Female Behaviors That Men Just Love

You know what the funny thing is about being a “player” – speaking of the man who likes to flirt, kiss and then run away when things get too close, looking for another conquest?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the way players present themselves, at least initially. They’re outgoing men. They like to engage in conversation. They’re bold about their desires for women and will work hard to entertain the women they chase.

The only problem with players is that they have have a Peter Pan complex. They don’t to settle down or commit and they don’t want any true emotional intimacy. But are the methods themselves effective?

Of course. And ultimately, what makes a person a “player” is not that he’s really good at flirting and seduction…it’s that he doesn’t have any serious intentions.

Well guess what? A woman has the same opportunity to be seductive, flirtatious and charming as any male player does. She also has the same social responsibility – to not be a player or be dishonest, but to only date with full honesty, full consent and no expectations.

Now if your first reaction is, “Wait…how can I be flirty and charming? I thought that was the guy’s job! I’m not a naturally seductive person. I’m awkward around guys I like.”

Don’t sweat it. It’s MUCH easier than you think to exude a charming and seductive personality without any lying, manipulation or fake personality traits. In fact, in this blog I’m going to teach you four female behaviors that men LOVE.

They respond to these behaviors, they’re seduced by these behaviors, and quite frankly, they are instinctively drawn to women who behave like this. It’s downright magnetic! So take some notes and let’s begin!

1. Don’t just let a man chase you, encourage him to chase you.

This is perhaps the most misunderstood rule of feminine mystique. You have the right idea by playing “hard to get” because men do love a challenge. But too many women take this attitude too far and they just reject guys too soon, figuring the best of the best will be persistent and win them over.

Usually not. Most men don’t like to be rejected, except of course those bulletproof players who are experienced in the dating scene and know how to respond to tests. The real art of seduction involves making guys think they have a chance with you, by giving them positive and enthusiastic responses when they do flirt.

This pleasant approach to conversation is what makes you magnetic. You enjoy talking to all men. The hot guys AND even the guys you would never date. There’s nothing wrong with good, friendly conversation. Let each guy feel special. Exude positivity rather than negativity.

More to the point, respond to him with equal energy. You should only flirt BACK to him, giving him attention after he gives you attention. When you do this, you’re training him to put forth more effort to impress you. Encourage him to chase you by rewarding him with more positive interaction.

2. Joke with him, tease him and give him a hard time!

The best way to get a guy interested in you? Well of course, engage him in conversation. But not boring, interviewer type of conversation. Instead, have some fun. Start the conversation off on a fun note, by teasing him and evoking a bigger response from him.

Basically, you’re eliminating that need to be formal, respectable and well, “awkward”. Because yeah formal dating is very awkward. It’s much easier when one person is having fun, making jokes, teasing the other person and sort of breaking the ice. You’re letting him know to relax and not take things so seriously. Doing this immediately helps him to become more charming and flirtatious since he’s on the defensive. Now he’s thinking faster on his feet.

Just keep the teasing very light, by gently poking him and smiling so that he knows it’s okay to tease back. Don’t make any personal attacks and avoid anything too insulting. Just pretend to be suspicious about him (as if you know he has a crush on you) and try to get him to laugh with a comment so exaggerated, it’s impossible to take it seriously.

3. Always walk the line between naughty and nice.

Some people believe that men are attracted to different women who are polar opposites: free spirit bad girls and nice, good-hearted women. They enjoy bad girls because of the exciting sex and adventurous lifestyle that goes along with dating someone a little crazy.

On the other hand, when it’s time to think about meeting parents, making a family and living together, they want someone normal, sane, and responsible. This is why intelligent women always walk the line between naughty and nice.

They challenge the guy they like. They wear the color of naughty by being mysterious, bold, and by pushing the man outside his comfort zone just a few inches at a time. They exude strong feminine energy because they do not want to behave. They want to see their crush a little flustered so that he’ll feel alive and associate them with a wild sexual and emotional connection.

But they’re also sane and they know when to stop. They know how to read a guy and sense when it’s too much for him and when he wants to take a step back. They’re “nice” women who can very easily become naughty because they know that’s what the guy likes.

So don’t go for nice in the beginning. Make him think you’re a little wild and uncontrollable at first, but surprise him with your good heart and maturity later on.

4. Peer directly into his soul!

Finally, if you really want to out-think all the other women vying for his attention, think deeper. Most of the other women will see beauty and power in a man’s peripherals. A great job, money, success, charm and humor.

But what else is he? There’s a very good chance he wants to be something else. He works hard to do something, accomplish something unique. That’s what you should see and compliment him on. It will catch him off guard and make him realize you see the “real man” behind the facade the rest of the world sees.

What is his secret ambition? What’s the hobby that he really enjoys? What is he most proud of? These conversations are deep bonding experiences that he’s just dying to have with women…but of course, most women only see the peripherals

If you want to master “charm” then notice what other women don’t notice. He will be astonished.

Remember these four behaviors. If you really want to be less awkward and more seductive with men, don’t try to be someone else. Be a better version of yourself, this time exuding more confidence and a little more know-how on how the game is played. You will quickly establish a reputation, not as a “player”, but as a magnetic, sexy woman who is every man’s secret fantasy!

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