3 Texts To Send Your Ex Boyfriend To Make Him Come Running Back.

3 Texts To Send Your Ex Boyfriend To Make Him Come Running Back

They say words are powerful. Words can persuade people, seduce people, and change people’s opinions. But how true is that? After all, how many people on social media have ever “changed their minds” after arguing with someone for 50 posts straight? Rarely!

Here’s another thought. Words don’t really change anyone’s mind. They don’t really seduce anyone. Rather, they help motivate a person to do what that person already wants to do. That’s seduction. That’s persuasion. That’s what works.

So when we’re talking about ways to get your ex-boyfriend back, we’re not talking about seductive texts, or deceitful texts, or any Jedi mind tricks.

We’re actually focusing on strategies that aim for his heart and his mind. That’s the stuff that works! If he wants to get back together, OR if he ever loved you at one point, then part of him still wants that. Part of him is still open to negotiation.

That’s the main point to keep in mind as you write these texts and start becoming part of his life again. You’re not trying to deceive him or manipulate him. You’re actually trying to get him to see your point of view, and understand why you’re good for each other. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

But first, let’s talk about devotion vs. addiction, so we can understand WHY the texts that actually work, do work so well.


Devotion vs. Addiction

 Addiction is a bad word, right? When we think of someone becoming “addicted” we feel sorry for them, or maybe we think about people who obsess over celebrities. But colloquially, the term “addiction” is often used to just describe a complete devotion to someone or something.

In that respect, a person could become addicted to something wholesome, like exercising, gardening, or taking up a new craft. In that case, you’re not “addicted” to doing something that’s beneficial for you. You’re just an enthusiast! This hobby is not destroying your life but enhancing it.

So if you’re wondering whether you can make a man feel addicted and come “running back to you”, the answer is yes. But before we explain HOW you can get him addicted (and why it’s guaranteed to work), let’s first discuss two kinds of relationship addiction and why only one works in the long-term.


Type A: Good Addiction

This positive type of “addiction”, or shall we say a wholesome devotion, is defined by one characteristic. Your life is BETTER because of the devotion. So whether that something is exercising or reading, or say, falling in love with someone who’s good for you, that’s the kind of “good addiction” that enhances your life.

The result of this good addiction? Happiness, contentment, and your time spent wisely – falling in love, becoming a better person, and living an even better life than you already had.


Type B: Bad Addiction

Now here’s where it gets tricky. Sometimes an “addiction” to a boyfriend or ex can turn toxic. Some people resort to stalking or harassing their ex. Even strictly sexual relationships can become emotionally addictive. You feel like you’re going to die or lose your mind if this relationship ends!

But that’s not the natural effect of a wholesome devoted relationship, is it? A relationship’s health is defined by how you feel. If you constantly feel anxious, depressed, on edge, or like there is no pleasing your partner, then that’s the sign the relationship is toxic and addictive in NOT a whole some way.

Long story short – if you become addicted to a boyfriend in the bad way, you are bound to lose him. He will either take you for granted and not show respect for your needs, OR, he will outgrow the desire for a dysfunctional relationship.

Emotional manipulation and addiction might work for the short-term but it never ends well. People eventually grow up, wise up, and figure out they want to be happy with the rest of their lives – not miserable!

Now then let’s get the first type of text and why it’s so effective.


Text 1: The OK Text

You might call it the “I’m OK Text”, and the easiest way to remember it is to think of it as a form of reverse psychology. You simply let him know that you’re “OK” with what he wants.

If he needs space away from you, you’re OK with that. If he wants to break up, you’re OK with that.

You might feel emotional or even upset, but controlling those emotions is NOT a dishonest thing. If anything, you should feel proud of yourself for not letting him manipulate a reaction out of you. If he wants the relationship to end, don’t resist. Do the opposite of what your instinct says and let him go as quickly as possible.

The text could be conveyed like this:

1: Hey, I thought about it and I agree. I think we should break up. It’s the best thing right now.

2: Hi, I got your message. It’s cool, about the breakup I mean. I’ve been thinking the same thing myself lately.

3: How are you? I’m doing OK. If you think we should take a break and see other people that’s fine. We can always be friends. Talk to ya later.

Nothing about these texts are dishonest. If anything you are sending a strong message: you don’t need him. Your life is not being uprooted. You know that you won’t have any problem finding a better relationship. And your HAPPINESS is actually going to tickle his curiosity. That’s reverse psychology for you.


Text 2: The “Move On” text.

This text is not so much reverse psychology but a form of acceptance and cooperation with his wishes. You should not have to “fight” for a relationship that a man no longer wants. Even if you do still love him, it’s time to agree with him and say, “This relationship, as it is, right now, is no longer working for either one of us.”

It’s not humiliating to say that. It’s just an honest sentiment that says you are accepting. You are moving forward. You do NOT need to talk about it. You do not need him to explain it or comfort you in any way. You are moving on, and that’s all there is to say about it.

For example:

1: I just don’t think we should talk right now. Maybe some day we could be friends again. We both just need a lot of time to ourselves.

2: I don’t want to talk to you or get texts from you. Please understand I need to be alone. I’m not mad. I just agree with you, that’s it over.

3: Don’t take this personally. But I do need to block you for a while. It’s time to move on with my life.

The painful honesty in these texts is what piques his curiosity. He will probably respect you at first. But as time passes, he will be very interested in chatting again and seeing what you’re up to.


Text 3: “The Jealousy Text”

 The jealousy text works great – if he still loves you and is jealous of you. While this type of text will not work on an ex that no longer loves you, it will wreak havoc on an ex that hasn’t gotten over you yet.

Send stuff like:

1: No, I’m doing fine. I agree, it’s a lot of fun dating new people.

2: Sorry, I’ve been busy lately. Been meeting new people, and moving on with my life.

3: Sure, we can be friends. I think I’ve met someone I like, if you want to know about him.

This technique does do two things: it reminds him that (A) this is what he asked for, and (B) you are still very high-value, very in-demand, and very much desired by other men. You have lost nothing by losing the relationship.

It’s only a matter of time before he realizes he’s lost everything on a whim. But again, it only works if he’s still in love with you.

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