How to Be Irresistible to Men - 3 Traits of Highly Attractive Women.

How to Be Irresistible to Men – 3 Traits of Highly Attractive Women

If you’re looking to irresistibly capture a man’s heart, make him love you and get him to pursue you for the relationship you want then I have something you need to know about…

It’s something that I call…

The Goddess Formula

Whenever I work with private clients, the thing that helps them go from being sad, lonely and unattractive to men to being irresistibly attractive to the men they want, always boils down to one of the three things in The Goddess Formula.

The Goddess Formula is a holistic system for attracting a quality man that allows you to be yourself AND still attract the man and the relationship you want.

If you’re having a hard time attracting and keeping a man in a committed relationship, then it’s probably because you’re screwing up one of these three things.

The first one is this…

Irresistible Communication

It’s probably no secret that communication is essential to having a happy, healthy relationship.

But what you may not know, is that communication can make the difference between a man seeing you as “just another woman” or him seeing you as “the one” he’s been looking for his entire life.

If you want a man to see you as the perfect woman for him and pursue a committed, lasting relationship with you, learn irresistible communication.

Learn how to talk to men. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Learn how to use your body language, tonality, and words to show him that you’re “the one” for him.

Learning irresistible communication is the fastest path to go from where you are to having the relationship you want.

But sometimes, communication isn’t always a woman’s biggest challenge. It could be that you don’t have…

Irresistible Beliefs

Imagine that you met a great guy and everything he said was perfect…

But then you found out that he hates women or he thinks all women are liars. How would that make you feel?

If you have any respect for yourself, you wouldn’t want to date a man like that. And it’s the same with you and men…

If you say and do all the right things but deep down inside, you don’t believe you’re worthy of a great man…

Or if you have the belief that men are all liars and cheaters…

Or that men just want sex and not commitment…

You’re going to experience that with a man even if it isn’t true. And men find this incredibly unattractive.

If you want a man to desire you and crave a committed relationship with you, you have to get your beliefs in alignment with that type of relationship.

Otherwise, you might completely ruin things with a man, even if you don’t mean to.

But there’s still one more thing that can sneak up and either make your relationship blossom or destroy it from the inside out.

The third thing you need to have is an…

Irresistible Lifestyle

The last part of The Goddess Formula is something I call Lifestyle.

I just want you to imagine meeting a guy. You hang out and he seems awesome. He says the right things, he does the right things, then you ask him a little bit about himself…

He says that he has NOTHING ELSE going on in his life and he’s just been sitting around waiting for you to show up.

He obsessively contacts you and asks you what you’re doing and where you’re going and who you’re doing it with.

His lifestyle component is sabotaging his ability to attract a great partner. And this happens with women all the time… and usually without them knowing it.

I hear women all the time tell me that “they gave themselves completely” to a relationship.

While this may seem really noble, it’s not very attractive to men.

If you want to be more attractive to a guy and sustain a relationship over time, have a lifestyle that makes it so that you have him trying to convince you to commit to him.

A lot of women come to me and are like, “How do I get this guy to commit?”

That’s the wrong mindset to have in this situation. You don’t want to try to convince him to commit to you.

You want to be in a situation where he’s trying to convince you to commit to him.

And one of the ways that you do that is by having this amazing life where he realizes that he has to be pretty awesome and convincing to get you to allow him to be a part of your life.

All three of these things: irresistible communication, beliefs, and lifestyle make up what I call, The Goddess Formula… and it’s the fastest way to attract the man and the relationship that you want into your life.

If you’re missing any one of these three, you’re going to have a problem.

Why Don’t You Have the Man And Relationship You Want Yet?

I’ve been teaching in the relationship space for over a decade. At first, I only worked with men. And while I became very good at helping men create relationships with women, I ran into a serious problem…

Even if a client of mine did everything right to meet and attract a beautiful woman, the relationship he got into almost certainly wouldn’t last.

Because while these men were very sexually attracted to the women they were dating, they weren’t emotionally attracted to them. And as soon as they became physically intimate together, the men completely lost interest in the women.

After doing some research comparing the relationships that lasted to the ones that didn’t, I found out something very interesting…

There are very distinct differences in what the women were doing in the relationships that stayed together vs. the relationships where the men lost interest.

In the relationship where the men lost interest, the woman was usually pushing the man and away and she didn’t even know it.

After working with tens of thousands of women I discovered that there are only a few ways that women push men away… and if you don’t know what they are, you could be sabotaging any relationship you get into and you won’t know it until it’s too late.

To find out what’s stopping you from attracting a man into the relationship that you want take my quiz.

It’s free. And based on your answers to a few questions, I can help you determine exactly what your biggest obstacle is and what you need to do differently in order to attract the man and the relationship you’ve always wanted in your life.

No matter how amazing and wonderful you are, if you don’t connect with a man in the right way, he’ll continue to search for a woman who makes him feel like she’s “the one” for him.

If you want him to feel like you’re “the one,” go take my quiz right now.

Stop giving everything to a relationship only to have a guy take you for granted.

Isn’t it about time you had a man who loves, adores, and cherishes you like you know you deserve?

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