5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Flirting with Men

Have you ever envied other women who knew how to flirt with guys – and make it look so easy – while you just awkwardly sat still and tried not to spill anything on yourself?

Hey, it happens to the best of us. Not everyone is a “natural” flirt. It’s a skill that’s not taught it any classroom and yet it’s something we’re all expected to know.

No sweat…usually your big sister or girlfriends give you impromptu lessons on how to flirt with guys. But today, a guy is going to give you an in-depth lesson on how to flirt and what guys actually want to see from you, that lets them know you’re interested in them.

Because believe me, most guys will walk away from an opportunity if they sense that you weren’t really putting out any good vibes. Your mission is to send them some fairly strong signals without getting awkward or sending any red flags. Here are five things every woman should know about flirting and why certain signals ALWAYS work.

1. Positive energy is a must.

Ever wonder why that one good looking guy got away after you briefly made eye contact and stared at each other in confusion? Probably because he didn’t sense any attraction since there was no positive energy between the two of you. Positive energy means smiling, eyes that convey interest and excitement, as well as longer episodes of eye contact shared between the both of you.

If you sense that you never really get any attention from guys besides the occasional glance (creepy or indifferent) then it might well be because you never actually send them the smile-and-look signals that they need in order to approach you. Brooding, scowling and even staring indifferently are all flirt killers.

2. You’re either dressed to flirt…or you’re not.

When you feel good and desire attention from men you dress for it. You look your best and send out positive vibes whenever you enter a room. On the contrary, if you head out to the store without makeup, wearing house clothes, and not even trying with your hair, you are inadvertently sending a strong signal that says, “Not today, guys.”

An important part of flirting is actually looking your best since this is what men will instinctively respond to. They see your pouting lips (simulated by lipstick), dark eyes (simulated by eyeliner and shadow), and attractive dress and they respond to these “signals” by giving you attention.

If you never get much attention from guys and often go out to meet them looking like “just one of the guys”, reconsider your dress code.

3. A woman who’s flirting is VERY interested in what a man is saying.

Not just a little, not just polite or respectful. She’s entirely into him when he’s talking. That means she’s laughing if he’s trying to be funny. Touching him at peak moments of the conversation. Or, if he’s telling her something interesting she’s listening intently, hanging onto his every word. She expresses interest by shining her reactive face, her attentive body language and the higher pitch in her voice. Guys can definitely tell when a woman is interested in his conversation, because generally speaking, most people just don’t give a damn what a man has to say. To put it bluntly!

So your high level of interest in the conversation is a strong signal that he should pursue you and that you find him very interesting.

4. Flirting is really a progressive conversation, or else it’s not real flirting.

There is such a thing as mindless flirting and it never goes anywhere. Probably because the guy and the girl have no real interest in each other besides politeness. (Remember Jay Leno’s old show? Yeah they flirted, but the sexual tension was completely absent)

This is why it’s important to keep flirty conversations “moving forward”, and “going somewhere” rather than just more of the same. Things start to get really awkward when both of you can tell, this conversation is getting boring fast. It’s polite, yeah, but it’s the opposite of fun.

Usually, it is the guy’s responsibility to move the conversation forward, but if you really like him and want to give him a chance to make his move, try giving him an opening. Give him a strong hint like saying you have no plans or you’d like to see something that the guy was just talking about. Sometimes all a man needs is just a hint and he’ll pounce all over that.

If he’s particularly shy or even oblivious to your interest, then try giving him a small compliment. Make him feel good about himself and see if that perks him up and pushes him to ask you out.

Just avoid those long, go-nowhere “polite” conversations like the plague.

5. Once he makes a move, reward him with the right kind of attention.

It’s in a man’s nature to be bold and to flirt 10% more with you, than you are with him. But that’s good because it lets him shine, it lets him feel romantic and he works harder to please you. The problem is not only that men make really bad moves sometimes (no denying that), but also that the women they like don’t seem to want to help them out and respond to the flirting very well.

If you’re not interested in a guy, then just put him out of his misery and excuse yourself. But if you ARE interested in him, give him a little more response.

If he says something risqué like, “We should both skip town and go to Vegas tomorrow!”, don’t just stare at him or give him a weak laugh. Enjoy the fact that he’s really escalating the tension and reward him with a strong supporting statement like, “I love the sound of that! We could go see Skydiving Elvis!” (Or whatever else is happening in Vegas)

Just remember that flirting has to go both ways. Don’t worry too much about making him laugh, or looking super intelligent, or trying to prove something to him. Men like the mystery of a new face, they like the process of getting to know you and piquing your mind.

Don’t try so hard, because at its heart flirting is EASY. It’s about finding something you really like about a person and focusing on that good “thing”. Grow from there. Build on that foundation. With a little practice, you’ll find that you really are a natural at flirting and guys will definitely start paying more attention to you.

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