3 Confident Female Mindsets That Drive Guys Wild

We talk a lot about strong confidence and feminine power but what do these qualities look like? You may sometimes hear about “confident women” but what’s the difference between projecting real life confidence and “faking it”? Is there a difference or is it all about the strut?

It’s definitely about “real life confidence” because people who are fake don’t fool anybody. They’re always about the “strut” because that’s the only move they have.

Real confidence doesn’t so much look like something vague, but feels like something specific. When you have a high degree of self-confidence you talk differently, you communicate differently and you even think differently. Your attitude makes all the difference.

If you really want to start projecting real confidence and drive men wild, then it’s time to think about mindsets – thoughts and feelings that create a powerful persona that people immediately sense. Let’s discuss three mindsets that will help you, even if you suffer from low self confidence, to be the feminine mystique that men want.

1. I don’t need you…but I find you interesting.

This is a two-sided attraction here. On one hand, you come across as independent. You aren’t looking for a husband to take care of you. You make a good living on your own—you’re just happy on your own, able to find the joy in life without a relationship that “defines” you. This projects a very strong persona, one that many men will feel challenged by—and they will work harder to impress you.

On the second hand, you can also give your man the special gift of finding him interesting. Men don’t want to be chased for their jobs or their money, or even their looks. They want to be loved for their minds, appreciated for the man they are inside. This is why showing interest in him as a person is such a magnetic part of the attraction. You don’t need what he “does for you” (like most women see him), rather, you find him attractive because of the way he thinks.

A man will naturally feel a strong attraction for a woman who, although she is desired by many other men, only has a strong interest in one special man—who is a cut above the rest. And what he learns, is that the more attention he gives you, the more interest you show in his character. It’s a powerful attractant, to know that he’s outperforming all the other guys who vie for your attention.

2. I know EXACTLY what I want.

Too many women are defeatist in their attitude and even in the things they say to other people. Men DO NOT want to hear that you’re giving up the dating game, or that you’re tired of playing the field, or that you’re just looking for a decent man who will treat you right.

These are all clichés that can apply to ANY man—no matter how ugly, handsome, poor, rich, sane or crazy that he may be. But a man doesn’t want to feel lucky—as if he was the right man at the right time.

He wants to feel like he’s SPECIAL. He wants to sense that you have a very high criteria for what you’re looking for in a man. You’re not easily impressed. You’re not just looking for any decent guy. You’re waiting for the ideal man, the best man. The sexiest man and the man who meets all your high standards.

You’re actively looking for “the one”, not just any man. Any man might be compatible with you. But he’s not good enough for you, not worth changing your life over.

And the funny thing is, the majority of women really don’t understand this. They complain about the lack of good men in the world, bringing negativity to conversations with their friends, or worse yet, on their dates.

By being a “passive observer” to life, and a woman who can’t seem to find any decent man despite her best efforts, you devalue yourself. You exude insecurity and weakness. These are not the qualities of desirable woman.

So the best way to start changing your attitude is to BE PICKY. Stop accepting all invitations. Take pride in the fact that you must reject men for being a little too ordinary. It’s your life and you do deserve a man who is special and a “hero” in every sense of the word.

3. Not only are YOU nervous about commitment…you would just rather your man be free, independent and out of control.

This is another lesson many women lose sight of, especially after sex and when the relationship progresses to the intimacy stage. Maternal instincts take over and they focus too much on fixing the blemishes of a man, rather than encouraging him to be the same independent person.

A woman who’s self confidence does not contend with insecurity—so she has no motivation to control a man, keep him in check or improve him in any way. She encourages his independence. She doesn’t stifle his thoughts or his feelings. She is attracted to the man he is and his powerful persona.

Trying to nag him, change him, argue with him and limit him in some way would be destroying the very man she was first attracted to!

This mindset is very noticeable to men, because in such a woman’s presence, they feel stronger, independent, and free to speak their mind.

More importantly, they don’t feel pressured to commit. All they feel about this relationship is the highs; the fun spirit, the desire to spend time together without demands. The curiosity and attraction that develops between two self-confident people.

The very fact that YOU are the on nervous about committing and pursuing marriage will actually have the opposite effect on him. He will feel more and more jealous as he senses that you have such great chemistry together, and yet he’s still “competing” with other men for your attention.

He now has the “incentive” to put a ring on your finger…or at least meet you somewhere half way, like moving in, or going exclusive. He takes bigger steps when he feels stronger attraction. Now that he knows you “qualified” him as a serious bachelor, he’s eager to prove his value. He’s working hard to keep your attention and cultivate the interest you have in him.

As you can see, you reverse the process when you set your standards higher and let him know that he is truly a special guy—not just any man gets your attention, not just any man turns you on, and not just any man drives you this wild. Flatter your man’s ego and bring out the sexy beast!

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