How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

Are you struggling to figure out whether a guy likes you or not?

It can be incredibly difficult to know whether a man is romantically attracted to you or he just wants to be friends IF you don’t know what to look for.

So I’ve compiled 6 of the most common signs that a man will give you when he likes you so that you know whether he’s interested in something more or not.

Here Are 6 Signs Showing That a Guy Likes You

The first sign is this…

1. He Keeps Looking at You.

Guys like to look at women they like. And if he really likes you a lot, he’ll probably even try to look away when you notice that he’s looking at you.

That’s a sure sign that he’s interested in something more. He can’t help himself but to continually look at you.

The second sign is this…

2. He’ll Want to Be Close to You.

When a guy likes a woman, he’ll usually try to stand, sit, or generally get near the woman that he likes.

In fact, he might not even realize that he’s doing it because it can sometimes be completely subconsciously happening.

For instance, if you go out to a bar or club, even if a guy doesn’t approach you or look at you, if he comes over and stands near you, there’s a pretty good chance that he likes you wants to talk to you… even if HE doesn’t consciously realize he’s getting close to you.

Many times, he’ll hope that some type of conversation can be started between the two of you organically.

The third sign is this…

3. He’ll Come Up With Reasons to Talk to You.

If you’ve been approached by guys in the past, you may know that sometimes they say stupid things when they approach.

Believe it or not, it can be really difficult to come up with something original to say when you approach someone.

My suggestion is that if you like this guy and want to continue to talk to him that you make it easy for him to talk with you.

There’s some kind of strange myth floating around the women’s dating advice scene where women are encouraged to make it difficult for guys as much as possible.

There is some value to making things difficult later on. But initially, if you like a guy, you need to make it as easy as possible to start up a conversation with you.

The fourth sign is this…

4. He’ll Want to Get to Know You More.

A man who likes a woman will become curious about her.

He’ll become curious about your life, what’s going on with you, and everything about you.

He’ll want to know about your past, your favorite things in life, and what you’re interested in.

And he may even attempt to show you that he’s interested in the same things as you.

The fifth sign is…

5. He’ll Talk About the Two of You Together in the Future

He may not talk directly about this… he might just hint at it.

Sometimes a guy will mention things that he does or is doing because he’s trying to gauge your interest in being involved in what he’s involved in.

This is a way for a man to figure out what kinds of dates he should take you out on.

So if you want to do something he talks about, let him know that you’re interested in doing it.

Or, at the very least, show a little excitement about it.

The sixth and last sign is…

6. He’ll Seem Really Happy Around You

When guys are in the initial stages of being attracted to a woman, they usually seem really happy for no particular reason.

People get happy around people they like.

So if he’s grinning ear to ear at you (a big ole’ smile) for no particular reason, it’s because he likes you a lot.

Now, you may be thinking…

What Do I Do From Here?…

Are you struggling to know what you should do when a guy likes you so that it can lead to something long-term?

Do you want a guy to like you more or even fall in love with you?

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He may end up only wanting a casual, friend with benefits type relationship if you don’t handle it the right way.

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