10 Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship

Have you ever heard the expression “twin flame” as in a twin flame relationship? What does this mean? Is it like the old expression, “My soulmate?”

There is actually a very significant difference. Whereas your soulmate is a “perfect match” to yourself, a twin flame is a mirror to yourself. A perfect mirror, yes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a good match. Twin flame relationships are characterized by volatility. When we see a “mirror” of ourselves we see things we like and don’t like. Like so, twin flame relationships tend to be unstable.

When they’re passionate, it’s very intense and exciting. The attraction is almost magnetic. This man awakens something inside of you. It feels like a meeting of souls. The only problem is sometimes there is equal parts pleasure and pain. The relationship may be so intensely negative at times you may break up and get back together several times.

Here are 10 signs that you might be in this kind of unique and dangerous relationship.

1. You’re not just attracted—you’re magnetically drawn to him.

Something about him is calling to you. The attraction doesn’t even seem logical. You may have just met him and may not even see much that you share in common. But still, the attraction is profound. It’s almost inevitable that you will meet and become involved

2. They’ve not only opened you up to new experiences…they’ve changed the way you see life.

This lover’s personality and “soul” is so powerful to you, he’s exposed you to a new way of thinking. You may even question or change your beliefs, values and so on. They’ve awakened something in you.

3. There’s a chaotic desire in one of you that drives the both of you apart.

The reason you break up frequently is because the “runner” soul doesn’t seem to be able to handle the intensity of the love that brings you together. He (or you) dissolves the relationship, even though the same qualities that attract also repel. You need a break from this man just to heal and feel normal again.

4. You’ve met this person before…

But it’s not necessarily the “old souls” that’s familiar. There is a distinct feeling of “home” when you interact with this person. You may be strangers but you feel familiarity in the way he treats you and how you act around him. Dysfunctional family growing up perhaps?

5. Your relationship is defined by fast moving romance and extreme emotion.

The theory is that your energies have been suppressed and are now being released. Your bond is so strong that there’s no sense delaying intimacy. You click and the desire for each other only grows…even though it also tears you apart.

6. When you’re not in ecstasy, you’re in misery.

Unfortunately, the lows are terrible and they’re defined by worry, anxiety and uncertainty about the future. You may even hate the person you’ve become because of him. You can’t even be sure if this is really love or just pure addiction.

7. The timing is…absolutely terrible!

Most love connections happen at just the right time, right? When you’re mature, independent, can handle it…

But the twin flame attraction is oblivious to time and reason. You have a profound connection that may occur and obliterate all your other commitments. You’re not meant to be together, but have been put together at the wrong time, creating a dysfunctional relationship.

8. The power balance is slightly askew.

Most twin flame relationships are not built on “equality”. You’re not just lovers, nor are you truly equal. One might be a “teacher”. Or you both might be each other’s therapist trying to help or save the other partner. But clearly you never started the relationship as equals or as independent, happy individuals. You needed the other person to fulfill a need in you, or so you thought.

9. Despite your love-hate relationship, you are still very attuned to what each other thinks and feels.

You can almost read his mind. That’s how closely you communicate and how well you know him. He seems more like family or someone closely connected to your very soul. This could be because despite the bouts of arguing and pain, you actually do have many minor things in common. Some of these similarities may seem coincidental but some believe twin flame spirits “overlap” in strange ways that others that other couples don’t. There is almost a Yin and Yang like effect, since you complete each other and complement each other’s lifestyle and personality.

10. In some ways, it feels like you your lover gives you what you desire most AND what you fear the most.

Your twin flame gives you your worst fear as well as your ultimate fantasy. The same positive qualities that attract you become something downright scary and out of control, when it comes to approaching danger. You feel powerless to resist them because you’re afraid of the danger and yet are following him because you enjoy certain aspects of his personality and behavior.

Why Do Twin Flame Relationships Happen?

The traditional “soul” belief is that this relationship happens as a learning experience. It shows you not necessarily what you “don’t want” but what needs to be healed inside of you before you can grow in knowledge and love. What stands in the way of happiness is painful and destructive. As soon as you meet him, you are in crises because your life is already changing.

The good news is that after this intense relationship and a transformative process, at least according to the twin flame soul theory, you really do learn something about yourself and reach a new state of mind—one of peace.

This is not only Karmic teaching, but also scientific, in the sense that once you learn what drives a dysfunctional relationship, you can learn from your mistakes and adjust your dating approach.

Whether you believe in twin souls or not, the point is, learning from the mistakes of the past is the only way to keep moving forward.

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