2 Attractive Ways to Compliment a Guy

2 Attractive Ways to Compliment a Guy

If you compliment a guy in the right way, it will make him feel more attracted to you, it’ll encourage him to pursue you, and it can make you stand out from all the other women he’s met in his life.

Today, I’m going to give you two specific compliments that you can use immediately to connect with a man in your life.

The first one is…

The Tease Compliment

The tease compliment is where you compliment him but you’re also messing with him.

This creates a little bit of tension between you and the guy that you’re complimenting.

The way you do it is you compliment him with a straight face. Once you say the compliment and the tease, you need to smile or do something playful afterwards so that he knows that you’re teasing him.

What you want to do is find some generic compliment. Give him the compliment. Wait a few seconds. Then tell him he needs to compliment you back.

For example…

You might say something like, “You have a great smile.”

When he says, “thanks,” say “this is where you’re supposed to compliment me back” and then smile or giggle or poke him or something.

If you do it right, it will make you seem really confident and like you’re a lot of fun. It should get a laugh out of him and create a little bit of chemistry between the two of you.

Try doing it with some of your friends or family before you do it with a guy and try to get it right first.

The second type of compliment is…

The Sexual Clothing Compliment

This shows that you’re sexually attracted to him but it does it in a way that you’re not coming on too strong.

It’s just the right amount of showing sexual interest in a man to make him feel good and make you seem interesting.

Here’s what you do…

Compliment some type of sexually desirable feature in the clothes that he’s wearing.

Here’s an example:

“Your butt looks really good in those pants.”

Do it with a slight smile and just turn away or change the topic.

It’s kind of like you’re telling him that he’s sexy or hot but you’re not really saying it.

You’re also letting him know that you’re looking at his butt…

And I know I’ve talked about this before but he NEEDS to know you’re sexually attracted to him if you want him to pursue you.

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  • Lisa-Diane Joseph

    Reply Reply July 31, 2018

    What do I do when he has already made a hint about proposing by asking me to show him pictures of rings I like. Then he gets all serious and even angry and pushy about trusting him about every little thing without giving me explanations or proof about what he is doing or wants me to do for him. I’m even wondering if I’ve gotten into a romance scam because of his anger when I hesitate to do things because I want some/any explanation and he wants blind trust.

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