He Will Commit to You

How to inspire him to commit to you without playing games or manipulation…

Let’s say you go on two separate dates with two separate men… to simplify this, we’ll just call them guy1 and guy2.

When you go out with guy1, you go out with him for dinner and drinks. He keeps the conversation light and fun.

You are having a great time with him. He makes you laugh and smile. You go on a walk with him and he pulls you underneath his arm and you sit and hold each other near a rose garden.

Then he looks at you and asks you what types of movies you like to watch. You tell him and he says, “Why don’t we go back to your place and watch one of those movies together.”

You say, “Sure, sometime.”

He says, “Does that mean we’re not going home together tonight?”

You decline his offer, he walks you back to your car and then you go home.

The second date that you go on is with guy2. You also go out for dinner and drinks. Except this time, guy2 really gets to know you.

He goes deep and learns about your likes and dislikes. He finds out about your passions and deepest desires.

After dinner, you go on a walk with him. You tell him that you really care about helping people and making their lives better (Just go along with it). You share your aspirations of what you want to do with your life.

He says to you, “My entire experience of you so far has been that you’re one of the most caring, generous, and insightful people that I’ve met in a long time. I can tell that you’re going to touch and inspire a lot of people. And that’s awesome.”

You feel a romantic moment come along and the two of you kiss before he walks you back to your car and you go home.

Here’s the Question…

Which of those two guys do you think setup the date and conversation for a longer term, romantic, committed relationship?

The answer is clearly guy2. What does this have to do with you getting him to commit?

Let me explain…

Men have two primary ways of being attracted to a woman. The first is…

Physical Attraction

If a guy feels physically attracted to you, he’ll want to hook up with you even if it doesn’t mean that you’ll ever see each other again.

Most women typically start noticing this type of attraction towards them when they reach puberty. Unfortunately, many women end up focusing on this type of attraction with men and never really learn how to develop a deeper level of attraction with them.

Many times, they’ll write guys off saying something like, “Guys only want sex.” Or they’ll say, “Guys are afraid of commitment.”

This is only partially true. I’ve seen numerous cases though where a guy will treat one woman only like a “friend with benefits” and will end up meeting another woman, not long after, and develop a committed relationship with her.

So, what’s the difference?

The difference lies in the second way men become attracted to women. Remember, the first way is physical attraction.

The second way is…

Emotional Attraction

If you spend all of your time only focusing on making yourself look pretty and attracting men in a physical way, you’ll never end up anything other than a “friend with benefits” to men… unless you get lucky. But I don’t think you’d be on my site if you were waiting for “luck” to determine your fate with men.

If you focus on developing emotional attraction with a man in the right way, he’ll end up asking you to commit to him for a long term, romantic relationship. Most men aren’t afraid of commitment…

They’re just looking for a woman who pushes their emotional buttons that tell them they’ve met the type of woman that would support them and nurture them, instead of just being another hot woman to look at.

And here’s the thing, if you attempt to convince a man to feel this way for you through manipulation or games, you’ll run off all of the quality men. The only types of guys that are attracted to games are the guys who are still immature little boys.


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