How to Give Foot Jobs That He’ll Love

Most people have never really heard of “footjobs” outside of fetish videos. It’s not quite mainstream yet, but the footjob’s newfound popularity DOES have plenty of kinksters experimenting with toes. Talk about little piggy going to market!

But if you consider yourself vanilla and have never actually thought about the foot as a sexual organ (and for that matter, your man hasn’t either) it might just be the perfect kink to surprise him with on his next birthday. A man will never forget his first footjob, that’s for sure!

Let’s discuss 8 steps to giving a proper footjob… and making it feel so good that he won’t even realize or care that he’s getting a footjob and not a handjob!

1. Prepare your foot for some very dirty work.

Cleanliness and hygiene are important, not the least of which is because your toenails should be trimmed and filed since a toenail to any part of the penis sounds like the plot of a horror film on Netflix. Cleanliness ensures there are weird odors that might compromise the quality of the FJ so be sure to thoroughly scrub and clean your feet and in between those toes. Ideally, your feet are already soft and smooth, having been soaked or perhaps rubbed in lotion. You might even consider getting a pedicure for this momentous occasion.

2. Lube up and then lube up some more.

A footjob is pretty weird and unsexy WITHOUT lube. With lube, it will feel as marvelous as a handjob. Use water-based lube generously because without it friction is too harsh and will chafe the guy’s penis. After applying, glide your wet foot over his wet penis and make sure plenty of lube is in between that friction of skin.

3. Use both feet together.

It’s too difficult to use feet as hands (unless you’re gymnastically gifted!) so try to keep both of your feet together when applying gentle pressure. Experiment with the different methods of stroking, for example, putting his penis between your toes and ball of the foot. Or you can simply rub him with two sides of your feet. Some guys love the feeling or wiggling your toes on his erection.

4. Use feet foreplay to your advantage.

Don’t just jump into the foot play, just as you wouldn’t rush a blowjob or handjob. Long, slow foreplay makes all the difference. You can do something as simple as dragging your smooth, wet feet all over his body and giving him a reverse foot massage! Some men are turned on by a woman’s foot so ask your boyfriend / husband if he likes the idea of sucking on your toes or kissing your feet.

5. When it’s time to begin the FJ, drag your feet slowly and linger around his crotch.

Before you even start building a rhythm it’s time to tease him—everywhere but his penis! Start by rubbing your feet against his inner thighs, then his hips, then his testicles (with very light pressure). Then glide your feet along his skin. Alternately, you can give him a “clothed footjob” by playing footsies under a table with him. This works great out in public when you want to see him sweat just a little bit.

6. Remember the key is leg strength.

In order to give him a good footjob it’s important you move your legs frequently and preferably at the hip since this gives you more range and stamina.

You may get tired during all that footy action so you can always have him help you if your legs wear out. Let him “penetrate” your feet, doing the movements himself and letting him decide the pace. When your legs are rested, it’s time to take back control!

7. Experiment with different toe and foot sensations.

Start by using the sole of the foot to caress him. Any part of the foot will do but the sole or bottom of the foot is easier to work with. Remember to start slow, such as pushing his penis side to side or against his belly and then increase the tempo of rubbing up and down.

The ideal parts of the penis to focus attention on are the frenulum (the underside of the penis head) and the shaft—specifically about two inches from the hole on the underside. This is called the corpus spongiosum. See the picture for a visual of where you want to be touching.

When you know what parts of the penis to target it prevents a lot of unnecessary stroking and chaffing. Generally speaking, the head is probably the most sensitive area, but as long as your toenails are trimmed and filed, he should be well protected.

8. Finish him off in style!

As he becomes more aroused, it’s time to give him a memorable finish. Think graphic, kinky and creative! Massage other erogenous zones on his body, like his balls (very gently!) or his perineum (which is that spot between the testicles and anus).

If you really want to get kinkier suck on his toes as if you were giving him a finger blowjob. Talk dirty to him or blindfold him to enhance the sensation if you get the feeling he’s not into it. Maybe the problem is he has too much control and the intensity is not as great. Easy fix: tie him up! Give him a footjob and make him beg for release.

As you can see, the real strategy of a footjob is teasing him and slowing down sex so that you can both build anticipation. The less “control” he has or the more distracted he is (i.e. blindfolds or dirty talking) the more pleasurable the footjob.

And of course, when he’s ready to orgasm let him ejaculate on your toes or feet to do this kink properly.

Do the footjob right and he will be more than happy to return the favor. You may be surprised at how good it feels to let a man kiss, suck and caress your toes!

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