5 Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You

Horoscopes can be surprisingly accurate in characterizing men and revealing their inner motivations. If you’ve ever met a charming and outgoing man who’s hard to forget, no doubt you’ve connected with a Scorpio!

Scorpio is characterized by qualities of bravery, passion and friendship being associated with Water as well as animals like the phoenix, snake and scorpion. Men who are Scorpios, born between October 23 and November 22, tend to be strong male specimens. They’re assertive, confident and passionate about what they do. They are typically leaders in their field and in touch with their emotions.

Even they are emotionally deep, they are usually calm and collected, even mysterious at first glance. They frequently have a lot of friends and they value good qualities in their partners, like intelligence and honesty. Because of the intensity of their passion, Scorpios make lifelong friends and they value things like truth and passion.

They do tend to be flirty with people in general, but when they do actually fall in love they are very loyal. They are put off by negative qualities like dishonesty, passivity or trusted friends revealing secrets. By nature they do tend to be jealous and overly passionate at times.

What Attracts a Scorpio Man?

The competitive and intense nature of Scorpio guys is part of what drives their desire for love and acceptance. They are jealous and obsessive about love because that’s the way they do everything else in life. That means that Scorpio respects women who are similar in nature to the kind of man he is – passionate, challenging and even a little mysterious.

If anything Scorpio men will respect you more if you’re a challenge. They respect confidence, honesty and ambition in work and in relationships. It’s definitely not all about attraction when it comes to romancing the Scorpio. It takes a strong emotional connection because he doesn’t just want sex. He certainly doesn’t want to be controlled, being that he’s a free spirit. He wants companionship but he wants to experience the deepest of passion when he falls for you.

That’s why it’s fairly easy to evaluate the five signs of like and love for a Scorpio. You might even say he wears his heart on his sleeve.

1. He pursues you and lavishes you with attention.

Unlike some other signs who are more introverted, Scorpios can run very “hot” in showing intense attraction. It’s his defining characteristic, that as well as his persistence in chasing you! He usually takes the lead in planning dates and asking you out. He’s not shy, so don’t assume any “platonic” vibes are misleading. He usually is very direct in telling you what he wants.

2. He doesn’t just go for sex…he is all about the emotional connection.

Unlike other extroverted guys who are all about one night stands, Scorpios tend to be deeper thinkers. They want to be intimate and they’re not afraid of having emotional and intellectual conversation. He likes you and so he wants to feel a deeper connection with you. The more he likes you, the more he will probably ask deep questions. He wants to see how profound your thoughts are and discover how your mind works.

3. He will definitely push for physical intimacy sooner than later. He is a big flirt.

Even though he IS interested in dating you, it’s not surprising to know that Scorpios do tend to hop into bed right away because of their passion, confidence and ability to draw women out in conversation. He wants to know that you feel the attraction too so he will flirt with you all the time. He will want sex but he WILL wait for you, so there’s no need to fear losing his interest if you keep him emotionally and intellectually attracted to you.

4. He will play lover / therapist because he is a deep thinker.

Don’t be alarmed by Scorpio’s strange habit of psychoanalyzing your behavior. Although he will flirt with you will also be very curious about why you like him and how you really feel about him. He doesn’t just want your words – he also wants to know what you’re secretly thinking about him. His deep mind helps him to guess your motivations fairly well.

He is NOT toying with you when he does this but is trying to evaluate the future relationship. His mind works fast and he can definitely come across as intense and almost manipulative. However, Scorpios are just enthusiastic by nature and honest about his desire to share with you and spend time with you.

5. He acts as if you’re already together!

Scorpio will definitely reveal his true feelings since he will start “boyfriending” you even before you’re officially together. He will want to experiment with you, trying new things, helping you with daily or weekly tasks, and just acting like you’ve been together for a while now. It’s in his nature to flirt and competition, well, quite frankly, it turns him on.

Scorpio men are funny, deep, intelligent and very interested in a deeper form of intimacy. While they may sound like the perfect man, they do have their own weaknesses just the same. Not only is jealousy a recurring issue, but some Scorpios have a hot temper and occasionally some control issues.

The challenge is in knowing how to treat the Scorpio lover, realizing the way his mind works and how passionate he gets about everything. Understand that many of his issues come from trust – can he count on you? Can you reassure him that you will always be honest and open with him?

On the other hand, you have to be strong to deal with a Scorpio on a regular basis, because he respects a woman who is his equal. If you’re too sensitive or too afraid of him, he may become distant.

He also admires mystery so rather than confessing too much too soon, hoping to make him feel something for you, make an effort to keep him guessing. Give him passion but continue to provide him a challenge since that’s what he truly adores about the dynamic. You challenge him in creative and spiritual ways. It’s not a game…it’s a matter of knowing him and loving him.

It’s a lot of fun dating a Scorpio so keep these tips in mind as you prepare to delve deep into this soulful lover’s mind.

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  • Rosa

    Reply Reply February 7, 2019

    Hi . It’s long time that i receive your emails & i used all in my relationship . I can tell , i am so lucky to have a scorpio man in my life , he is so emotional , so kind in heart , so wise , so smart , so powerful in mind & body . He understands all things alot, so deep so intence . In general he is so different with other man . He is so sweet like sugar . even with all his negative nature . He Just wants few things , all my love , honesty , attention , affection & time . I love & want him so i gave all just to him ❤ I am sagittarian girl . At first he stung me alot 🙂 but during the time we learn to know each other more & know how to trust on each other .

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