6 Signs a Taurus Man Likes You

Taurus, which is the astrological sign of the bull, encompasses the dates from April 20th to May 20th. Taurus is called the wandering bull, and according to myth, possibly the god Zeus who assumed the form of a bull to abduct Europa. The bull wanders the earth looking to find freedom and also to escape the pain and loneliness of the past. Taurus travels the world, hoping to learn something and find someone who will change their life!

Of course, understanding the mythology of Taurus is not quite the same as figuring out the Taurus personality. The Taurus man is well symbolized by the bull, because he is stubborn and yet loyal – perhaps to a fault.

Some say you must be patient to deal with a Taurus man. He’s the type of man who is cold at first, or at least distant, even when people are reaching out to him. He doesn’t trust easily, which explains why he builds trust over time and why some women lose interest in him rather quickly.

Taurus is fiercely loyal, however, which is the positive side of being a stubborn soul. He can be devoted to a person, an ideal standard, or even someone from his past. Getting past his tough exterior is the challenge, especially since he won’t budge at first, even if you’re flirting with him.

This can be confusing too, because Taurus isn’t always the rude type. He may wear a façade of friendliness, or even show flirty behavior – but it’s fairly mindless. It’s the same veneer he gives to everybody because he is closed when you first meet him, whether he’s an introvert or an extrovert.

How Do You Know if a Taurus Likes You?

Before we discuss the actual signs of romantic interest, let’s talk about WHAT usually works on a Taurus man. Long-term relationships mean long-term trust, friends over a period of months or years. It takes some persistence in attracting a Taurus man, but necessarily “chasing” him. Instead, persistence means being friendly to him, being open for conversation and projecting a successful and loving presence.

Taurus tend to be wealthy because he is so practical minded. The wealthier he is, the more he will probably stay more open-minded to women in his own social circle, whether that means wealthy elites of society, or just people he knows from the local church. In other words, he is community-minded, traditional, family-oriented and trusting only of a small group of people.

Practical minded men don’t tend to like “dreamers”, and are often disappointed at partners or lovers who fail to live up to their own standards.

Now that we know who Taurus is likely to notice, let’s discuss signs of strong interest. As you’ll note they are not subtle, just as you shouldn’t be extremely subtle either, since Taurus is a bull who needs strong communication.

1. If Taurus isn’t on the defensive, he will invite you into a protected territory.

Leave it to the bull to take you away from this noise and dangerous environment and keep you safe. Taurus will invite you into his safe place or what you might call his home territory if he likes you. This doesn’t always mean his house or his choice of restaurant. Sometimes it can be just a quiet area away from all the other clubbers, patrons or shared friends. He has to feel safe to begin opening up.

2. Once Taurus likes you, he doesn’t waste time with small talk.

Small talk is for people Taurus really doesn’t trust. Once he decides he likes you, don’t be surprised if he goes for much deeper conversation. He will want to know who you really are and will require total honesty. He doesn’t jump into commitment, however, so the first few conversations will be a test, to see if you can keep his attention and remain confident in his strong bullish presence.

3. He won’t be chasing after other women. His eyes are on you!

Taurus men are fiercely loyal and even before the relationship begins. It’s not necessarily that he isn’t interested in sex – he just finds you far more interesting than other women. Taurus’ lovers are actually quite possessive, so if and when you get his attention you’ll get plenty of it!

4. He will share the wealth, give you gifts and sincere compliments.

In this sense, you could say that Taurus is one of the easiest signs to read. He’s almost the “nice guy” stereotype in that he likes to give gifts, buy you chocolates and flowers, and take you to the best restaurants in town – his treat. Since he tends to be successful, he won’t mind paying your way.

5. He seems to get a little self-conscious when you’re around.

How adorable, that the bull of lovers is also shy and sensitive, once you get to know him. Remember that Taurus is all “Bull” when you first meet him, but as he reveals himself he tends to get overwhelmed with emotion, even if it’s just worrying about what you think of him.

6. He piles on the compliments.

He is an old school romantic and wants to make sure you know how he feels. Since he rarely gives compliments, you know he’s serious when goes out of his way to express his feelings. He’s also the type of guy to give you compliments behind your back, telling your friends or family how wonderful he thinks you are.

Remember though in the beginning, when your goal is to appear confident and in control, don’t jump to conclusions. Taurus is friendly to most people, at least in the sense that he listens when they speak, adds them to his social media account, and generally acts like a friend

Taurus is not rude per se, but he is distant when it comes to matters of the heart. Trust is earned over a period of time. The good news is that when you do finally get through the rough exterior, he is a devoted, sentimental, and highly sensitive lover who will fight for you and take on the whole world just to make you happy!

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