Good Morning My Husband

You’ve been married for quite a while…maybe even years! You’re happy…sort of. Why the sort of? Of course you love him, of course you’re still crazy about him.

But yes, it’s okay to admit that your love life might need a “tune up” when it comes to romance. After years of marriage, both husband and wife can cool off in the bedroom AND forget the thrill of being romantic. Over time, this lack of passion can fester and eventually turn into a sexless or even loveless marriage! So is it is overreacting to say, your marriage might be in trouble?

No, because if you cherish the relationship you’re in, you WANT to maintain it. You want to improve communication and rekindle your sex life. You and your partner both want more romance so it’s worth the effort. There’s no need to wait until things get really bad to start working on ways to improve.

So let’s talk about the value of good morning texts for your husband. Let’s first discuss what goes wrong in the usual texting cycle of a romance. You start off sexy – lots of conversation, laughter, sexting and deep chats. Over time, and after the “real thing”, you slack a little bit. You use texting for communicating information. Errands, reminders, Q&As, and making plans.

But what happened to the fun, the joy, the spontaneity of dating?

No wonder you might be more tempted to text a stranger than your own husband…texting has become mundane, heartless, joyless!

The key to bringing back the romance is to start *really* dating again, as in recreating the same spirit you had when you first got together. Let’s consider a few examples of good morning husband texts that will warm his heart.

1. I wake up to see your bright and sunny face every morning! Forget the sun…your smile is what lights up my life/
2. You are a sexy, hot guy…but that’s only why I lust you. I love you because of the caring, funny and amazing man you are inside.
3. You are my bucket list. All I want is to spend the rest of my life with you, learning, experiencing, and creating wonderful memories.
4. Good morning, lover. I hope your wife doesn’t find out about us. She gets so jealous when she suspects that her evil twin sister is taking advantage of you.
5. What a lucky morning it is. I’m lucky because I get to wake up, living with you. I get to look into your eyes and see honesty, compassion and heart. I am the lucky one because I met you, my love.
6. I don’t need anything to survive, just your affection. I’m the richest woman in the world when I’m cuddled in your arms.
7. Good morning. Your hugs and kisses are my energy drink, my morning coffee. (Well, that and real coffee!)
8. I am proud to be your wife. Did I ever tell you how good you look? Or how the people who know you envy you? How everyone wants to be more like you? And here I am with the best seat in the world – sitting right next to you.
9. You give me strength. You give me courage. You give me the motivation to keep going. Seeing how you’ve overcome all the odds reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to. And I know that’s true…because I got you to marry me!
10. I want to make love to you all day then make you breakfast in bed. You deserve to be spoiled, sexed and pampered for a whole day.
11. You have done so much for me. Every day I count the blessings, the favors, the kind acts you selflessly gave just to make me smile. You think I forget but I remember each and every one. It just reminds me of how much I love you.
12. The only reason I like saying good night is because in a few moments…I’ll get to say good morning!
13. It’s difficult to describe how I feel about you. Meeting you changed my life. My heart is closely linked with yours. You’re not just always on my mind…you are part of my mind, you’re part of me, just like I’m part of you. We’re soul mates and everything I feel towards you is coming from my spirit, the eternal part of me that has always loved you.
14. I love how close we are. I always want you to feel like you can tell me anything. Any secrets, anything from your mind or heart. I am your safe place. Everything you come up with is fascinating so let me hear everything. I want to know you inside and out, everything about you.
15. I used to daydream about you. I used to fantasize about you. Then I used to worry, wondering if I would live up to your expectations. All these years later, and after fulfilling my every desire and fantasy…I still daydream about you. With every good morning, I’m reminded of how much I love you.
16. You are my fairy tale come true. You brought me to happily ever after and were the real life Prince Charming that I was so sure never existed. You’re the man of my dreams.
17. The easy part was falling in love with you. The only hard part was living without you for so long after realizing you were the one.
18. Good morning! No matter what happens today, the thought of your smiling face has put me in a great mood. Have fun today…can’t wait to see you tonight!

Good examples that prove a simple point: texting shouldn’t be a chore or an easy way to communicate. Texting messages and emails should be fun and help to strengthen the relationship. If you treat texting as a convenience, then your relationship becomes about convenience.

If you want romance, passion, and celebration, then make texting a sacred act, just like foreplay, just like sex, and just like romantic date nights. Mornings are the worst part of his day, right? So cheer him up before he goes to work with a wonderful paragraph full of earnest, loving and sexy dialog. Start this day off with some positive energy!

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