How do you know if a guy is falling for you? It is a bit of a trick question because on one hand, guys are usually friendly and sometimes flirty, even though they’re not serious about a relationship.

On the other hand, some guys are really only interested in sex and as soon as that happens, they quickly move on, figuring what happened was a one night stand.

So what you’re actually looking for are signs that the guy is falling for you, and that you’re the ONLY girl he wants for a serious long-term relationship, the jackpot!

That’s not always easy because in order for a guy to really fall in love with you, you can’t simply be a “girl at the right place and at the right time.” Or, a girl he wants to marry because he’s lonely or because he’s tired of the dating game.

No, that moment when he truly falls in love is when he meets a woman that is unique—and one far superior to all the other single women out there. He’s not simply in lust. He’s not only fascinated by her mystery and her sexy personality. He’s head over heels in love with her because he knows she is the only one for him, she is his perfect match.

What I’m going to show you in this article is how to identify the signs that show you how he really feels about you. In other words, these are the “falling in love” behaviors that he can’t fake very well. He can’t control them. His heart sings for you in everything he says and does because you’re his everything in life!

Here are seven signs that point conclusively to a happily ever after…

1. He doesn’t want to change you. You’re perfect just the way you are.

Men who like you may see your potential. But a man who really loves you is in awe of your character, the person you are right now. He accepts you for who you are and doesn’t feel the need to “fix” your flaws. He loves you for your good qualities and can live with any flaws you have, because he knows your heart is in the right place.

2. He’s not interested in other women.

When a man is in “like” with you he is very easily tempted by another offer. He may be looking for more sexual partners or just open to the possibility of loving someone else. But when you date a man as a, what I like to call “high-value woman”, you are letting him know that if he wants you, he has to devote all his time and energy into dating YOU and you only. If you play your cards right this strategy works. He will not be interested in other women because they will not be nearly as fascinating as you are. You will be everything he wants sexually, emotionally and intellectually. There’s no temptation because no one else measures up!

3. He’s eager to tell you all of his secrets.

A man’s greatest joy is confessing his true feelings to someone he trusts. When he falls in love with you, and only you, his greatest wish is to tell you everything. It’s a wonderful feeling of catharsis, unleashing his most intimate thoughts. It’s a turn on for the both of you and a showing of absolute trust. He’ll tell you about past relationships, his family, his childhood memories, and even his kinkiest fantasies. This is the stuff a shallow man will usually not confess to someone he doesn’t know.

4. He provides for you without complaint. He loves making you happy!

A man who has truly fallen for you will always be willing to work for your approval. He will provide for you, do favors for you and do anything to help make you feel comfortable in his presence. This is something most shallow men will never do, because their whole philosophy is “flirt a lot but don’t invest the time.”

A man who always goes out of his way to make you happy is a man who’s working hard to show you (and prove to himself) that you’re the only one he wants.

5. He asks you questions all the time because he wants to bond with you.

Guys that aren’t interested in a relationship will just want the basics. He will start to get freaked out if you tell him too much information. In contrast, the man who’s falling in love with you can never hear enough. He loves your stories, loves your words of wisdom, and just loves your voice in general. He not only listens but remembers that information that you share in later conversations. He asks for more details because he wants to know everything about you!

6. He wants to talk about the future…and he dreads not having you in his life.

Not only does he want to talk about the future, he also gets really edgy whenever the topic of change or moving on comes up. He’s already imagining a future with you and can’t fathom a life without you. He wants to build his world around this relationship and so talking about the future thrills him.

7. Conversations get dark…but then lighten up again.

Men who are shallow avoid heavy conversations, whether that’s discussing past traumas, or problems in the relationship, or other “negative associations.” If a guy wants to get laid, he’ll always stay positive right? But a guy who really wants a relationship will discuss EVERYTHING with you, even if it’s an uncomfortable or painful conversation. The reason being, he wants complete honesty. He doesn’t want to hold back. He wants to make sure you know him, the “real him”, the real face he never shows to rest of the world.

And after you have that chat and you both honestly express yourself, he returns to his happy face, relieved that you could talk things over and that you both still love each other.

You can always tell if you’re the “only one for him” by how happy you make him and by his increasing level of intimacy and honesty. Having a strong emotional connection with a man takes time to build and regular maintenance to keep alive. Keep that intimacy going strong by talking every day and pouring your feelings out to each other. That’s the bond between two lovers that lasts a lifetime.

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    5 replies to "How to Tell You’re the Only One for Him"

    • Robin Richardson

      I absolutely love this, how do I subscribe?

    • Dawn

      I met a friend on line by chance he found me in we’ve got to know each other in fell in love with each the things he says let’s me know he loves me in really wants to be with me.he says I wish I met you long time are the women I been looking for my whole he says your the only women that gets me in understands me the he says I love you with all my heart in I’d die so you can live.hes so he always wants me smile in be happy.

    • Jean L Evans

      Hello Matthew,

      I love reading all your passages. I really would like you to help me out with something please. I have been seeing this one man exclusively for 11 months. We have had a couple of rocky moments yet we’ve survived them. He was in a 36 year marriage which ended due to issues with his ex-wife. He is family oriented and has a close connection with his family. I admire that about him. I know that in the beginning he was not particularly looking for a full-time relationship but we are exclusively monogamous. We are not actually discussing a forever relationship and he knows that is what my ultimate desire is. I so not pressure him with anything but he knows exactly how I feel. The physical is the most outstanding partner I have ever had. He is 67 and I am 65. He knows that no one else can satisfy him or even come close as I do. Please give me your take on this. I am in love with him and I know that he loves me. I can see a forever future with him and am just waiting for our one year mark to see if he is even considering taking this relationship to another level. Please advise.


      • Matthew Coast

        Have you asked him what he’s looking for? What did he say?

    • Stacey

      Hi Mattew
      My Question is I feel in live with a man. We had amazing lovelife, and he wrote poems to me looking in to my eyes for 3 months. All the signs were there. He remembered every little details. And told me he loved spend time with me. Then 3 weeks ago he told me your so kind , but I have to move on. That I deserve better! Not him. He broke my heart and I miss him so much

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