3 Things a Man Needs to Commit to You

3 Things a Man Needs to Commit to You

Today, we’re going to talk about the three things that you need to do in order for him to want to commit to you.

As you may have heard me talk about before, commitment works much different for most men and most women.

Here’s what most women don’t understand about how things work for men:

A man can be in a relationship for weeks, months, or even years and feel no need or desire to move the relationship forward in any way.

This may be shocking for you if you’ve been seeing a guy for any length of time and are expecting that being with him meant that he wants something deeper with you.

He may be enjoying where you are in the relationship and feel like moving things forward would ruin what you currently have.

That’s why if you want things to continue to move forward with a man, there are a few things that he needs to experience in order for him to feel the desire for that to happen.

Here are those things:

1. He needs to see you as someone he could be with forever.

Basically, a guy needs to feel like you are relationship or marriage material.

If he doesn’t, he may just want to casually date you forever. In order for him to think about you in this way, he needs to experience to things:

First, he needs to feel like you are someone he could be with in the far distant future.

This really has a lot to do with shared or similar values.

Are you someone who can support his mission and purpose in life? Is he someone who can support the direction you’re going as well?

If he doesn’t feel like you’re both on the same page when it comes to the direction you’re going in your lives, he will feel like you’re someone he enjoys dating and being with but only for the short term.

If he feels like you won’t really support him, respect him, or believe in what he’s doing in his life, you’re going to have a hard time getting him to imagine himself walking down the aisle with you, hand in hand towards forever.

The second thing he needs in order to feel like you’re marriage material is this…

2. He needs to feel like it’s better to be with you than it is to be single and date other women.

We’ll talk a little bit more about this tomorrow but one of the mistakes a lot of women make is focusing on what she wants in the short term and giving up what she wants in the long term.

The Relationship Research Institute, which does some of the leading edge scientific studies in dating and relationship dynamics, found that in order for a couple to stay together, they must experience at least 5 times as many positive emotions in their relationship than negative ones.

That means he has to feel really, really good around you or he’ll eventually think that the relationship simply isn’t worth being in.

But feeling good emotions and seeing you as someone he could be with forever isn’t always enough.

Guys everywhere are going to hate what I’m about to tell you but it’s the truth that you need to know…

3. He needs to know that you aren’t going to wait for him forever.

You may mistake what I’m saying here for using an ultimatum…

Or some type of game or technique to get a guy to commit to you.

Here’s the reality: You REALLY shouldn’t wait forever for a guy to commit to you.

I’ve had women come into our community who were dating men for over 10 years waiting for that commitment from them… which never, ever came.

WAKE UP: There are billions of men on this planet.

If the guy you’re seeing isn’t EVER going to commit to you, you legitimately need to be willing to walk away.

Don’t give up your dreams of having the relationship you want for a man who isn’t willing to support you in that dream.

You are worth a commitment…

Don’t settle for something else because the man you’re with isn’t willing to give you what you want.

If you want a man to commit to you, he needs to feel like you’re someone he can’t live without…

But that you’re also someone who is willing to walk away.

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