5 Signs A Guy Wants You To Chase Him

To be honest, MOST guys like to chase—not be chased. And most of the advice we share here is geared towards women who want men to chase them and who want to attract an outgoing and romantic type of guy.

But it wouldn’t be honest to say that you should never chase a guy. Some guys really do want to be chased. And the truth is, this is a special kind of relationship you might want to try at least once, just to see how it feels and how you respond.

There are plenty of reasons why a man may want you to chase him, and it’s not always the same thing. Sure, some guys are shy and some men really want to feel desired by a woman, especially if they have low self-esteem. On the other hand, some men are just really attracted to a woman that takes the initiative to show interest.

Now that said, it’s also a mistake for a woman to be too aggressive in the way she chases a man. Coming onto a guy like a porn star is either going to scare the shy guy away, or turn off the confident man who enjoys a mysterious woman.

Here are five signs that a guy wants to be chased…with some tips on how to land him.

1. He always finds a reason to talk to you but he never flirts outright. He seems drawn to you but always hiding the real reason he’s hanging around.

Guys like this might be a little nervous to move things forward, but it is a better idea to lead him along and help him flirt with you, rather than being too aggressive or telling him how you feel. What might help is to casually talk more about dating, love, sex and all these non-platonic things just to get his reaction. He may get a sudden pang of romance and ask you out.

2. He tells you how he feels…but he doesn’t chase you.

You may be confused by a guy who is very impassioned about the relationship in conversation…but then he backs away. Whether he’s playing hot and cold on purpose, or just afraid of making the first move, it’s easy to see that he prefers YOU to chase him and put up with his silly games, to show you’re really interested in him. While a lot women won’t put up with a guy that does this, it’s really your choice. Some men really do need to feel “chased” before they commit.

3. He is eager to share his feelings with you…but stops short of confessing his love.

If a man like you but is afraid of admitting it to himself, then what he might do is share some of his secrets, his private thoughts, or maybe even a “side” of him that he never shows anyone else. He entrusts you with this side of him…but he always stops short of saying the word love. What he may be waiting for is to actually have an intimate moment with you, one where he can express how he feels with a kiss. Try to cooperate with his guidance and be alone with him in a setting where he can feel safe and in control. He may just need the right setting and timing to make a move.

4. He flowers you with praise and romance…but then flirts with other women, while avoiding you.

This type of guy is typically a player personality. He likes the feeling of toying with you and being in control of his love life. He may actually like you, especially if he treats you differently than the other women in his life. But if he’s dating around and making no secret of it, it’s very likely he wants you to call him on his BS. He may be testing you to see if you tolerate his shenanigans or if you walk away. The best way to treat a guy like this is to NOT chase him or beg for his attention—since he will exploit you—but to walk away and make him come to you. Let him know you will not play his mind games and you are not going to rise to the bait and chase him. He has to figure out if he really likes you or not and what he’s willing to do about it.

5. He confesses his feelings for you and then leaves.

This may be confusing behavior, but in essence he’s holding back from asking you out—even though he just summoned the courage to tell you how he feels. He may be struggling with some of his own baggage or may even sense that you do not reciprocate those romantic feelings. If you do like him and are wondering whether to back away or move closer, just remember that less is usually more.

You CAN make an excuse to see him or talk about the “thing” between the two of you. But again, it’s better to guide him and let HIM say how he feels about you first. It might be tempting to just come out and say that you want to go out. But he will respond much better if he gets to say how he feels and summons the courage to be more romantic. All you really have to do is be persistent in SEEING him more often, but still letting him take the lead in the relationship.

Men really do want to work for their affection. Now it’s true that some men really desire a challenge while others will only go so far. If you sense that your man needs a little push to chase you, feel free to give him that push. Just be careful not to scare him away with too much overbearing attention. Let him feel in control so he can be the dashing romantic he deep down wants to be.

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