Here’s What You Should Do When He Doesn’t Text Back

Why Doesn’t He Text Back? Take This Quiz to Find Out…

Are you in relationship limbo right now, wondering if you’ve broken some unspoken text commandment? By asking yourself some pointed questions, you can determine if he’s avoiding you, if he’s busy, or if he’s just at a loss for words. Remember than men who text are emotionally involved in the conversation. Give him something to think about, laugh about, or best of all, feel something about. A man is interested in an emotional experience and texting is the best way of sharing thoughts and feelings.

“Why Doesn’t He Text Back?” Quiz

Uh oh. Something’s gone wrong. He hasn’t texted you back yet. And he was definitely texting you at some point. Did you say something wrong? Or has something terrible happened? Don’t fret…take the “Why doesn’t he text back” quiz and let’s figure out the most likely scenario.

1. How old are you compared to him?
A. I am older than he is.
B. He is older than I am.
C. We’re more or less the same age…young.
D. We’re more or less the same age, about 30/40.
E. I have no idea how old he is!

2. Assuming you’ve been stalking him, has he been on Facebook, Instagram, etc?
A. Yes! But he won’t message me back. Is that a bad sign?
B. No he seems to be off the Internet entirely. Should I call 911?
C. I haven’t thought to look actually.
D. No. It’s his business and unless he responds to me first, I don’t care.
E. I have no idea who he is IRL!

3. Does he go through phases where he ignores your texts?
A. He does that a lot, actually. And he know it bothers me but he doesn’t care!
B. Once in a while it happens. I try not to panic but…
C. Yes and it hurts me and I give him hell for it.
D. It happened once before. He never explained why.
E. It’s never happened before.

4. Does your iPhone, or Facebook Messenger app, tell you if he’s read your messages?
A. Yes he read them.
B. No, it doesn’t seem to say either way.
C. I’m not sure because it says “delivered”?
D. I don’t have either of those strange things!
E. Who cares? I want him to call or text me!

5. How have the texts between you been lately?
A. Very flirty, sexual, hot!
B. Lots of joking around and cutting up.
C. Friendly and interesting!
D. Pretty generic stuff. Is that bad?
E. I don’t know yet, this is a new texting relationship.

6. What kind of relationship do you have?
A. Boyfriend and girlfriend
B. Engaged
C. Friends with benefits
D. Just slept together but I think he likes me!
E. He doesn’t actually know me IRL yet…

7. What was the last conversation you had about?
A. I don’t remember, just boring stuff.
B. We sort of had an argument.
C. Pretty respectful and nice.
D. I talked a lot about how I felt about life. Thought he was interested…
E. So-so. He seems disinterested in me lately.

8. How many texts have you sent him ever since he stopped messaging you?
A. Oh God, I lost count.
B. Three to ten.
C. Just one.
D. Haven’t said anything yet. Should I?

9. What kind of mood was he in the last time you spoke?
A. He was horny…and talking to other women!
B. He was cranky…seemed annoyed at me.
C. Seemed brooding. Not mad at me but unhappy in general.
D. He was acting kind of insane!
E. I don’t know. I don’t know him well enough to say.

10. How do you feel right now?
A. My heart is breaking.
B. Just curious to know what he’s thinking.
C. Pretty pissed off.
D. Confused.
E. Just concerned…wondering if something bad happened.

And now for an evaluation of the relationship.

1. If you’re both older there’s a good chance he’s busy or going through family / work problems. The younger the both of you are the more likely he’s just distracted or annoyed. If there’s an age difference, it’s possible he’s having doubts so understand that he needs independence right now.

2. If he’s been on social media but has ignored you (and if Facebook, iPhone have “told on him” then it’s likely he’s either thinking of something to say or has just lost interest in the conversation. Remember however, that sometimes people do read their messages and require a few days to think of something worthwhile in reply. Sometimes they don’t login at all and you may be upset over nothing.

3. & 4. If he has ignored your texts before, this is likely a pattern of “withdrawing” that he is just going to keep doing. If it bothers you, then just back away and let him be. The worst place to be is trying to smother a man trying to get away from you. You’re only causing pain to yourself. If he’s literally just “missing” from all contacts, maybe it’s time to ask a friend if he’s at least OK and alive!

5. If the texts between you lately have been hot and flirty that’s a good sign, and he may just be really busy. However, if texts lately have been boring, stressful, or even “too friendly” and not funny or flirty enough, then he may just be getting bored.

6. If you’ve already slept with him and you “think” he may like you, you’ve slept with him way too soon. If you notice that he’s backing away or not giving as much to the relationship, then for your sake and his, give him his independence and STOP writing him. Let him come back to you.

7. If you’re the one leading the conversation, discussing your life and getting his Yes or No replies, then it’s likely he’s losing interest. Men do want to talk and share with their girlfriends…but a woman knows the best way to capture his interest is to make the conversation about him and then tease him to know more about her. Keep the mystery going and keep him eating out of the palm of your hand.

8. If you’ve left him tons of messages, then you’re drowning fast. The only logical thing to do is to stop at this point. Let him go. No, it doesn’t mean you’re through forever but you need to start rebuilding his attitudes towards you. Right now he thinks you’re a nervous wreck. Give him time to miss you. Let him know that you are moving on and getting over him…by NOT saying anything. Live life happily. Post blogs and photos of what you’re doing. Let him know you’re okay…that’s the only way to become attractive in his eyes once again,.

9. If he’s frequently talking about other women and flirting around, and suddenly stops talking to you, it’s likely you were struck by a “smooth criminal.” Start the relationship over and this time YOU be the mystery and the party girl who doesn’t want to settle down. The same applies if he’s been in a bad mood lately. Just give him his distance and stop trying so hard to get inside his head. Lastly, if you don’t know a lot of these details, then it’s likely he was just chatting out of boredom, nothing serious. That’s why it’s good to remember little details so you can reference them next time you see him or text him.

10. The fact of the matter is, the way you feel right now is mostly likely the best predictor of what’s happening in the relationship. If you feel lovesick and broken, or angry, then he has won. You have to pull yourself together and forgive yourself. You have to come back to your life, stronger than before. If you want to work things out with him in the future, start things completely anew. Don’t make this relationship one of pain, sorrow and desperation to “keep him.” Make it about fun. Make it about joy. Next time, he will commit to you first, because you will keep him chasing you.

The best option of course is to be curious about what happened to him. Don’t invest more than you have to lose. Just because you like each other doesn’t mean there’s any real emotional depth to the relationship. You have to build that over time. A woman can text a man if she’s curious or having fun. She just has to keep the text conversation positive, flirty and fun to keep him INTERESTED.

It’s all about connecting, sharing and then bonding…always with him taking the lead, responding to your signals.

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