The #1 Rule for Attracting a High Quality Guy...

The #1 Rule for Attracting a High Quality Guy…

Several years ago (it feels like several lifetimes), I lived in Phoenix and worked as a men’s dating coach.

Growing up, I struggled desperately to understand women and had serious social problems around dating and meeting them.

So I studied and practiced and became really good at finding, attracting and dating women (that’s how I became a men’s dating coach)… there was a problem though…

Even though I became really good at talking to women and even “picking them up” (the skills and goals men want to learn in dating usually slightly differ in some ways from women), I was constantly finding myself in miserable, unhealthy relationships.

Even when I’d meet a woman who I thought was a quality person, we would end up in this horrible relationship with each other.

It was like nothing I could do would change the way my relationships developed. It was so confusing. I mean, I was saying all the right things, I had all the right moves… I basically had my pick of single women.

It actually didn’t matter who I dated because it all ended in one thing…


At one point, I thought maybe it was the women that were the problem. I mean, I was meeting TONS of them and it just seemed like every woman I met had a secret crazy button that was just waiting to go off.

It was until I really sat down and thought about it that I realized what was going on…

It wasn’t the women that were the problem, it was me!

And I don’t mean that I was a bad person or that I needed to change who I was or anything like that…

Let me ask you something…

What do I mean when I say “quality”? A quality man…

Here’s an even better question…

What does a quality man want in a woman?

If you can answer that question, you’ll know what kind of a realization that I started making.

To make this long story short, here’s the realization I had:

It’s not that there aren’t any quality women out there… it’s that who I was being… how I was acting, the way I presented myself… wasn’t attracting quality women into my life.

In fact, the way I was behaving, while it was very attractive to women in general… it was still a “little off” for really high quality women.

Because a high quality woman is looking for a high quality man… and vice versa.

A high quality man wants a high quality woman.

I was literally repelling high quality women because I was showing them that I hadn’t matured into a quality man yet.


There are signals that show people what your maturity level is… signals that cannot be faked. And there are signals that show people that you’re still stuck in little princess or little girl world, and that you haven’t matured as a woman yet… if that’s the case.

And it certainly was the case for me (I was still a little boy in my actions obviously, not a little girl. Just work with me here!).

A quality man only wants to date a quality woman. The mistake that most women make is that they attempt to attract men with their looks and sexual attractiveness because they think that’s all men care about.

And it can get you a lot of attention, for sure. That’s why most women think this is more important.

However, if a quality man sees that you’re sexually attractive to him yet not mature… as in you haven’t developed yourself into a quality woman yet… you’ll immediately be removed from the possibility of a long-term relationship and he will only want sex from you.

And, if a man thinks of you as a high quality woman, he’ll pick you over other women who are younger or even prettier than you are because it’s so rare for him to run into a woman who is as attractive to him emotionally as you are.

The good news is that you can develop yourself into a quality woman… there are very specific action steps to doing this.

What it does NOT involve is changing who you are or acting like you’re someone else. What is DOES involve is you fully embracing, accepting, and loving yourself completely.

And once you do this, all the techniques and strategies that you’ve used to attract men physically… they become exponentially more powerful.

After several years and working with thousands of women in finding, meeting and attracting quality men, I’ve discovered there are only a few distinct barriers that stop a woman from attracting the right man into a committed relationship.

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