10 Ways To Say I Love You

Lao Tzu once said, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” So it’s easy to see the why saying “I love you” is more than just a sentiment. When you reassure your partner that you love him, you are actually deepening the bond between the two of you.

The problem is, repeatedly saying “I love you” can become bothersome, especially if you say it the same way and without putting much thought into it. Verbal “I love you’s” are important, don’t get me wrong. But if you really want to improve intimacy with your partner, try thinking outside the box. Think of different ways to say “I love you”, and better yet, different ways to show love by performing actions. Actions always communicate feelings more effectively than just words alone. Here are 10 creative ideas for women on how to make your partner feel special on a daily basis.

1. Do something nice and unexpected without asking.

Rather than return good deed for good deed, try just taking the initiative and “giving” to your partner just for the fun of it. Help him around the house if you see he’s working, help him with a task, or make a treat for him to eat. He may be confused at your random act of kindness at first, but once he finds out it was just a way to say “I love you”, he will be inspired to surprise you more often.

2. Send him texts and or hidden love notes.

Change up the format of your cute “I love you” message. Send him texts periodically when he’s having a long day at work or write sticky notes around the house. These work very well because they always catch him off guard.

3. Compliment his looks, his body, his wit.

If you’ve been living with each other for a while, you may have become accustomed to the routines. Maybe you stopped flirting and stopped giving compliments because it didn’t seem necessary anymore now that you were in love. But these little gestures still count and they ARE a way of saying, “I still love you.” Telling your partner that he still has the same qualities that attracted you five, ten or even twenty years ago is a great way to boost his self-esteem and let him know that you still desire him!

4. Hug and kiss more often.

While sex may take a lot of planning, physical expressions of intimacy are very easy and take just seconds. Don’t’ wait for the right romantic moment—just do it! Hug him, kiss him, and be affectionate when he is just going about his day. (But preferably not when he’s working under a car!)

5. Take more pictures of yourself smiling and send it to him.

Whether he’s on vacation or a work, chances are he misses you throughout the day. Send him a happy photo and remind him of what a lucky guy he is. A positive attitude and smiling face are contagious! Put him in a good mood the next time he comes home from work with a reminder of how happy YOU are.

While sexy photos are great when you’re dating (and do still please a guy even into marriage!) showing him that you’re HAPPY and in good spirits, will rub some positive energy off on him.

6. Figure out when he wants to talk and then let him vent for hours into the night.

Guys always want to talk, even if they seem unusually mum from time to time. If something has happened, or something is bothering him, or if he has a bunch of new ideas, then he is definitely eager to tell his soul mate. But he also won’t start talking unless he senses that you’re excited to hear him speak! Learn to read his body language and voice and feel his excitement or anxiety. Then draw him out in conversation, letting him know you can listen to him as long as it takes.

7. Be very kind to his family members.

A man will always have a special place in his heart for his parents and even members of his extended family. Assume that he has a great relationship with all of them and be kind. Exceptionally kind! This is a way of saying “I love you” because loving him does mean you love his parents, siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts, and other family members. You may clash with some strong personalities from time to time, but accepting them all the same, flaws and all, sends a strong message of unconditional love to your man.

8. Dedicate your art to him.

Every guy loves the idea of being a woman’s muse. So if you have a special skill in the way of writing, drawing, painting, music writing or filmmaking, why not create a short little romantic piece dedicated to your relationship?

9. Watch his favorite show/movie/sport with him.

While you may do many things independently (and it’s actually a good thing that you do), doing things together just because you want to be near him is a wonderful gesture of love. Be his playmate, his friend, his buddy and chill on the couch while he enjoys your company and his favorite downtime hobby.

10. Make him laugh.

Keep the humor alive in your relationship and keep the passion for life going strong. Remember that when you both put forth effort in the relationship – to woo your partner, to flirt, to get their attention – you send a strong message: I want you. I really want to try to make every day fun and enjoyable. What better way to do this than to keep your partner laughing? Tell jokes, do comedy bits, or make faces if you know that’s what makes him giggle. Entertaining your man and giving him a good belly laugh is a great way to say “I love you…and that I love our life!”

Don’t ever think you’re saying “I love you too much.” Don’t stop saying it, just put some imagination into finding new reassurances that will catch him by surprise and make him glow all day long!

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