A man will commit to you when he continually feels like this…

Can you remember the feeling of what it is like to fall in love for the first time? For a man, he starts out with an intense feeling of joy.

He feels more enthusiastic about his future. He feels like he’s more connected to all of the love in the world, even when she’s not around.

Whenever he thinks of you, he’s overwhelmed by the rush of positive feelings that flow through his body. He begins to appreciate every part of you… your neck, you lips, your hair, and all the perfect imperfections that you have.

You seem magical to him… glowing, radiant. He fantasizes about being with and kissing you.

He’s in love… sound familiar?

Here’s the thing though… he wants you to feel the exact same way about him that he feels for you. So, he’ll do a lot of different things in an attempt to impress you.

This may sound well and good. Except what happens next really depends a lot on how you respond to him.

For many women, this is when their fears and insecurities start taking over. If you start acting insecure or the way you respond to him doesn’t allow him to maintain his masculine identity, the chemistry he feels will quickly fade.

A man only wants to be in a relationship with a woman if both of these things remain true:

  1. He must feel like the woman he’s with is a valuable catch… like she’s someone worth pursuing and having in a relationship, and…
  2. He must be allowed to maintain his masculine identity… the woman he’s with must respect and appreciate him as a man.

Did you know that a man’s testosterone (you know, the male sex hormone) is linked to how he acts and the way the people treat him?

If he feels like you’re emasculating him, attempting to change him, or don’t feel like you’re worthy of being with him, he’ll quickly lose all of his feelings for you and he’ll disappear, like salt in water.

And you can attempt all of the methods that most women mistakenly use to get a guy to like you again. Things that NEVER work… you know, stuff like buying him presents, telling him how much you like him hoping it will convince him to feel the same way, or being a really, really good friend to him.

None of it will make any difference though. And all of the while, you may not even know what you did! It could have been something as simple as the tone of voice you used when you talked with him.

Why? Because most of this stuff happens unconsciously… your intentions might be positive but if underneath all of your good intentions is insecurity, it will leak out of you without you ever knowing.

Instead, you want a man to keep feeling in love with you. You want him to feel like you’re exactly who he has been looking for his entire life.

When a man feels like that towards you, he’ll not only stay in love, he’ll start showing you signs of wanting a commitment, and may even directly ask for one. I’ve seen a man who seemed like he was never going to settle down completely switch and ask a woman to commit to him for life after a week of feeling like this.

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