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10 Freaky Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend (He’ll LOVE These)

At some point, you and your boyfriend cross that threshold of intimacy. Either you’ve slept together or you’re just on the verge of sleeping together, because you sense he’s falling for you. You may wonder though, “How can I turn him on like those girls he fantasizes about?” If you feel innocent, or feel as…

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8 Phone Sex Secrets – Blow His Mind with These

It’s kind of a shame more people don’t have phone sex before jumping into bed. Don’t get me wrong…real sex is great, nothing compares to it. But if you’re talking about foreplay and kink, I don’t think there’s anything hotter than sexting and phone sex. And if you spend just a few weeks or even…

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7 Dirty Talk Phrases Guaranteed To Turn Him On

Dirty talk! Scary stuff or mindless fun? If you’ve never tried it before it might be a little intimidating. You might not even think of yourself as dirty-talking kind of woman. Maybe by nature you’re shy, reserved or at least try to engage in civilized conversation. And what? He expects you to break out the…

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