10 Cute Things to Call Your Boyfriend

Creating a nickname for your boyfriend – indeed, your lover, your soul mate, your man, maybe even the love of your life – can feel intimidating. What’s in a name? More to the point, is the name insulting or just plain corny? How do you know what kind of a cutesy nickname your guy is going to like?

In the article, we’re going to discuss 10 nicknames that are safe, sexy and most of all, sweet. The strategy is to decide upon a name that emphasizes something POSITIVE about your boyfriend. That way, whenever you use his nickname in a flirty or romantic conversation, he will feel the affection you have for him. He will start to feel safe in your presence and that’s what strengthens your bond.

Just keep things simple and cute. Let’s start with…

1. Big Boss or Bossman

This is a cute nickname that emphasizes your man’s power, authority and confident attitude. Every guy wants to be thought of as a strong leader, a tough guy and a man who can dominate his surroundings. Calling him a boss flatters his ego and makes him feel ten feet tall…or at least between five and seven feet tall. (Yeah, that’s probably where most men want to be, since girls don’t typically date giants!)

2. Dreamy Eyes

What better way to remind your man of one of his best features than to create a nickname based on that feature? You probably think your boyfriend’s eyes are deep, scandalous and soulful. Why not use Dreamy Eyes or Scandalous Eyes or Baby Blues? Remind him a couple of times a day how above average he is when it comes to looks.

3. Handyman

Men like to be valued on what they DO and what they actually provide for the women they love. In many cases, men are handy around the house. They know about mechanics, or repair work, or contracting or DIY building. If this is the case for your guy, reward him with a cute title that shows appreciation for all his skills. And of course, if handyman seems too old, you can always call him the Pool Boy and treat him like the hot young thing he is!

4. Slam Dunk or Touchdown

If your man is a sports fanatic, give him a nickname he’ll actually enjoy. Use a word associated with victory, whether it’s a slam dunk, touchdown or home run. He’ll love the idea of scoring in and out of the bedroom, constantly being reminded that you’re the real winner since you have the grand prize of his heart.

5. Volcano or Tornado

No seriously! A lot of guys actually like being called disaster names like tornado, typhoon and so on. Of course, the trick is to use only positive connotations so he’ll associate that nickname with good feelings. Start calling him “wrecking ball” or “my big quake” during or after sex. Tell him he’s powerful, colossal and uncontrollable in bed. While it’s sexy at first, over time a sexy nickname can evolve into a cute nickname. It’s not actually that he’s bad news, but that he’s a big strong man and ready to take on the world, just to protect and provide for YOU.

6. Tiger Muffin

Tiger muffin or lion heart or bear boo are surprisingly cool nicknames that sound cool even when you say them in front of other people. The logic here is combining two animals or things that are opposites in some way. A vicious animal represents his power and strength. But his second title, like muffin or boo (when combined with the animal nickname) reminds him that he’s a gentle giant. That’s why you like him, he is the best of both worlds.

7. Buff Historian or Movie Gladiator

Here’s another example of combining two nicknames. You include his favorite hobby (movies, reading, etc.) but then add it to a manly title or quality like gladiator or buff. He will appreciate the idea of you supporting and believing in his hobby. Men want to be valued for their unique mind and original ideas. If you can’t think of a manly word then use compliments to accomplish the same purpose. Sexy Collector or in Scholar in Tight Jeans gets the point across.

8. Sunshine, Moonlight, or Blue Skies

Naming your honey after something beautiful, such as a scene you witnessed (like your lover’s face shining so handsomely in moonlight), or something powerful and aesthetically pleasing like the sunrise or sunset, is a fine idea. Not only do you give him a cute and positive nickname but you also let him relive that memory and think of that pretty visual whenever you use this familiar word.

9. The Brent-inator!

Guys kind of love the idea of becoming a comic book hero or supervillain (sure, someone has to do it!) so combining their actual name with a cool suffix or prefix is a great idea. Create a beautiful and catchy nickname that will last for years on end. Todd-ster, Bad Bobby or John-Solo work well. You can use his personal name creatively and make it stick with him and even his friends if it’s catchy enough.

10. Sweat Tea (or anything yummy!)

One of the very best nicknames you can give a man will involve creating an “inside joke”, or name that has hidden meaning between the both of you. Other people might not get it, but you two will remember the conversation and recall those good memories. That’s why inside jokes make for very effective cute nicknames.

Maybe you’ll call him Sweet Tea because of that one day at McDonalds when he ordered sweet tea and said “There’s no such thing as too sweet. Like you for example. I love it when you sweet talk me!”

Or how about something else yummy or funny (“You always seem to have pocket change on you, so I’m calling you Quarters from now on!”) to make him laugh? Inside jokes can help strengthen your bond vividly recall thoughts and feelings of yesterday with just a word.

The only word of caution here is to choose a nickname that’s associated with positive things and avoid any cute nicknames or inside jokes that might accidentally hurt his feelings or insult him. Men can sometimes be sensitive about words or what they think is mocking laughter. He wants to be good boyfriend material and feel good about what he’s doing for you. Reward him with a nickname that conveys endearment and love, not just wit.

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