If You Do This, He Will Leave You

If You Do This, He Will Leave You

Today I’m going to talk about something important when it comes to how to reach into a man’s heart and make sure he doesn’t become distant and put up a defensive wall.

The good news is, there’s an easy way to make sure this never happens to you. And you can see it here now:

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See, here’s the thing. If a man sees you as “the one,” then his male defenses won’t block love from overwhelming his heart.

If he doesn’t see you as “the one,” though, sooner or later, his male defenses ignite. These “male defenses” make it impossible for a man to stick around and be the way you want him to be.

It’s not because he doesn’t like you. It’s not because he doesn’t enjoy being around you.

It is simply because he does not see you as “the one.”

His instincts are programmed to become distant, emotionally shut you out and withdraw from your relationship (even if he likes you!).

It’s scary, but there’s a solution.

There is actually a way to make a man see you as “the one,” which makes his male defenses disappear.

If you want to make his male defenses disappear once and for all, go watch this video right now because it shoots such a potent injection of love deep into his soul he automatically sees you as his other half.

When he sees you as “the one,” his male defenses immediately break down. You will forever be in his heart. Until the day he dies.

No other woman will ever be able to reach him the way you will.

Even if his “male defenses” are already in place and he’s started shutting you out and isn’t quite letting you in his life in the way you want…

Even if you don’t know where the relationship is headed…

Even if you want him to propose but he’s just not taking it seriously…

All of these things happen because of his “male defenses.”

Once he sees you as the one, his distant behavior becomes non-stop emotional investment.

His cold, indifferent nature becomes a doting, loving and caring man head over heels in love.

The man you never thought would commit becomes an eager to please puppy who grovels on his hands and knees just to keep you by his side. If you want this, go watch this video right now because your love life is about to change. Forever.

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This is because his “male defenses” that block love vanish when he sees you as “the one.”

If you want to know exactly how to make him see you are “the one,” watch this video

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