Can I Get My Ex Back Or Is He Gone Forever? Take This Quiz to Find Out…

Intro: Wondering if you will ever get your ex back after an ugly break up (or friend-zoning incident) can be a nightmare. Fortunately, by asking yourself some tough questions you can get a sense of whether your paths are destined to cross again, or if it’s done for good. Remember that the respect you show him, and the way you consistently challenge him, will always determine how he feels about you.

The “Can I Get My Ex Back Or Is He Gone Forever?” Quiz

Do you like psychic readings? Well this is not quite a psychic reading, but let’s just say based on the answers you provide here today, I might be able to accurately predict your future. Can you get your ex back or is he gone forever? Answer these questions and view the final prediction based on your number score.

1. Does he ever call or text you randomly without you saying anything to him first?
A. Yes he does sometimes and he seems to want to talk a while and catch up.
B. No, I always start the conversation. I just want to know he’s okay.

2. Does he avoid you or does he still talk to you with respect and friendliness?
A. He still talks to me sometimes. We’re still friends.
B. I haven’t talked to him in a long time. We sort of parted on bad terms.

3. Do you stalk him on social media or follow him around town just to see what he’s up to?
A. No, it’s none of my business. It’s not respectful to stalk him.
B. Oh yeah…and sometimes I talk about him on Facebook.

4. Is he dating someone and does it seem serious?
A. No, he doesn’t seem to be, at least nothing serious.
B. Yes, he is with somebody but I don’t think they’ll last. She is so wrong for him.

5. Were you more in love with him when you first met, or right before you broke up?
A. Before the breakup. I really didn’t want it to end and regret so many mistakes.
B. When we first met. We were having so much fun!

6. Did he break things off or did you?
A. We both mutually agreed. We grew apart.
B. He did. He says I was smothering him.
C. I did, I just got tired of dealing with so much drama.

7. How long ago did you see him?
A. Just recently, by coincidence.
B. A long time ago. I wasn’t sure if he remembered me.

8. Do you still have mutual friends or are you close with family members?
A. Yes, his family and friends still mingle with mine.
B. No, we don’t really see each other anymore.

9. Honestly, what do you WANT to happen?
A. I just want another chance to get to know him.
B. I want him to come back to me and be romantic and apologize for taking me for granted.
C. I want him to change into the man I thought he was.
D. I really don’t know what I want to happen…I just can’t stop thinking about him.

10. How do you really feel about your ex?
A. I love him so much…but I want him to be happy. If he’s dating someone else, I will move on.
B. I need him. He is the only reason I am alive.
C. I will always care about him. But we can’t really go back again, can we?
D. He is my best friend after all these years.

Now only count 5 points for every A selection you made. Total up your points and see where your future falls.

Your Future Is…

40-50: A renewed relationship may be in the cards!

You seem like you have a mature understanding of relationships and how couples can grow apart over the years…but sometimes they also get back together if the circumstances are right and if both partners have grown a lot on their own. Sometimes a relationship NEEDS growth from two individuals before they can better function together as one. Don’t try to force a new romance. Just be open minded and see what happens.

25-40: You definitely have his attention and you feel a familiar attraction building inside. What you once thought was dead has sprung back to life. Just keep in mind that a dose of unflattering reality is good now and then. While we sometimes fantasize about our partner coming back and admitting they were wrong and that they’ve changed for the better, the more likely scenario is that they simply come back…and they hope to resume things just the way they were. Can you live with that? If that’s not appealing then decide in advance you’re not going to LET the relationship start over in the same way. This time you will challenge him to be a better man, to live up to his promises.

10-25: Your future is cloudy! You definitely have feelings for him but the question is does he reciprocate? Learning to become independent and letting him find his own independence is a step in the right direction. Couples who break up while they’re young, maybe because of having immature attitudes on dating, do often get back together after a few years apart. The fact that you’re still friends bodes well for you. However, it’s crucial to maintain control over your emotions. Don’t let him manipulate you, nor should you manipulate him. Discover how you feel and take things slow.

1-10: It’s probably not going to happen. The fact remains, as long as you keep aggressively pursuing a man and trying to influence him to feel something for you, the more he will resist. It’s almost a subconscious, involuntary form of rejection—whenever we feel manipulated by another person. We want the freedom of choice, the freedom to feel attraction naturally. This is true of both men and women. The best thing to do at this point is to let him go and give him the gift of missing you.

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