Why Men Pull Away

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Why Men Pull Away: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered why men pull away?

It’s an unspoken law of nature that when a man loves a woman, this should inspire him, motivate him, and make him the happiest guy on earth.

When the attraction is mutual the guy enjoys being a provider. He works hard to impress his date. He chases her and puts forth his best effort to win her heart. Nothing can stop him from landing the woman of his dreams. When a man falls in love he goes full speed ahead.

That makes the question of why men pull away even more confusing. How is it that a guy who feels attraction AND an emotional connection can just suddenly pull away?

Guys also have a habit of not explaining themselves, so that makes things even more confusing!

That’s why for this discussion we’re going to talk about why most men pull away, why they come back, and what you can do to change the teetering relationship for the better.

Everything you need to know about a hot/cold guy will be explained and from now on you can de-code the mystical male language whenever you need to!

Why Men Pull Away When They Like You?

As we’re going to discuss, a man might actually pull away from you for a number of reasons, since every guy is different, and every relationship is unique. You have to consider the specifics as to what happened and what it might mean.

Generally speaking, men “pull away” from a relationship as a defense mechanism.

You’re right…he does like you and your intuition was right. Even if he tries to downplay his attraction to you, you know what you saw and felt. It was real. Those “pheromones” were obvious. Don’t doubt yourself.

But it goes back to the defense mechanism. He really liked you, the attraction was mutual, and then he backed away because of a fear of getting hurt.

Pulling away is an instinctive reaction to sensing danger of some kind. He felt safe and in control at first, but now is getting a different feeling.

Now, the fear, or what he’s actually afraid of, can vary. It might depend on what he said and what you said and what was happening around you at the time.

Why Do Guys Pull Away in the Early Stages of a Relationship?

If you both felt an initial attraction but then he started to pull away after the first conversation that suggests simple incompatibility.

He thought you were a different kind of person. It’s not a reflection of you or him. He was expecting someone else or looking for a certain kind of personality.

It’s like saying “Hey, I like this band Metallica. This person I see here is wearing a Metallica shirt. Let me talk to them!”

But then the other person goes, “Oh I’m just wearing the shirt my friend bought me. I’m actually more of a John Tesh or Yanni fan.”

See, in this case, it’s not about value or attractiveness or anything like that. Just a case of mistaken identity. How can you date someone if you have nothing in common and the initial attraction was purely physical?

But let’s be honest. Usually, when a guy pulls away it’s not after the first conversation, but AFTER the second or third…just when things are starting to get good!

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Why Do Guys Come on Strong Then Pull Away?

Let’s take for instance the scenario of a very charming and confident man. He’s not the shy type. He comes on very strong and you think this is going to be amazing!

But then he suddenly pulls away, making you second guess yourself. Surely you did something wrong!

No, probably not. Usually when a man comes on strong that says something about where his mind is at the moment. He was feeling good that day. He saw you, was attracted to you, and liked your personality.

But the next day, or the next week, his feelings changed. It wasn’t about you. What actually happened was that he found some time to think and reevaluate what he wanted. He realized that pursuing you, may complicate his life in ways he never expected.

While it might be considered rude for a man to send strong signals to a woman and then give up all of a sudden, it’s not such an unforgivable crime.

It doesn’t mean he was conning you. It may simply mean that he wasn’t ready for what he wanted. He was not in control of his emotions. His attraction overwhelmed him and out-ran his heart and mind, so to speak.

This is why some wise married folks might tell you, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Anyone can have a great conversation. But does he follow through? Is he ready to show commitment to the idea of this relationship? If a guy comes on strong but backs away, he is having second thoughts about his own wants and needs. That’s a dangerous place for you to be, emotionally.

Paying attention to the pace of the relationship is a smart way to analyze the problems that arise.

Why Do Guys Suddenly Pull Away?

Let’s say a guy suddenly pulls away, and doesn’t actually do the slow fade or the “casual friendship and then gradual exit”.

In this case, it’s likely something happened, some kind of “event” that sent his defenses up in a hurry.

The most obvious event catastrophe would be having sex too soon. I know a lot of people say that some men are only interested in sex and that they’re players and slimy guys, and so on.

And of course, the opposite end of that argument is that women expect too much. Why is a man who wants to date multiple women and not commit such a bad thing? He might even say it’s a woman’s fault if she falls in love when he never said anything about love.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Of course, it’s not ethical to pretend to fall in love just to have sex.

But what does happen far too often is that we PROJECT what we want onto someone that simply doesn’t feel the same way.

A guy like a woman for all the wrong reasons, project everything he wants onto her (without ever getting to know her first) and then ask her out. She says no. He’s heartbroken.

Of course, he never stopped to think whether he was really CONNECTING with her or not.

Well, the same thing happens in reverse sometimes. You might project your feelings and your desires for a real relationship onto a man that simply isn’t ready or isn’t capable of returning your feelings.

He may like the sex and the passion, sure. Yes, he may even like you as a person, and a dear friend. He may even fall in love with you.

But that doesn’t mean he is capable of following through. That doesn’t make him a good candidate for the marriage and family that you want.

Remember that if you give him everything he wants right from the beginning (or near it), he has no reason to wait, or to progress in the relationship. There is no learning process. Trust is not a big deal. You gave him a free gift and there’s no taking it back.

He’s interested in things staying the same because he may have entered the relationship expecting only a physical connection – not a mental or emotional one. Asking him to up the ante while giving him nothing in return could be a problem.

And even if it isn’t about sex, if a guy pulls away suddenly, there is usually some “event” that explains his behavior. Consider what other circumstances might give him pause.

Why Do Men Pull Away When Things Start to Get Serious?

While men sometimes pull away gradually, realizing they’re unhappy for some reason, usually an event causes them to second guess what they want. But if early sex was not the issue, then it’s likely there are other factors at play here.

It could be a trusted friend warning them about the relationship. It could be a major family crisis or a problem at work. The event, even if it’s neutral, can trigger something in a man’s mind that causes him to think about the future.

He might be undergoing a stressful situation that has nothing to do with you. He needs time and space to deal with these pressing matters. Pulling back doesn’t mean he’s uninterested in you – just that you should pull back as well and give him the space he needs.

But if he does see a problem in the relationship, then give him some credit for anticipating future arguments now. He’s backing away because, once again, the defense mechanism is kicking in.

He’s nervous about something that could happen or negative feelings both of you might have down the road. Maybe you have different expectations about family life, where you’re going to live, or about what rights to independence you actually have.

One common mistake is that rather than discuss these issues, one partner will put pressure on the other to fast-forward. Skip to the end and worry about the little things later. The problem is they are not little things.

You don’t want to postpone serious problems now and then take them on when you have twice as many worries later – like when you have children, or own a house together, or have double the bills, or have two families to contend with.

Sometimes opposite lifestyles, opposite careers, and religious and political differences can drive a wedge between people. One or both of you can then panic and feel insecure at the WHOLE RELATIONSHIP rather than simply discussing key issues one at a time.

Rather than focusing on the emotion, or assuming this is never going to work, why not try discussing compromise? A lack of communication is what pulls him away and pushes you further away from him.

It’s time to stop assuming and resenting each other for things implied. Instead, get to the heart of the matter. It’s not about how you “really feel.” It’s about what are we both willing to do about this?

But you may be wondering, isn’t pressuring my boyfriend or crush to “talk about things” just going to push him away?

A legitimate concern! This is why there is a time and place for everything, even those difficult relationship chats.

How Long Do Guys Pull Away For?

You might say that the amount of time a guy pulls away, or even the severity of his mood, is directly related to how much damage has been done.

It’s common sense. If you really hurt a man’s feelings, or drive him crazy with overbearing behavior, he pulls away for a long time. The worst-case scenario is that he runs away and never comes back.

But most relationship problems are not that bad. Even if you sense he is pulling away, that’s only a symptom, an indirect result of the underlying problem. You still have time to fix things and make him feel safe again.

What to Do When He Is Pulling Away?

When a man is pulling away, there is only one rational thing to do: and that is to remain where you are and allow him to back away.

Usually, the worst reaction is to pull him in closer, demanding that he confide in you, trust you, and follow your lead. But this is behavior based on fear. If you’re afraid of losing him, you are not using logic, and you are not properly empathizing with what he’s feeling.

Another thing that some women do after a pull away is to pull back ever farther away sending him the strong message: “I am not interested anyway, so good riddance.”

This is another overreaction and it may inadvertently cause him to leave for good, after he figures you didn’t value the relationship at all – which of course is not true.

The best thing to do is to analyze the situation. Then determine what you can do to repair the damage and improve yourself during the “pull away” downtime.

Code Black: It’s too late! He has extremely negative associations and needs years to get over the pain. Leave him alone for the time being, because toxic emotions are in the air. This is usually after a very painful breakup where there was violence, abuse, or other severe emotional trauma.

Code Red: If the relationship problem is serious and he feels upset, hurt, violated, or any other strong negative emotion, he will pull away and stay away for weeks, maybe months. This doesn’t mean it’s too late, but you need to back away and give him as much time as he needs to heal from the wound. Let him decide when he’s ready Avoid contact until he reaches out.

The best thing to do is the focus on yourself for a change. Take his criticisms seriously and determine if there’s a way to improve communication, and change an unhealthy dynamic in the relationship. Does he resent something about your lifestyle or habits? Is there a way to compromise? If you make a few changes in your communication and “love language” he will be impressed that you took it seriously.

Code Orange: He’s pulling away for sure and his indifference and mood swings are upsetting. But the good news is he is probably not emotionally hurt – he’s just annoyed and is fearful of losing his independence, should this relationship progress. He doesn’t want weeks or months without contact. He just needs time to miss you and see that you are NOT going to lose control. You are not going to try to change him. You are still his best friend and things are still good. Proceed cautiously.

Take a step back and once again, focus on self-improvement. There are no “flaws” to worry about and besides, you don’t want to change your entire character just for a man. Instead, think of ways to improve your own life, your goals, your needs and wants, that are apart from him.

Take up a hobby or start a new project. Tell him what you’re doing and divide your time between taking care of him and taking care of yourself. He will appreciate more independence and me-time for himself. Even more important, he will appreciate the trust you are putting in him.

Code Yellow: He isn’t pulling away, necessarily, he’s just remaining stagnant. His behavior might seem like pulling away only because for a while he was the one pulling you IN! But now that he’s sitting back and taking things slowly again, it feels like he’s pulling away from you. The best thing to do is to understand the root cause of his stall.

Are you asking too much, expecting too much, or pressuring him to feel something? Are you over-planning your weekends, rather than letting him decide what he wants to do with his free time? The best cure is not to back away, but to simply LET HIM LEAD. Let him come up with ideas and let him reach out to you, so he can come to appreciate you on his own terms.

Practice becoming confident from within. Be happy with yourself. Be proud of yourself and don’t ask him for validation. Let him follow his natural attraction and glow – just the way he appreciates you.

Code Green: He’s fine and you’re overthinking again! Look, everyone has bad days and sometimes guys can lash out verbally, or withdraw, or get scared, or even clam up because it’s Superbowl Sunday or something.

Point is, he’s not going to break up with you. He still likes you. You might just be putting too much pressure on him and yourself to hurry up and get married. But it’s best to date over a longer period of time.

Why Do Guys Pull Away and Then Come Back?

It’s not fair to say that every situation is the same. Some odd guys out there might come back for odd reasons. What we’re talking about here is the statistical average. The fact of the matter is, most guys come back because they really value the relationship and their fears have been calmed.

They feel safe again. The defense mechanism has turned off. They wanted you in the beginning, met with some complication, and now that you’ve both addressed it and resolved the issue, he’s in it again. And it’s a great feeling!

A man usually pulls away due because of discomfort, stress, or other negative emotion. Of course, it’s possible he’s just pulling away to get a rise out of you, or to manipulate you, but the truth is that men usually can’t fake a long-term relationship. The longer you date and stay emotionally connected, the more real your love is.

If he comes back, he needs some part of this relationship. His needs are satisfied, even if minor quibbles come up now and then. Accept his heart as genuine, and respect his efforts to make things work again – especially if he puts forth serious effort to make things right.

Will a Man Come Back After Pulling Away?

The good news is that MOST men do come back, statistically speaking. The real issue is WHY and HOW are they coming back.

Some men only come back because they were going to come back anyway, regardless of how you change or he changes. He just wanted a break, probably to date other people, and is “trying again” to make it work. The problem is, neither partner understands why the breakup even happened! They don’t understand the root causes and they are trying really hard to do nothing in particular.

Maybe they think resisting the urge to cheat, or scream, or be toxic is “trying”. But it’s not! Sometimes breakups really do just “take a few times.” And it doesn’t matter how hard you try, because he is not seriously invested in the relationship.

Trying again means you understand where the relationship went wrong. You’re trying to make things easier for him after he pulled away, knowing exactly why he did what he did. Knowing exactly why you react to things the way you do and why it sometimes irks him.
This is not a situation you want to prolong! You want to give your best effort to a relationship that is a true partnership, one with equality, mutual respect, and real love.

And THAT is the ideal scenario because if he loves you, and this relationship was built on a solid foundation, he will come back to you. He will feel safe again and you can rebuild trust.

You have already shown commitment to this relationship and to the guy you like the most. Now it’s a matter of reading his signals and forming a plan of action.

Don’t think of him pulling away as a bad thing. Think of it as the next step toward progress and more intimacy. A permanent change for the better!

When He Pulls Away Or Goes Cold, Text Him This…

Fact: whenever a man likes a woman, there’s almost always a moment when he pulls back his attention from her…

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In your gut, you can feel something changed and he’s slipping away…

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Causing him to pull away further and disappear altogether…

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Why Sex is Never Enough to Keep a Man Forever

5 Mistakes Women Make When a Man Pulls Away (And What to Do Instead)

A guy is really into you and you feel like you really have a connection… and maybe things go well for a bit

But then, he starts becoming distant, texts become shorter and shorter, he comes up with excuses, and then eventually just disappears, many times without even telling you what happened.

You have a choice in the middle of all of this…

You can do things which push him away further and faster and make him feel like he doesn’t want a future with you, even if he did before…

Or you can make him start to miss you, causing him to fall in love and then decide that you’re the one and only one that he wants to be with.

Let’s go over some of the biggest mistakes women make when a man pulls away and then I’ll tell you what to do instead…

1. Confessing your feelings to him

This is something out of romance movies that never ACTUALLY works in real life…

You think, “if he only he knew how I really feel about him, he’d decide that he wants to be with me”

In reality, this suffocates a man, makes him feel pressure, and makes him feel like he needs to pull back and think things over.

Destroying you emotionally in the process…

Instead, you want him to know that you’re interested but that you’re not completely won over by him yet.


Because it’s been proven over and over again that when a man is uncertain about how you feel about him, he’ll feel more attracted to you…

And if you do this the right way, that attraction can then turn into desire, love, and commitment…

2. Apologizing

This happens when you convince yourself that he’s pulling away because of something that YOU did so you apologize to make up for it.

Most women do this because they’re used to fixing things and talking things out with other women.

But this never works with men you’re dating.

Unfortunately, it only makes his desire and interest in you plummet because he feels like you’re putting him on a pedestal.

Men don’t want to be put on a pedestal with the women they date.

Instead, he wants to feel like you’re the catch and like he’s lucky to be with YOU.

Apologizing, will make him feel the opposite.

Don’t assume that you caused him to pull away. It may have nothing to do with you.

3. Trying to buy his love

This usually looks like giving him a gift, buying him dinner, or trying to impress him in some way.

Most women do this because they’re trying to pull him in when he’s pulling away…

But this only makes him think that you’re trying to prove that you’re worthy to be with him.

And proving that you’re worthy to be with him makes him see you as less valuable, which will make him take you for granted as a result.


Because women who know their value don’t try to prove their value to a man… only women who don’t think they’re valuable do this.

Instead, you want him to try and impress you, connect with you, and pursue you.

He won’t do this with you if you’re the one doing it with him.

4. Faking Disinterest

Women tend to do this because they either want to get back at a man or they read somewhere that you’re supposed to do this to get a guy to like you.

This usually looks like ignoring his texts when he does reach out or waiting days to get back to him.

This doesn’t work because it makes him feel like you’re playing games with him which will only make him feel resentment towards you.

Instead, you want him to feel like he is attracted to you because you’re a beautiful, amazing woman, not because you’re playing some game on him.

If he falls in love with who you are, he’ll stay in love with who you are.

If he falls in love with a game you play on him, you’ll have to play that game forever in order to keep his interest.

5. Giving him an ultimatum

This usually sounds something like…

“My time is valuable so if you’re not going to put effort in, maybe we shouldn’t see each other.”

This doesn’t work because men don’t like to be forced into anything.

Instead, he needs to feel like pursuing you, loving you, and committing to you is something that HE WANTS, deep inside his heart.

You want him to miss you, regret pulling away, and feel like he wants to come back and never leave again.

This is something I call, “The Forever Woman Formula” because it makes him fall in love and want to be with you forever.

There’s actually a 4 word text message that you can send him that gets his attention and makes him realize that he shouldn’t have pulled away.

Women in our community who have used this text message have gotten amazing results…

Where men have even apologized, asked for their forgiveness, and taken them out to dinner to make up for pulling away.

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Five Turnoffs That Make Good Men Leave Great Women

When a Man Pulls Away, How Long Does It Last?

How long do guys pull away for?

And how many times have you heard relationship experts say, “When a man needs his space, let him go?”

On one hand, it’s one of the easiest lessons to learn. When a man is feeling trapped, or pressured or too micromanaged the instinct is to rebel. He wants freedom. Independence. The right to go do as he pleases, rather than what the world is telling him to do.

There’s just one problem. Sometimes women discover that if they “let him go” and let him do as he pleases, he never come back. He walks away and he leaves for good!

And now they’re left heartbroken and confused, since everyone was so sure that it was all a game and that she was going to win if she just stuck it out.

There is a point of no return. Not every relationship can be saved. Sometimes when men leave, they have reached a point of no return, a point where the negative associations are so severe that they cannot return to a place of comfort and peace within the relationship.

STILL…the majority of relationships, where there hasn’t been any major trauma, can be saved. Even if the guy takes a while to sort things out, you can still attract him back to you. Maybe the trick is knowing how long is too long to wait and having the right attitude, to go along with that wait.

Let’s discuss two points: that of time (waiting on him) and that of how you should react during this time of letting go.

How Long is Too Long?

There is no real time limit here, except to say that obviously the longer he is left on his own, the more dangerous it is for the intimacy of the relationship. Much of his “need” for independence depends on the kind of man he is and your unique style of communication as a couple.

For example, is his style of communication a daily interaction? Does he need to talk to you every day, does he text or phone several times a week?

If your communication together has been so tight and clingy, it’s perfectly reasonable to give him days or even weeks alone if that’s what you think is bothering him.

Remember that sometimes men go through phases of “rebellion” or independence and it’s a relatively short period of time. They want their freedom and they want to be alone.

As soon as you stop fighting that hulk of a man, and allow him what he wants, or better yet even encourage it, he realizes there’s no reason to be resentful. You want to help him and so he feels secure again.

On the other hand, he may need weeks or even months away if the relationship was been stressed for other reasons. If he’s been unhappy for quite a while, he might want to take a break from the relationship and this takes time. His heart has to heal. His mind needs time to sort things out.

If the relationship is just starting then an entire week going by without a call or text is definitely a bad sign. He may have lost interest or realized his heart was never fully into dating you. If you’ve been dating a while and then notice he goes away for weeks or months and doesn’t bother sending you a message, it’s bad news.

The lack of interaction is what destroyed the relationship. He realized over time he didn’t value the conversation. So it’s not so much “time” that’s important, but whether or not he misses you and misses the interaction, the security, that the relationship brings him.

After considerable time you lose that interaction and that intimacy you’ve built. Your goal is to give him the independence he wants, but also to make him desire the intimacy that you both had.

That’s why attitude is just as important as time.

A Helpful Attitude

The most important element is not that you’re giving him all the time in the world…it’s that you’re stepping aside so that he can be alone. The dynamic here is that you have a helpful attitude. You’re not shutting down communication. You’re not punishing him. And you’re not just waiting idly until he comes back to romance you.

You’re helping him to find happiness and helping him by staying out of his way. What’s meaningful here is that you’re eager to talk to him and draw him out in conversation, but only when he indicates that he’s ready. This shows respect. And being available to him, with a positive attitude, shows him love.

Remember that men could pull away for a number of reasons, including stress, distractions, restlessness and mental turmoil. Cheating and getting tired of you is actually not a common reason to become distant. Serial cheaters tend to fake happiness for a long time before they’re caught.

There’s a very good chance he’s stressed about something else and maybe being too demanding with him is only stressing him out further. The best thing to do is to (A) give him his space and let him pull away but (B) let him know that whenever he’s ready to talk about it, all he has to do is contact you.

There’s no need to be subtle. Simply telling him that you know something’s bothering him, but that you don’t want to pry, will be enough. He will appreciate the gesture and whenever he feels comfortable talking about it, the intimacy can return.

It’s also important that you keep a positive and happy demeanor, even if he’s being cold. Mirroring his coldness or stress will only send the message that there’s conflict. Let him know you don’t have a problem. You’re just here to help him.

How long does a man’s search for independence last? Surprisingly short! The only thing men want more than freedom is the safety of an intimate relationship. It’s only a matter of time before he realizes that you care about his happiness, you encourage his freedom, and you’re his best friend that wants to listen.

When He Pulls Away, Do THIS

If you’re tired of men pulling away from you and you want to know how to make him want to come back and never leave again…

Here’s the secret…

In order for a man to come running back to you, he needs to feel two things…

The first one is REGRET for pulling away in the first place.

If you attack or punish him for pulling away, you’ll only make him want to pull away further.

Instead, you want him to feel like coming back to you is more pleasurable than being away.

The second thing you want him to feel is like HE MISSES YOU.

He can’t miss you if you smother him with calls and messages.

Apologizing, trying to see if he’s mad at you, seeing if he’s okay…

This only makes him feel like he needs more space.

There’s a 4 word text message that will make him feel both of these things when you send it to him.

If you’d like to hear what the text message is, click the link below right now to watch a video I put together about it…

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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Why Men Walk Away From Relationships - even when they're in love with you!

6 Signs He’s Feeling Disconnected From You

Have you noticed that your partner or boyfriend has been unusually cold lately? Maybe he’s not speaking as much or seems resentful of something. The energy between you two has changed for the worse and it’s very upsetting. What you’re experiencing is beyond a lack of passion.

Such drastic “withholding” behavior indicates something else is wrong. He hasn’t just lost passion for you…he’s lost emotional connection.

If a man is feeling an emotional “disconnect” from you, this may be a serious sign of resentment, a lack of trust or even incompatibility. The best thing to do is to start noticing signs he may be leaving behind.

Sometimes men leave signs on purpose, hoping you’ll sense what’s bothering them. Other times, they won’t be aware of the signs they’re leaving behind but it will be very clear to you that something is wrong. Look for these six signs that suggest your guy is not only “bored” of the relationship, but starting to doubt whether he’s happy with you.

1. He’s not listening the way he used to…he’s always distracted.

To some extent, all men are guilty of multi-tasking. That’s just the way our minds work. But you will definitely notice that something is wrong if he hardly ever listens to you and seems to just zone out whenever you speak. He may forget important dates or projects, or may even seem to resentfully ignore you when you’re trying to tell him something. This strongly suggests he doesn’t feel intimate with you the same way he used to. He’s not interested in the subject or what you want from him.

2. He doesn’t want to go to bed together…or hardly spend time with you at all.

Not all couples can afford to go to bed together, I understand that. But the real problem happens when they CAN, and yet don’t. It’s not just disconnect…for some reason he enjoys his time alone more he craves companionship with you.

Why is that? There has to be a reason. There’s a need he’s fulfilling by himself that he can’t get from you. Whether it’s sexual, emotional or intellectual, something is missing and he’s looking for that something elsewhere.

3. He doesn’t get any joy out of impressing you the way he used to.

It’s always disappointing when a routine settles in and your partner starts taking you for granted. He used to work so hard in the beginning, just to put a smile on your face. What happened? It’s true, sometimes a boyfriend or husband does “calm down” and stops being the romantic Romeo he used to be during courtship.

But it should never completely STOP. If a man doesn’t seem to care about providing for you anymore, and getting some joy out of the experience, then there is a serious problem.

Men may “slow down” a bit later on, but if they still love you and want that intimacy, they never completely stop. If he’s stopped or slowed down a great deal then something about the experience of providing for you is discouraging him. He’s having a negative reaction to what should be a positive and rewarding experience.

4. He is treating you like a child, not a lover/girlfriend/wife.

What does daddy do when his little girl wants too much? He tells her NO, right?

That’s normal…but it’s not normal in a romantic relationship. A man is usually very eager to say yes and to please his partner in whatever way he can. But if his answer has been NO to everything lately, this indicates a serious disconnect.

He may feel burdened or feel taken advantage of. What he used to associate as a happy and joyful experience (pleasing you and surprising you, saying YES!) he’s now viewing as a negative. There has to be something going on in his mind that started this negativity.

5. He’s “outsourcing” his needs to other women, men or artificial sources.

This is perhaps the most telling and most dangerous sign. When he turns to other sources to fill a need, whether that’s an emotional, sexual or social need, he’s really saying that he’s given up. This is what usually lures him into an affair, or to some other artificial addiction that’s just as damaging to the relationship, like porn, online chat, social media, drinking, drugs and so on.

I’m not suggesting that all porn and all contact with other women are terrible things. But you well know that if he’s devoting more time to fantasy sex, or to chatting with other women, or even hanging out with his bros at the bar, he is “outsourcing” and that’s a real problem. Communication is suffering…it’s time for an honest talk.

6. He’s becoming more critical of you.

Isn’t it annoying when your partner starts criticizing you? Well, believe it or not, it’s not involuntary behavior and it’s not always “just trying to help.” It’s actually a message to you, from your partner, letting you know that you’re falling short of their expectations.

Yeah it can feel terrible and no one likes to be criticized. But if he’s become more critical over the last few months he’s really bothered by something and he’s trying – in very clumsy and hurtful ways – to fix the situation. He thinks that by telling you what irks him, you will figure out what he wants and then the disconnect will be repaired.

But of course, that’s the wrong approach. The only real fix is to talk things out honestly and to stop hinting around or making personal attacks. Negativity never brings about positive change. Change has to come from a positive and constructive mindset.

In all of these cases we see a real problem here, one that boils down to poor communication. If you notice any of these signs, then don’t panic and don’t become confrontational with him, since that will only escalate the situation. Instead, set aside a time to talk about the issues that’s bothering him and what you can do as a couple to address these issues.

It’s not too late, so as long as he’s still in your life and still cares about you enough to stay in this relationship. You can fix it and all it requires is some more quality bonding time.

The secret men desperately crave yet rarely receive

Has a man you were seeing ever sent you mixed signals?

Like one minute he’s really hot and into you and the next minute he’s cold and you’re not even sure what to do about it?

The truth is that there’s one way to connect with a man like this that will make him “switch gears” and start loving you the way you want him to…

And it’s something that he rarely receives yet desperately craves.

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why does my boyfriend ignore me

Why the Passion Is Disappearing (Or Gone) In Your Relationship

What does passion mean to you? To some, passion refers to sex and lust. To others, passion simply means strong and sincere emotion, as in something a person can barely control. Their enthusiasm and spirit for the subject, or for another person, is so strong that it’s not just an “interest”, but a passion.

So when most people ask, “Why is sex disappearing (or completely gone) in the relationship?”, one of the first things I have to wonder is, “Where has the passion gone?” Because passion is what first creates emotional connection and then lust and then love

Attraction is not really comparable to passion. When a man is attracted to a woman he might turn his head, he might even flirt a little bit. But eventually he forgets. Now when a man has a passion for a woman, he can’t forget her. He becomes obsessed with her and will do anything in his power to get her attention.

So where has that passion gone? Let’s consider six reasons why passion wanes over time and what couples can do to get it back.

1. Effort is minimal and so attraction has been lost.

Simply put, attraction is entirely based on effort. The passion your man first had for you was based on some serious effort that he was putting out there and serious effort that you were putting out there too. You were dressing up and looking good for men. He was trying harder to meet and interact with women.

But over time, you both started to take sex and love for granted and began minimizing your effort. You figure passion will always be there if you’re married or if you live together. But passion is not the byproduct of love. Passion is the direct result of the effort you put forth.

In your early marriage or living arrangement, you were still putting forth effort to look better, try harder and keep things interesting.

Effort is what will revive the marriage. It’s a simple equation of “cause and effect”, you see.

2. The future of the relationship is unclear.

One of the other things that kills passion is an uncertain future. As in, your future as a couple is a big question mark. Naturally, if one or both partners don’t feel that important sense of SECURITY, it’s difficult to open up. It’s difficult to put forth more effort and really try to please your partner, because you don’t want to invest too much in a failed relationship.

Now this shouldn’t cause for alarm. I’m not telling you that the relationship is doomed. Rather, it’s time for you and your partner to talk and communicate about where you see yourself heading in the near and distant future. Are your goals still compatible? Reassure each other that the relationship is solid and you will have more effort and passion in your lives.

3. Sex is not only routine…it’s a household chore.

Sometimes the problem IS just sex and not necessarily anything lacking in the relationship. You may get along great…everywhere except the bedroom!

What can happen is that when a couple first gets together, they become very excited with a specific routine of sexual foreplay. At first,f it’s exciting and titillating because it’s new. Over time however, this routine becomes boring because it’s so predictable and because the novelty of a new partner wears off.

A more creative approach to sex is the best solution if you’ve been following the same routine for years. You’ve never fully explored sex or each other if you still get by with the same sequence of three or four moves. Go where it’s unfamiliar. Try something new and even a little quirky. You may be surprised at how easily the sparks fly.

4. You find other things to do besides sex, intimacy, communication and even spending time together.

If you choose sleep over sex, things over talking, (usually away from your partner) and find reasons to avoid intimate communication, this could be part of the problem. The Scheduling time together is important, not just speaking of sex, but also communicating, cuddling, and simply being with each other. Otherwise, daily anxieties and work responsibilities WILL distract you. That’s what all these other distractions are there for, to occupy your time. This is why it’s very important to schedule time, or even entire days, to devote to bonding with your partner.

5. You don’t entirely trust him or vice versa.

While this may not always be an issue, in many couples it is. Sometimes we get a “sixth sense” about what a partner is holding back. If there was a prior argument, quiet resentment, or even infidelity, we can sometimes sense something about our partner and that may lead to emotional distance. That directly affects intimacy and in turn, passion and sex.

6. You are trying too hard to put effort into keeping up a routine and not actually exploring and venturing out.

You need new experiences, not new partners. The more you read in scientific research about passion and long-term compatibility, the more you realize that passion is closely linked with new experiences. In psychology today, one article suggests that the desire for variety is evolutionary and that one can simply not maintain passion in a long-term relationship at the same extreme volume for years on end, unless the marriage and lifestyle undergo a change.

This does not mean a change in partners, but rather a change or a constant “novelty” that you enjoy by undertaking new experiences. This doesn’t necessarily mean sex either. New experiences can mean living an exciting life, trying new things outside the house and outside the bedroom, and making an effort to have more fun in general.

As you can see it all comes back to effort: the effort we put in and the results we get from it. But it’s also effort in addition to understanding the need for variety and full trust. You can revitalize your sex life and your lost intimacy by focusing on pleasing your partner and keeping an open mind.

The secret men desperately crave yet rarely receive

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The Strangest Thing Men Desire

How to Tell You’re the Only One for Him

How do you know if a guy is falling for you? It is a bit of a trick question because on one hand, guys are usually friendly and sometimes flirty, even though they’re not serious about a relationship.

On the other hand, some guys are really only interested in sex and as soon as that happens, they quickly move on, figuring what happened was a one night stand.

So what you’re actually looking for are signs that the guy is falling for you, and that you’re the ONLY girl he wants for a serious long-term relationship, the jackpot!

That’s not always easy because in order for a guy to really fall in love with you, you can’t simply be a “girl at the right place and at the right time.” Or, a girl he wants to marry because he’s lonely or because he’s tired of the dating game.

No, that moment when he truly falls in love is when he meets a woman that is unique—and one far superior to all the other single women out there. He’s not simply in lust. He’s not only fascinated by her mystery and her sexy personality. He’s head over heels in love with her because he knows she is the only one for him, she is his perfect match.

What I’m going to show you in this article is how to identify the signs that show you how he really feels about you. In other words, these are the “falling in love” behaviors that he can’t fake very well. He can’t control them. His heart sings for you in everything he says and does because you’re his everything in life!

Here are seven signs that point conclusively to a happily ever after…

1. He doesn’t want to change you. You’re perfect just the way you are.

Men who like you may see your potential. But a man who really loves you is in awe of your character, the person you are right now. He accepts you for who you are and doesn’t feel the need to “fix” your flaws. He loves you for your good qualities and can live with any flaws you have, because he knows your heart is in the right place.

2. He’s not interested in other women.

When a man is in “like” with you he is very easily tempted by another offer. He may be looking for more sexual partners or just open to the possibility of loving someone else. But when you date a man as a, what I like to call “high-value woman”, you are letting him know that if he wants you, he has to devote all his time and energy into dating YOU and you only. If you play your cards right this strategy works. He will not be interested in other women because they will not be nearly as fascinating as you are. You will be everything he wants sexually, emotionally and intellectually. There’s no temptation because no one else measures up!

3. He’s eager to tell you all of his secrets.

A man’s greatest joy is confessing his true feelings to someone he trusts. When he falls in love with you, and only you, his greatest wish is to tell you everything. It’s a wonderful feeling of catharsis, unleashing his most intimate thoughts. It’s a turn on for the both of you and a showing of absolute trust. He’ll tell you about past relationships, his family, his childhood memories, and even his kinkiest fantasies. This is the stuff a shallow man will usually not confess to someone he doesn’t know.

4. He provides for you without complaint. He loves making you happy!

A man who has truly fallen for you will always be willing to work for your approval. He will provide for you, do favors for you and do anything to help make you feel comfortable in his presence. This is something most shallow men will never do, because their whole philosophy is “flirt a lot but don’t invest the time.”

A man who always goes out of his way to make you happy is a man who’s working hard to show you (and prove to himself) that you’re the only one he wants.

5. He asks you questions all the time because he wants to bond with you.

Guys that aren’t interested in a relationship will just want the basics. He will start to get freaked out if you tell him too much information. In contrast, the man who’s falling in love with you can never hear enough. He loves your stories, loves your words of wisdom, and just loves your voice in general. He not only listens but remembers that information that you share in later conversations. He asks for more details because he wants to know everything about you!

6. He wants to talk about the future…and he dreads not having you in his life.

Not only does he want to talk about the future, he also gets really edgy whenever the topic of change or moving on comes up. He’s already imagining a future with you and can’t fathom a life without you. He wants to build his world around this relationship and so talking about the future thrills him.

7. Conversations get dark…but then lighten up again.

Men who are shallow avoid heavy conversations, whether that’s discussing past traumas, or problems in the relationship, or other “negative associations.” If a guy wants to get laid, he’ll always stay positive right? But a guy who really wants a relationship will discuss EVERYTHING with you, even if it’s an uncomfortable or painful conversation. The reason being, he wants complete honesty. He doesn’t want to hold back. He wants to make sure you know him, the “real him”, the real face he never shows to rest of the world.

And after you have that chat and you both honestly express yourself, he returns to his happy face, relieved that you could talk things over and that you both still love each other.

You can always tell if you’re the “only one for him” by how happy you make him and by his increasing level of intimacy and honesty. Having a strong emotional connection with a man takes time to build and regular maintenance to keep alive. Keep that intimacy going strong by talking every day and pouring your feelings out to each other. That’s the bond between two lovers that lasts a lifetime.

The secret men desperately crave yet rarely receive

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Is your man hiding something He may need your help

6 Signs He’s Losing the Love He Once Had For You

It’s your worst fear come true: he’s falling out of love with you! It’s a devastating experience and the one thing you both promised would never happen.

But here you are…and it’s very evident that something has changed. There’s a lack of passion, a lack of sex and intimacy, and worst of all, an emotional disconnect.

Something has to change and soon, or else you could both lose everything.

And even though you’re probably panicking, thinking that divorce or breakup is imminent…I actually have some words of comfort for you.

It’s NOT too late. It’s not even an issue of incompatibility, as if you are “wrong” for each other. There’s still hope. And there are still certain actions you can take to repair the relationship before it wastes away into nothing.

And I’ll let you know what that is at the end…but first, let’s talk about the difference between a lack of passion (which is common and sort of a big deal) vs. a guy actually losing the love he has for you, which is a huge deal and is putting your relationship in jeopardy. Let’s start by considering six very obvious red flags that show he’s losing that loving feeling—and fast!

1. His entire personality has changed from dream lover to selfish lout.

He started off the perfect gentleman, all about pleasing you and entertaining you…so what happened? Now when you talk to him he’s irritable, unresponsive (maybe hours or days without responding to messages), rude and overly critical. He may even blame you for everything going wrong with the relationship.

It’s almost like he’s not the man you fell in love with! That’s the sign of a man who’s completely dissatisfied in the relationship. In his mind, the relationship is nearly over because he’s no longer getting what he wanted out of it. Now he’s resentful and doesn’t care if you know…because to him, it’s no longer a secret. Your mutual unhappiness is out in the open.

2. He avoids talking to you and being with you as often as he can.

He may fill his schedule with work, with extra projects, or even just trying to be alone. He doesn’t enjoy spending time with you the way he used to. It’s all conflict or all pretending to enjoy himself, so he now prefers to be alone. He will oftentimes make excuses too, suggesting that he’s very busy and can’t afford the time to eat with you, make love, or go out on a date. You are no longer his priority and the love he once had is draining quickly.

3. He talks about other women. He even compares you to other women.

When a man talks to other women more than he talks to you it’s definitely the sign of a problem. But when he actually compares you to other women, OR mentions other women that make him happy, it really does feel like a vicious personal attack.

If the guy is rude and resentful, he may make very direct comparisons, perhaps comparing your body to his favorite celebrity or another attractive woman. Obvious assh*ole behavior, right?

But sometimes the comparisons are far more subtle. He may simply mention another woman’s name and meekly suggest how she handles a situation or what’s so fascinating about her life. If you feel jealous at the mention of her name, it’s probably with good reason. He’s mentioning her positive qualities, perhaps in casual conversation, while focusing on your negative qualities. It’s not as disrespectful as the previous example, but it’s still dangerous territory and a sign of unhappiness.

4. He seems upset or short-tempered when you try to flirt with him or be romantic.

He used to love those little nicknames and love taps. What happened? Now he seems annoyed by the behavior, as if you’re his mom kissing him before the school bus arrives.

If this sounds like your relationship, there’s definitely some festering resentment and it may have been building for a long time now. He’s unhappy with some element of the relationship, some need that’s not being met, or some new change in communication that left him feeling neglected. For him, showing “love” or cuteness is like saying “everything’s great!” when obviously it’s not.

5. He goes there… he brings up horror stories from the past and punishes you.

When a man is very unhappy he lets you know. In fact, he may go back years and harp on an incident long ago that showed your “true colors.” He may even consider your sins against him a “pattern of behavior”, even though it’s completely a shock to you.

He’s very confused…and he’s lashing out in anger, bringing up more stressful memories to further stress you out. There’s no reason to do this, except to punish you…because he’s extremely unhappy about some aspect in the relationship.

Identifying what’s really bothering him is important because this hurtful dynamic cannot continue in a loving relationship.

6. He belittles you in front of other people.

This is another clear sign of complete rejection and an almost vengeful outlook of the relationship itself. To him, belittling you in front of other people is both a punishment and an attempt to distance himself from what he perceives is your mistake or flaw.

Perhaps he naively thinks that shaming you in front of others will call attention to the problem, but it never works that way. It only creates more resentment, hurt feelings and retaliation.

In every loving relationship, there is a strong need for both partners to support each other—to believe in each other and to champion the good character of each other. It’s what creates trust, intimacy and love between two people.

When your partner reaches this point, he’s lost respect for you and quite possibly because he feels you’ve done the same to him.

What to Do

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s very important that you talk things out as soon as possible, or see a relationship counselor as a last resort. This is an emergency situation and love, like blood, is draining fast. You must keep this relationship alive by tending to that wound and repairing the damage that’s been done.

Talk to your partner first and sit him down for a kind and non-accusatory conversation. Ask him why he’s unhappy and invite him to share his real feelings. Talk out your trust issues together and see what compromises you both can make to return the relationship to a respectful one where love flows freely.

The secret men desperately crave yet rarely receive

Has a man you were seeing ever sent you mixed signals?

Like one minute he’s really hot and into you and the next minute he’s cold and you’re not even sure what to do about it?

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#1 Way To Avoid Heartbreak

Why You Have Intimacy Issues in Your Relationship

If you’ve noticed some emotional distance growing in your marriage then it’s likely not just your imagination. You may have an intuition that something’s bothering your partner or that he’s withdrawing from you more and more. While we do want to focus on solutions, it’s actually very important that we also focus on WHY there are issues happening. Knowing this can help you to avoid certain patterns of behavior that bring out the worst in both of you. Here are a few reasons why intimacy issues happen in good relationships.

1. You both assume things about each other.

This may well be where the problem starts. Rather than communicate what could be an embarrassing thought, both partners assume what the problem is…and in doing so they create an emotional rift. Maybe she assumes he’s not attracted to her. Or he assumes she just doesn’t have an interest in sex. That’s not what the issue is but you’re both behaving as that’s what it is. This is disastrous because you’re continuously building resentment for something that’s not at all related to the problem.

2. You’re so afraid of conflict, you stop communicating love. And you punish each other in silence.

Some couples think that conflict is the worst case scenario so it’s better to not say anything about it and keep peace. This causes problems though because the sooner you bring it up the less of a problem it is. The longer you wait, the more the “symptoms” exacerbate and become an issue. Eventually, you both start to keep silent on these important matters and you make it more awkward and difficult to share with each other. There’s nothing wrong with conflict, disagreement or even arguing IF you can maintain respect for each other while disagrees.

3. You don’t focus on solutions—you focus on whose fault it was.

The key to finding true peace and harmony in a marriage is to find a solution you can BOTH work with. Obviously, if one or both partners is fixated on winning the argument, the battle will keep going until war breaks out! That’s NOT how you want things to end, is it? You want specific solutions and you can negotiate on what you’re willing to do, and NOT willing to do, like rational human beings. Problems really start to multiply when one or both partners decide “It MUST be this way or no deal.” That’s almost impossible to live with.

So if you’re mostly focusing on what he’s doing wrong, or he’s focusing on what you need to be doing, it’s just a perpetual argument that no one will ever win. That’s why concentrating on issues that can be resolved is the best to improve communication.

4. Neither of you is putting forth much effort.

It’s very hard to change a habit or a routine that’s become a daily part of your life. This requires effort. And we’re really not inclined to put forth a lot of effort, are we?

Life, work, career, family—it’s all stressful. We prefer to make routines as easy as possible, that’s our instinct.

But if you’re serious about rekindling the romance you lost, or becoming more intimate emotionally, then you must schedule time to be with each other and you must put forth effort in achieving these new goals you discuss with your partner.

When you have low desire for intimacy, which is a symptom of being deprived of the love and attention you want, you stop putting forth effort. You’re either not in the mood, or feeling tired or making other excuses. But this is just following the least course of resistance. Keeping the new schedule and actually doing all of the activities you discuss with your partner will ensure you work toward actual change.

5. You’ve forgotten your partner’s “language of love.”

Every person has a unique way of communicating. We all know the same words and generally communicate in similar ways. But when it comes to tone, gesturing, making eye contact and using the “right words” there is still room for some major differences. This is why modern psychologists believe people sometimes converse in a different love language.

He wants love in a certain way and he gives love in a certain way. She does the same thing, except that she communicates love differently. He thinks that expressing love means working hard, hugging and kissing goodnight, and being supportive. She thinks love should be expressed through touch, conversation and talking things out. This is a miscommunication in love style. Understanding each other’s wants and needs will help you both to become more intimate.

6. It’s not necessarily you or him…it could be about the past.

Don’t assume that your problem is just the usual he said/she said stuff. In many cases of couples counseling, it’s discovered that fear of intimacy can result from childhood traumas, aging, poor health, low self-esteem, and even previous relationships you never actually recovered from. It’s not always necessary to talk to a therapist but talking to your partner about what you’re afraid of, or asking him the same question, could be a major milestone.

7. You are talking yourself out of a good relationship, rather than focusing on repairing the rift.

Lastly, remember that a troubled marriage or live-in relationship doesn’t just “end” because of time or circumstance. Each partner has an active say in whether or not they want to keep fighting and keep trying to keep the love affair alive.

Sometimes you or he may feel inclined to find faults and to hyper-focus on imperfection—as if that’s proof that the marriage isn’t working. But are you running away from happiness? Are you running away from something good that you know you want, in hopes of finding more temporary excitement?

Excitement comes and goes. The real issue is why are you not allowing your partner the chance to better please you rather than assuming he won’t be negotiable? He may be willing to compromise if you can both think of more creative ways of developing the intimacy you want.

Things are bad right now, okay, but it’s only a symptom of something else wrong in the relationship. You might be able to repair that lost trust and get your motivation back to rekindle the romance. All it takes is a genuine effort to try and the willingness to follow through with your new schedule.

Start talking to your partner and I’m sure you can find a way to compromise.

What if “true love” could happen in four, simple steps?

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Until I heard this story about an old woman from Prague…

When you think about lasting, life-long love… when you imagine passion that burns for decades… when you dream about a man who adores you…

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But this weird story from Prague may be the secret to love that never ends. See for yourself:

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3 Mistakes Women Make That Will Push Him Away Every Time

9 Things That Turn Men OFF

You have to respect a man whose strong will and firm convictions overpower his evolutionary instinct to mate. There’s no doubt that men are attracted to women. Men want sex and yes, men DO forgive women for a lot. A lot of men are in that place, that lonely place, where they’d much rather have a less-than-perfect woman keeping them company rather than continue to live alone.

Now that said…don’t think for a minute that these lonely guys will tolerate anything. Every man has a breaking point. You might call it a threshold for punishment and disrespect. Men are surprisingly sensitive at times, yes, even the macho guys and the alpha males that come across so strong in the beginning have limits.

After all, a man can only fully embrace his confidence and masculinity IF he’s getting the right signals from a woman. If he’s not getting that encouragement and that welcoming presence that keeps him chasing, then he will walk away. Guaranteed, no matter how desperate he is or how lonely, no matter how much likes you.

Guys do have dating rules, believe it or not, even if they don’t know it at first. Every guy has standards, every guy gets his feelings hurt. And every guy has a “NOPE!” moment when he’s ready to call it a night and walk back to a drama-free life.

So let’s consider nine specific ways to turn a guy off and kill his interest for good. Make sure you or someone you know isn’t inadvertently making these date-killing mistakes!

1. Playing cold-to-get

One of those most misunderstood motifs in dating is “playing hard to get”. The keyword is playing—when a woman likes a guy she plays with him…she resists with a wink, with a smile, encouraging him to try harder and continue this game. A woman who’s cold, however, moody and rude to men misses the point entirely. There’s no play, no flirting…just hostility. Guys will only tolerate cold behavior for so long before they give up.

2. Being overly critical and seldom ever rewarding him

Men love compliments! So while you can make a case for how men love to work hard and chase a woman for attention, he will also get tired very quickly if his partner never compliments him and only offers criticism. Even if that criticism is “friendly”, it’s beside the point. Men thrive on encouragement and positive reinforcement. Criticism is also a sex-killer in the bedroom for sure.

3. Being helpless and staying that way

Ironically, the same impulse a man has to “rescue you” and be a big daddy for the damsel in distress type…is the same impulse that will backfire and turn him off completely. Men do love helping women and saving women…but this doesn’t mean he WANTS a woman who’s helpless. He’s turned on by ambition, success and a woman who achieves things. It makes him feel extra special if he can help a woman who usually doesn’t need help. On the other hand, a woman who feels like a project and has no real independence in her own life will never truly have his respect.

4. Lying and dishonesty

Men are fiercely loyal to a woman who earns their respect and trust. So it’s not all that surprising that when a man’s confidence is betrayed—through lying, sneaking around, hiding information and so on—he loses all the intimacy built thus far in the relationship. Even little moments of dishonesty that feel too much like manipulation can seem threatening to him. For example, pouting about something he doesn’t do rather than just telling him what you want him to do can create friction.

5. Close-minded attitudes, especially about the people and pursuits they care about

Men are highly protective about family, friends, hobbies and career/passion. He wants you to be generally supportive about the things that matter most to him. That’s why judgmental attitudes about your friends or narrow-mindedness in other aspects can be very upsetting to a guy. He wants you to be open-minded and willing to discuss subjects without exploding into anger or lecturing. And the closer you get to his heart, the more dangerous it is to clash philosophically.

6. A lack of ambition

The more successful the man, the more he admires ambition, smarts and work ethic from women. He simply won’t find a woman very attractive if has no goals, no dreams, and a complaining spirit. He wants to meet someone more attuned to his own life, someone

who matches his lifestyle. Uneven power relationships, where a man is very successful and his wife stays at home, are usually not that common in today’s competitive world.

7. A condescending attitude

Beware the subtleties of a condescending attitude because men pick up on it fast. It’s not merely the quality of arrogance that turns him off. It can also be a woman’s boredom on a date…the attitude that says “You entertain me while I contribute nothing.” A man can likewise find mundane conversation uninteresting and unworthy of his time. True, this is not “every man” but among the wealthy and successful, you will definitely find this pet peeve.

8. Nagging or being too motherly

Sure, guys have mother issues and may even want to date a hot mom, right? But guess what, none of those moms actually ACT like the dude’s own mother. That is, nagging, overly critical and too controlling. That’s a mom thing, not a date thing.

9. Not caring about one’s appearance

Men are not always about looks and many guys do actually avoid the “trophy wife” look. That said, they DO pay attention to hygiene, grooming and a basic sense of fashion. They can sense when you “don’t care” and they’re not impressed. On the other hand, a woman who dresses up and “looks the part” always captures a man’s attention.

Men are horny and in search of women, that’s a given! But it’s not all about looks and it’s certainly not all about “attitude”. It’s about giving a great first impression and showing each other proper respect. Avoid these nine date killers and you’ll definitely feel more chemistry as the night goes on.

The 5 Word Phrase That Destroys a Man’s Love For You And Drives Him Out Of Your Life

There’s a simple 5 word phrase that will destroy any man’s love for you and drive him out of your life completely…

It usually comes out as an honest question when you want to connect with him…

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It can take a man who is filled with love and passion for you…

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why does my boyfriend ignore me

9 Signs He Thinks You’re a Terrible Kisser

I’ve actually read articles that say you should never tell someone they’re a bad kisser. It’s too hurtful, too embarrassing. You’ll give that poor guy or girl a complex for the rest of their life!

Personally, I think it’s worse to just tolerate a terrible kiss and pretend as if everything’s fine, when you could actually give this person some advice and help improve their love life. Isn’t it a much better scenario to help this person become a better kisser rather than laugh at them behind their back?

Sure, it may be embarrassing or insulting to say to a person…or at least, it would seem to be if you’re too negative or too critical in your feedback. Criticism should be constructive, positive, and focused on how to improve—NOT just what a person is doing wrong.

But hey, it is possible that the guy you’re dating is too shy or polite to admit your kissing technique could be improved. Tell you what, let’s spare him the awkward conversation. Let’s do that shy guy a favor!

Instead, we’re going to list nine signs that indicate he’s not looking forward to locking lips. Then we’re going to discuss a few additional tips on how to improve your kissing style.

1. He’s always backing away from you or making other uncomfortable gestures.

This is the most obvious sign to look for! He may be saying nice things but he’s constantly flinching, backing away or making a squirm face right before you move in for a kiss. Rather than live in the moment, he seems to be “preparing” for your kiss.

One way to further inspect this unusual kissing behavior is to let him direct the kiss more often rather than kissing him first. Maybe he wants to take the lead or wants to kiss in a particular war. If he feels that you’re competing or resisting, it might take away his enthusiasm.

2. He always fast-forwards the kiss, as if he wants to hurry things up.

This suggests he’s not really a fan of the kiss, or perhaps even your breath! I know, movies and TV shows don’t nearly devote proper attention to having good hygiene but I promise you it’s important! Before you kiss, try to brush and or have fresh breath courtesy of a mint. While it’s true that as the relationship progresses, “perfect kisses” are less important, I think the first few weeks of kissing really should be near perfect—or at least fun for him to taste.

3. He seems to want to kiss longer.

If he seems to want to kiss but gets frustrated in just a few moments, it’s possible you’re “pecking” instead of kissing. Pecking is what we do to grandma or how you greet your best friend forever who’s traveling from the Middle East. It’s not really very sexy when you’re kissing a boyfriend. Guys want longer kisses, more lip contact and more of your heads meshing together.

4. You seem to have lots of awkward bumps.

He might giggle with you, but if he seems frustrated it might be because of the awkward bumps—especially teeth collisions! If this seems to happen a lot, you might be accidentally pushing your jaw forward too strongly rather than taking it slow.

5. He takes a lot of breaks in between kissing.

Usually this indicates one of you can’t breathe very well—and if this happens, it’s best to learn how to breathe through your nose. But if he seems to take kissing breaks for no apparent—and you just happen to be salivating or licking him too much—there’s definitely a problem. Widening your mouth too much can bring extra saliva, as well as invading his mouth too deeply with your tongue. It’s actually a good idea to be under-wet than overly wet, so swallow your spit before kissing if you think it might be distracting.

6. He doesn’t seem to like your lips very much.

Could the reason be chapped lips? If your lips frequently become dry, plan ahead and bring along some lip balm, chap stick or even Vaseline. Men do tend to expect pouty and smooth lips even though they aren’t always naturally built that way!

7. He gets frustrated while tilting his head, as if he can’t seem to get comfortable.

This indicates the two of you lack of rhythm. Just like dancing, just like sex, good kissing requires a tempo, a rhythm! It’s a give and take process, or if you will, a leading and following process. Don’t always lead, but don’t insist he always lead. Let him lead, then you lead when he relaxes, then meet in the middle, and then start the cycle over again. Be careful to notice his signals, such as him pulling away if you’re leading. Does he prefer to lead, or did he think it was his turn to lead? Being observant and mindful of the kissing experience is the best way to address this problem.

8. He giggles and pushes you away…almost as if the kiss is too intense.

Actually, intense kissing is a good thing. The problem may be that your mouth moves too much or that there is too much smacking or heavy breathing. The perfect kiss has only minimal mouth movement. Your jaws don’t shove up and down but remain limber. If you practice breathing through your nose, your mouth will stay relaxed. A relaxed kiss is a slow and silent kiss.

9. He seems extra grabby with his hands.

Which is fine…but might he be hinting to you that you should use more of your hands? Rubbing his face or neck, running your fingers through his hair, or even putting your hands on his sides is as much a part as kissing as the liplocking itself. If you never do this, you might come across as cold or not into it.

Wait for the right moment (after a really good kiss or two) and then let your hands do some of the talking. Guys love it and suddenly, you seem like a much better kisser and more passionate lover.

Kissing should never be seen as a quickie prelude to sex. It’s so much more than that. It’s not so much foreplay as it is a lovemaking experience all its own. Practice lip locking with your boyfriend and give him the best kiss ever!

The 5 Word Phrase That Destroys a Man’s Love For You And Drives Him Out Of Your Life

There’s a simple 5 word phrase that will destroy any man’s love for you and drive him out of your life completely…

It usually comes out as an honest question when you want to connect with him…

But only serves to push him away and slowly kill your relationship from the inside out…

It can take a man who is filled with love and passion for you…

And make him feel cold, distant, and uninterested…

Have you figured out what it is yet?

Many women send this as a text message when they’re feeling insecure…

And then are confused why he suddenly pulls away and disappears completely…

Most of the women who ask it don’t even know how harmful it is…

Yet it can take a relationship that seems like it’s perfect…

A relationship where you feel loved, cared for, and like you’ve finally found “the one”…

And overnight, it can tear that relationship apart…

Leaving you confused, frustrated, and heartbroken…

If you don’t know what this simple yet seemingly innocent question is…

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My name is Matthew Coast and I’ve been teaching in the dating industry on since 2005…

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women, all over the world…

Get into relationships where they feel loved, seen, and cherished by the men they’re with…

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I show you what this 5 word phrase is…

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