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Five Turnoffs That Make Good Men Leave Great Women

When a Man Pulls Away, How Long Does It Last?

How many times have you heard relationship experts say, “When a man needs his space, let him go?” On one hand, it’s one of the easiest lessons to learn. When a man is feeling trapped, or pressured or too micromanaged the instinct is to rebel. He wants freedom. Independence. The right to go do as…

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Why Men Walk Away From Relationships - even when they're in love with you!

6 Signs He’s Feeling Disconnected From You

Have you noticed that your partner or boyfriend has been unusually cold lately? Maybe he’s not speaking as much or seems resentful of something. The energy between you two has changed for the worse and it’s very upsetting. What you’re experiencing is beyond a lack of passion. Such drastic “withholding” behavior indicates something else is…

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Why the Passion Is Disappearing (Or Gone) In Your Relationship

What does passion mean to you? To some, passion refers to sex and lust. To others, passion simply means strong and sincere emotion, as in something a person can barely control. Their enthusiasm and spirit for the subject, or for another person, is so strong that it’s not just an “interest”, but a passion. So…

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The Strangest Thing Men Desire

How to Tell You’re the Only One for Him

How do you know if a guy is falling for you? It is a bit of a trick question because on one hand, guys are usually friendly and sometimes flirty, even though they’re not serious about a relationship. On the other hand, some guys are really only interested in sex and as soon as that…

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Is your man hiding something He may need your help

6 Signs He’s Losing the Love He Once Had For You

It’s your worst fear come true: he’s falling out of love with you! It’s a devastating experience and the one thing you both promised would never happen. But here you are…and it’s very evident that something has changed. There’s a lack of passion, a lack of sex and intimacy, and worst of all, an emotional…

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#1 Way To Avoid Heartbreak

Why You Have Intimacy Issues in Your Relationship

If you’ve noticed some emotional distance growing in your marriage then it’s likely not just your imagination. You may have an intuition that something’s bothering your partner or that he’s withdrawing from you more and more. While we do want to focus on solutions, it’s actually very important that we also focus on WHY there…

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3 Mistakes Women Make That Will Push Him Away Every Time

9 Things That Turn Men OFF

You have to respect a man whose strong will and firm convictions overpower his evolutionary instinct to mate. There’s no doubt that men are attracted to women. Men want sex and yes, men DO forgive women for a lot. A lot of men are in that place, that lonely place, where they’d much rather have…

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9 Signs He Thinks You’re a Terrible Kisser

I’ve actually read articles that say you should never tell someone they’re a bad kisser. It’s too hurtful, too embarrassing. You’ll give that poor guy or girl a complex for the rest of their life! Personally, I think it’s worse to just tolerate a terrible kiss and pretend as if everything’s fine, when you could…

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The Single Most Important Thing to a Man

6 Signs He Just Needs Some Space But Still Loves You

You know the number one sign that shows a man needs space in the relationship? When he tells you, in the middle of an awkward conversation, “I think I just need some space!” The problem is by the time he actually tells you what he “needs” it’s usually too late. His heart is gone, his…

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The Truth About Why He Really Left

7 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

If you’re wondering if your man doesn’t love you anymore, you may actually have picked up on some very subtle hints that he’s unhappy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all the love is gone. But the more signs you notice that he’s extremely unhappy, and more importantly, that he’s changing his behavior towards you, the…

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