15 Funny Good Morning Texts (He’ll LOVE These)

Is it polite to text a guy with a good morning message? We’re not talking serious intimate relationship yet, more like someone you just met who seems to like you. You’re obviously playing it safe and taking things one step at a time. Every so often he sends you a message…but it’s not exactly a routine yet. You’re stuck in that awkward place between friendly acquaintance and good friend.

Enter the “Funny Good Morning Text!” This is a great way to accelerate the relationship into real friendship – one where you can expect daily messages. The idea is to start a positive pattern that your new friend can look forward to every morning. So what’s something everyone enjoys first thing in the morning – after coffee, after breakfast and after all that other good stuff?

Why, of course a laugh! Who doesn’t love to laugh on that dreaded Monday morning? Laughing a little helps you start the day with a smile and it’s no different if you’re trying to make a new friend. You like to laugh, they like to laugh.

So what’s an easy way to do this? Sharing memes, sharing jokes on social media, that sort of thing? Well…that’s not a terrible idea, but it’s also not exactly doing you any favors. If you want to build a real friendship where you speak frequently, then the best thing to do is create a pattern of sending ORIGINAL, unique and of course very funny messages to your guy crush.

Now I’m not advising you to send one every DAY because that might overwhelm him. But sending a funny text once or twice a week may motivate him to chat you up more often and start a longer conversation.

Here are 15 funny text conversations (and his possible reaction) that will put him in a good mood first thing in the morning.

1. “Are you tired? (Ummm I dunno why?) Well you’ve been running through my head all day long. (lol really?)”
2. “Is it weird that I sort of count down the days until we can hang out again? (No, I do it too!) “But I also count down the days until a new Black Mirror episode comes out…so don’t get a big head.” (smiley)
3. “I thought about sending you a wake up text but then I realized you’d probably be mad that I woke you up from a good sleep. So this message is just to tickle you and make sure you start the day with a big smile.”
4. “You’re kind of like my morning coffee, now that I think about it. (Oh why’s that?) Well you’re dark, strong, tall…because I drink tall cups of coffee…and very sweet, because I load my coffee down with cream and sugar.”
5. “Can I pay you for a hug today? Nothing weird or kinky. I just need a hug. (lol Sure, I’d hug you for free!) Cool. I believe in free hugs you know. And after a miserable day yesterday, that would be awesome. (Sure. Why what happened yesterday?)
6. “You need to have a more positive attitude. Like today, you’re dreading going to work…but did you know there’s at least a 5% chance that an alien invasion will happen? Your evil boss won’t stand a chance.”
7. “You know who I really hate? (Who?) The guy who invented the alarm clock. I mean why the angry beeps? Why not gentle caressing music? (lol I know, right?)” You know who I love? (Ummm…do I want to know?) The guy who invented the snooze button. That guy had a good idea. (lol you’re hilarious)”
8. My cat is evil. She insists on waking me up every morning. (I didn’t know you had a cat) OMG you’re right I don’t! What the hell did I just see?!”
9. “There are two types of people in the world. Morning people and regular people who want to beat morning people. -Abraham Lincoln”
10. “Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m calling in sick and going back to sleep, so the hell with all of you. (Did you really??) Nah, I’m actually at work. But that was a great fantasy, wasn’t it?”
11. “I am sending a good morning message. But it might not reach you until the afternoon. Therefore, you are conversing with me in the past. Time travel! PS Don’t trust anything Future Me is saying!”
12. “Good morning, handsome. I see the witch spell I cast worked. You are still hopelessly, madly in love with me. Oh wait…it didn’t work! I forgot to include the eye of newt. Now you’re just tolerant of my mad sense of humor. Cursed, foiled again!”
13. “Remember growing old is involuntary but growing up is optional. Play with dolls, build Legos and make laser noises when you play with your friends. Make your co-workers worry about you.”
14. “Good morning. I can’t promise you that today will be the best day of your life. But I can promise you that I will eat pizza for dinner, mock you just a little bit, like all of your hot photos on Facebook, and then send you a goodnight text for when you get home. Deal?”
15. “You have to apologize to me. (Whaaa?) You appeared in my dream. And in the dream you spilled spaghetti]i all over my dress. I was furious. (LOL Sorry. But did we at least make out in the dream a little?) Maybe a little. (smiley)”

As you can see, there’s no reason to think so hard on these funny quotes. All you have to do is avoid too much romantic talk, keep it friendly and platonic, and then every once in a while toy with that sexual tension – because that’s what he likes.

At some point, he will start to “turn up the volume” of romance and you can then react to him and encourage him to keep going. It’s always important that he be the chaser and you be the pursued. That’s the dynamic that works and the best way to start a funny but sexy courtship with the hot guy you like.

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