Nicknames for Short People

Hey, who said all guys have to be six feet tall to be attractive? There are plenty of short guys out there who are sexy, athletic, funny and intelligent. Why should tall guys have all the fun when a short guy is ready to be a great boyfriend?

In fact, short men have some advantages over those hot giants. According to some studies, short men tend to be healthier, live longer, and possibly may receive information faster than their taller contemporaries.

Of course the most obvious advantage is that while tall men enjoy the instant attraction of women, short men compensate for that height difference by actually being more interesting, athletic, funny, and confident. They have to work harder to please a woman and of course, women like that!

One of my best friends is short and he married a woman almost a foot taller than he is. She was attracted to his good looks, likable personality and of course, his confidence and sense of humor.

But hey, I’m preaching to the choir if you’re reading this. You probably already have a boyfriend who’s not the tall dark dashing hero stereotype, but who’s still a handsome man nonetheless. As long as he knows how to make you happy, what difference does size make anyway? If anything, you have to keep those big six and seven feet tall guys in line, because they tend to get cocky up there.

On the subject of adorable short men, isn’t it about time you gave your boyfriend a catchy nickname?

Let’s review some of the sweetest and funniest nicknames for short men out there.

1. Boris (and Natasha)—That makes you Natasha! Or would you prefer Moose and Squirrel?
2. Tyrion Lannister—I doubt he’s that short, but it’s a funny nickname for sure.
3. Little Sexy—It makes sense, as a natural opposite of Big Sexy.
4. Mini-Me—In honor of Verne Troyer from Austin Powers (although he’s not that short!)
5. Danny Devito—Well he is an iconic short man, isn’t he?
6. The Penguin—But not as cool as The Penguin, another notorious and naughty short fellow with big ideas.
7. Sexy Dwarf—It does make the term dwarf seem so much hotter.
8. Badass Ewok—Well as long as he’s a badass Ewok, I think it’s OK.
9. Stud Hobbit—Hobbits are cool and all but you’re telling me he’s a Stud Hobbit? Nice!
10. Hot Elf—As long as you’re dating a HOT Elf, who cares how tall he is?
11. Alf—Come to think of it, Melmacian puppet Alf was a short and funny guy, wasn’t he?”
12. My Leprechaun—Great nickname for your little Irish charm.
13. Low Rider—He’s compact but he’s still got a great engine!
14. Mighty Mouse—He’s short but still powerful and heroic!
15. Napoleon—The world famous leader, shorter than average!
16. Boo-Boo—Yoga Bear’s shorter son.
17. Bobby Hill—Hank Hill’s shorter son!
18. My Little Oompa Loompa—A great name for those Willy Wonka / Gene Wilder fans out there.
19. Puppy Dog—He’s small but cuddly and cute!
20. Hoggle—From Labyrinth and I know most everyone loves this movie!
21. School Boy—Sure, if he’s got a hot (tall) teacher fantasy, why not?
22. Poppa Smurf—Poppa Smurf was a confident, strong leader and didn’t mind all those short jokes either.
23. Beautiful Troll—As long as he’s beautiful (and it helps if he likes trolling people in general).
24. My Munchkin–(An ode to Oz!)
25. Chucky—Or if he’s a horror fan, Chucky the psycho doll is a funny tribute name.
26. Tiny Tim—Doubly witty if his name is actually Tim or Tom.
27. Tater Tot—Short but very tasty!
28. Jumbo Shrimp—He’s the biggest short guy you’ve ever met!
29. Daddy Long Legs—Kind of a parody name, just like “Giant” or “Big Guy”.
30. Mogwai or Gremlin—If he loves the movie, he might appreciate these shorty nicknames
31. Big Dicked Little Man—Hey if he’s a little short in height, he can make up for it where it really counts!
32. Professor Flitwick—For Harry Potter fans!
33. Willow—The legendary little person played by Warwick Davis
34. Lilliputian Gigolo—Now you’re just getting too intellectual, but to anyone who read Gulliver’s Travels, they’ll think it’s a hoot!
35. Roger Rabbit—Who could forget my funny honey bunny?
36. Wolverine—Little known fact, the Marvel superhero was 5’3!
37. Mega Man—Nintendo’s short hero and a great nickname for gamers.
38. Howard the Duck—Marvel’s shorter superhero, although he’s actually much bigger than Ant-Man
39. Little Bastard—Well if he’s got a mean streak (and a good sense of humor) he’ll get a kick out of this moniker.
40. Big Foot – Another sarcastic nickname, just like Big Bird, Big Bear or Big John. It’s extra cute when you refer to your shorter boyfriend as the biggest guy in the room.

When finding your own nickname, try to stick to names that are positive and not too demeaning. It’s okay to have a nickname that acknowledges his shortness or perhaps references the height difference between the two of you. Most short men have a sense of humor about their height. It’s only an issue if YOU make it an issue. If you don’t care, they don’t care, and you can get along great!

But remember, being short doesn’t mean he’s any less of a man. In reality, being short or tall make no difference where it counts. In bed, in relationships, in love, and in life – size is just a number. When in doubt, just remember that some of the most iconic movie stars in history were under five foot seven, from Michael J. Fox of the 1980s to Tom Cruise to even today’s pop superstars, like Daniel Radcliffe, Bruno Mars, Elijah Wood, James Franco, Jon Stewart, Seth Green and Kevin Hart.

What matters is how hard he works to please you and how much he loves you. A good short man is worth keeping and is worth a dozen cocky giants!

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