criticism for missing those fine details, then don’t invest too much in Virgo. Virgo-lovers will certainly appreciate a man in their life who takes romance seriously!

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