15 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy (Drive Him Crazy With Desire For You)

Have you ever been in a situation where your guy-crush is talking to you frequently, being completely honest, and maybe even becoming attached to all that friendly chatter?

That’s great…the only problem is you may have inadvertently friend-zoned yourself!

What gives? Isn’t the point of a guy falling for you to engage him in conversation? If you’re having all these deep talks, why in the world would he friend-zone you?

There are plenty of women out there who can attest to this—if you’re such a good buddy to a guy, but without sexual tension, you’re at a high-risk of becoming friend-zoned. The prize is, of course, your guy-crush saying he’s not attracted to you, but he does still appreciate all the free therapy sessions.

Cold! So how do you prevent being friend-zoned?

If you started the relationship on a positive note (you sensed some mutual attraction) then it’s not too late to jump out of that friend-zone and start flirting. Here are 15 flirty questions to accompany those deep questions about life.

1. What do you like best about me, physically?

If you sense he’s growing addicted to conversation but not actually paying attention to your physical beauty, remind him of that! Sometimes guys need to be reminded you’re not a good therapist-friend but a very attractive woman who’s taking an interest in him.

2. What’s the shortest relationship you’ve ever had? OR When did your last relationship end?

These are minimally invasive questions that don’t feel so “friendly” in context. They are trespassing into private/dating territory. He will definitely sense you are interested in him and not just talking about day to day issues.

3. What does your perfect girl look like?

Get him to describe his perfect girlfriend in detail and realize that you are, in fact, his physical type. If he admits he likes a particular fashion or look, very subtly try to dress that way. Just don’t make it too obvious!

4. What is your perfect girlfriend like?

A hypothetical question that gets him to list actual qualities that he’s attracted to, and which presumably you have. This may open his mind to seeing you in a new light, realizing you may be the perfect girlfriend.

5. What’s the perfect kiss like? OR Are you intimated by girls making the first move?

These lines are bold, but they will definitely break you out of that friend-zone. Discussing a kiss, and making him describe the perfect kiss, is a seductive move. It forces him to FEEL that kiss and associate it with you. An alternate approach would be asking him how he feels about girls making the first move. Then he will either tell you that he prefers to make the first move or will tell you he doesn’t mind either way. Once again, you put the idea into his head and now he has to deal with it!

6. So are you a romantic type or a dirty talker?

Great line because it dares him to share a little TMI about his bedroom preferences. Now you’ve opened the floodgates, assuming of course he says (as most guys would) “a little of both.”

7. What do you wear to bed?

How can a guy not be a little hot under the color if you ask him to share intimate details of his dressing and undressing routine?

8. What are you turn ons / turn offs?

This is a direct question and one that he will instantly get a vibe from. Why would you want to know unless you plan to use these tips some day? He gets that and immediately knows you’re not content to be just a friend.

9. You really are so cute / sexy.

Another direct approach and unbecoming of friendship, since you’re reminding him that you find him attractive—not just a buddy.

10. What is your idea of the best date ever?

Why not do some research and get it straight from the stud’s mouth? What does he like and if you do go on a date at some point, you can make sure it matches perfectly.

11. Where do you like to be kissed?

This line is golden and drives him out of the friend-zone faster than most drivers zoom past a yellow light! This line is downright dangerous-flirty but it will definitely let him know what’s on your mind.

12. Where do you like to see tats on a girl’s body?

Now you’re just torturing him! Getting him to admit his tattoo preferences is a kinky conversation that blurs the line between friends and lovers.

13. What is your hottest erotic fantasy of all time? Yeah that one!

Try using this on your platonic friend at Jason’s Deli. Guess what? Friendship over! Well, this line is definitely going to tax any polite friendship and make the guy wonder just how much you’re going to mind-screw him before he calls you out on this mutual attraction.

14. Define Love.

Now that’s a loaded question! Everyone has an idea on what love is and if you establish trust with them, they’re just dying to share their opinion. Don’t make this so obvious but mention it off-handedly, such as after a conversation about a sister or relative getting married. The “event” will be on his mind and so it won’t feel too much like a clingy commitment talk.

15. How would you seduce me? OR How would you make a girl fall for you?

This is a clever and almost hypnotic technique. Asking “How would you?” is basically inducing him to demonstrate his sexy, manly personality on you and so he will FEEL the very emotion he is pretending to display. This line is a bit edgy and does require a reasonable time investment. As in, you’re friends discussing life in a bar or restaurant and then he rants about relationships. And so you ask him, “How would you go about charming a woman, anyway?” It’s such a brilliant line because it’s unexpected and plays upon his oblivious nature. Great way to break out the friend zone!

Use any of these lines to shake up a friendly relationship and watch carefully how he reacts. He may just need a little boost to turn this mutual respect into full blown desire!

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    Reply Reply June 25, 2019

    So I’m writing this email with no actual hope. Jus kinda expressing my self. So I read all I do mean ALL emails. I constantly read in hopes one day I will read my answer. However I must not be understanding correctly because I read something then I Execute it and I don’t get the result that I read I was going to get. So I recently read this email how to not be stuck in the friend zone tried it. Unfortunately it went completely south I couldn’t help it but I panic and shed a tear. Is not all bad. Work is going great, no family drama drama currently. I just always tend to always have 2 out of 3 check marks.

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