5 Characteristics Men Over 40 Seek in a Woman.

5 Characteristics Men Over 40 Seek in a Woman

Ever wondered what men over 40 desire in a woman? The popular online dating platform Zoosk conducted an analysis of more than 600k male dating profiles to unearth the qualities men express they want in their partners. The data was then categorized according to different age groups. Hi, I’m Matt, and if you’re curious about the five attributes that stood out for men over 40, keep reading.

  1. Happiness

Happy women radiate an irresistible charm. Research focusing on dating and relationships suggests that men are more inclined to approach women who appear content. Men also find women more attractive when they’re smiling, and happiness tends to foster lasting relationships.

Your happiness should originate from within. Cultivate a mindset that promotes joy and engage in activities that boost your well-being. Regular exercise, nutritious meals, and addressing past emotional traumas can all contribute to your overall happiness. Share with us where you’re joining us from and spread some joy in the comments!

  1. Kindness

Kindness is the key to retention. A British study published in the Journal of Social Psychology found that most men, given the choice of a long-term partner, opt for women who exhibit caring and openness. Excitement and passion may initially attract a man, but without these long-term qualities, it’s challenging to sustain the relationship.

Men, like women, desire to be treated well. They want a partner who will stand by them, thus reinforcing the Partnership Principle.

  1. Caring

Kindness and caring are inseparable attributes. An Israeli research study found that men perceived women who exhibited caring attributes as more feminine and, as a result, found them more attractive. Caring, inherently a feminine trait, appeals to men’s senses.

Set a benchmark for showing care in your relationship. If this resonates with you, let us know in the comments.

  1. Honesty

Research published in the Journal of Research and Personality demonstrated that men who were informed that a woman was honest before viewing her photo rated her as more attractive. This indicates that the mere perception of honesty, not necessarily the act itself, enhances a woman’s attractiveness.

In an age where both men and women often misrepresent themselves, especially in the dating scene, honesty can be like a breath of fresh air. Establish a standard of honesty for yourself and the man you’re with.

  1. Fun

One of the most commonly cited qualities men seek is the ability to have fun. Excitement, passion, variety, mystery—these are the elements that infuse a relationship with fun. Being in touch with your feminine side, displaying unpredictability, embarking on adventures, and simply having fun are what men over 40 often crave.

While it’s crucial to note that not every man is looking for a trophy partner or a significantly younger woman, the majority prefer a vibrant personality over mere physical attractiveness.

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