7 Long Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend (He’ll LOVE these)

Does your boyfriend seem a little reserved lately? Or maybe things feel weird between you because he’s sending you beautiful love poetry and you don’t know what to say back. Do you have to pay him back, one romantic letter for another?

That’s not how romance works. You’re never “in debt” when it comes to expressing yourself. Love should be given freely, no need to keep track of who’s winning. Most importantly, it should be honest and sincere. Don’t flatter each other or exaggerate anything. Keep things simple, affectionate and passionate.

But maybe words like “passionate” are intimidating. If you’re new to romance, you may not feel confident about your love texts or emails. You may even feel silly writing some of the mushy things that come to mind.

The key to writing romantic paragraphs is to avoid anything too dramatic and instead focus on the things you actually feel. That’s what he wants to hear – not poetry or stolen chapters from a romance novel. He wants to hear why YOU have strong feelings for him and how these feelings affect you.

Let’s consider some examples of long paragraphs that could be called passionate. Notice how they are structured not to flatter, but to focus on what’s real – what both partners feel for each other.

Feel free to use them or adapt them to your own personal story. The more sincere and personal you can make it, the better!

1. A letter of connection

Our connection is so intense! I feel like I’ve always known you in some way. From the very first time I met you, I’ve felt strongly attracted to you for reasons I don’t understand. I just longed to be near you and I wanted to be inside your mind. Every time you speak to me, I still get goose bumps. I want to feel even closer to you. I want to feel safe in your arms. I love the way we talk to each other so honestly and perfectly relaxed. We are in sync…it’s like you know what I’m thinking before I say it! No wonder I’m so in love with you.

2. A letter of confession

The first time I saw you I thought you were very handsome. But when I started talking to you I realized you were someone very special. You spoke to me like no one else. You challenged me and made me think. I can’t stop thinking about you, because I don’t want to stop. You make me laugh, bring a smile to my face and always keep me guessing. There’s something very mysterious and sexy about you. One of the many reasons I love you and always look forward to talk to you.

3. A letter of assurance

Just because I haven’t spoken to you lately doesn’t mean you’re not always on my mind. When we first started talking, I resisted you. I could feel myself falling hard for you and I panicked. But now that I’m with you I am so relieved to say you’re all mine. I don’t have any regrets because I’ve always wanted you. You always had a special talent for making me feel wanted and always entertaining me with your wacky sense of humor. I love you my honey bunny.

4. A letter of admiration

Every time I miss your text or phone call I just die! I am so addicted to your voice and your adorable laugh. You know I have feelings for you because I always second-guess what I’m saying when I’m around you. I want you to like me, no to love me, and sometimes I can’t control my desire for you. You make me so happy. You make me smile even on the worst of days. I love your words and the way you make me feel when you write me sweet messages. Don’t ever stop bringing light into my world, my love.

5. A letter of honesty

I have always admired you from a distance. But when we finally got together this past year it felt like such a weight off my shoulders. I finally got to be with a great man, someone who loves me and respects me and still knows how to push my buttons. You’re everything I wanted in a boyfriend and satisfy me in every way. I love so much I sometimes wonder if I’m dreaming. But then I wake up next to your lovely face and I remember it’s true. And I think, what a lucky woman I am!

6. A letter of gratitude

You are so quirky! You know just what to say to make me laugh and make me think. I’m so glad we met each other when we did because I can’t imagine not knowing you and not loving you. You are my adventurous partner, my creative soul mate, and my best friend who also happens to be my red hot lover. If you only knew how jealous my girlfriends were of me…they know what a great catch you are. But I have you all to myself, lover boy. And I’m going to make sure you’re just as completely satisfied as I am.

7. A letter expressing great pride

I want to make you happy. I want to spoil you with love and attention. You’ve done so much for me I am in awe of your heart. You’re also so handsome and so devoted to making me the happiest girlfriend on earth. I can’t imagine a future without you because you’ve changed my life in such wonderful ways. Don’t ever stop being the superhero I know you are inside. You want to make a difference and help others…that’s one of many reasons I love you. There are a lot of fine men out there, but not many fine men who are so serious about making a difference. You inspire me.

Passion is all about honesty and openness. You’re not ashamed of how you feel. But even more important than that, you’re not “weakly” in love with him. You don’t need him to survive or to support you. You love him because you adore his personality and because he loves you just as much. That’s how you can approach him from an honest state of mind and let the passion flow freely.

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