What Do Guys Really Think About Super Skinny Girls?

So much is written about what men find physically attractive. Do they only like super models? Do they like “curvy women”? Is breast size the most important thing or is a flat stomach or tight abs preferred?

The truth is there is no universal standard as to what men like in a woman. You might say, well it’s obvious that men are not attracted to women that overweight, right? It’s not always obvious. Some men ARE attracted to BBW’s. Some men like curvy. Some men like chubby. Some men don’t care about body size but pay more attention to personality.

On the other hand, some men want physical perfection. They want a trophy wife—someone who will make the whole room light up with jealousy. Someone they can parade around for cameras just to say, “This is what I deserve.”

Not so charming, but yeah that’s how some men are.

How about women who are skinny? Is there any prejudice against them? From some of the male population? Of course! Sometimes you see memes on Facebook talking about “I’d rather have a woman with meat on her than just a skeleton” or some other nonsense like that.

The truth is that body shaming anyone, for being overweight, underweight, or having an unusual figure, is a rude thing to do. There’s no need to insult other people just to express a lack of attraction.

We’re attracted to who we like. Different bodies, different clothes, different faces.

The real question is, YOUR GUY. The one you’re in love with or have a crush on…what does his ideal woman look like? And how can you change yourself to look more like this perfect ideal?

The best thing to do is (1) consider what the male population likes in general; (2) consider what guys are actually thinking, because sure, guys THINK about everything. Their minds race, they think weird thoughts. That’s just how it goes.

Oh yes and (3) accept the fact that you probably can’t change your body to look like perfection or an ideal of what he wants. After all, you want him to like YOU, not a Playboy model.

All right let’s start by considering four things that a man is probably thinking when it comes to female bodies.

1. “No, I don’t want you to freak out and go a Rocky-esque mission to become super skinny.”

Most men don’t care if a woman is naturally skinny but they definitely don’t want you starving yourself or straining yourself trying to lose weight just to please them.

According to one source, most men actually WANT a woman 10-15 pounds heavier than what a woman THINKS her ideal weight should be to please a man.

The lesson is, NO, men don’t want you to alter your weight or lifestyle just to please them. If they show interest in you as you are, this is a sign that he is already physically attracted. Changing your appearance or becoming obsessed with fitness may even paint you as too needy.

2. “Does she take her health seriously? I hope so…”

Now on the other hand, men are conscious of body shape and what this means about a woman’s health. They know a few basic facts…like obesity is a dangerous medical condition. Ideally, ALL human beings should be physically active, exercise, and eat a diet that is reasonably good in vitamins, nutrients and protein.

Now let’s not this into a health blog and start shaming everyone for not being physically perfect! Few people today have “perfect” health or a perfect diet. The real question is, are you trying? Are you trying to eat better, work out more and take steps to live longer, resist disease and enjoy a productive life?

This is all a man cares about. Overall, he wants you know that you’re taking care of himself. He doesn’t want to inherit a “project”. He wants you to be independent, self-confident and in control of your life. And your body will reflect that, the more time you invest in self-improvement.

3. “He definitely likes curves…”

According to a Psychology Today article, most men prefer the hour glass figure—a nice compromise in between skinny and obese. Curvy top and curvy bottom. Men actually want naturally curvy Playboy type beauties MORE so than super models who are skinnier and don’t have as much on top or bottom.

Now does this mean men only want large-breasted women? Believe it or not, most men don’t care all that much about breast size…other than the desire he has to peek at all those Game of Thrones nude scenes. Men like breasts if they’re there, if someone is flashing them in person, on an Internet site or in a magazine.

But they really don’t put breast size as a relationship priority. Some studies actually showed that men may prefer big butts to big breasts or at least. That’s good news, considering that eating more protein and working out can actually give a woman a more Jennifer Lopez-like butt.

4. “Who cares about a perfect body? I just hope she likes sex!”

There you have it. Perfect bodies come and go. They’re plastered all over television and the Internet. Easy to find.

What a man really wants from a woman is a fun personality and a LOVE of sex! A libido comparable to that of a man. A woman who wants to party first and worry about her hair and outfit later.

Self confidence is good, of course. But spending too much time in front of a mirror and not enough time under the covers is a much more common complaint that you might hear from a guy.

I guarantee you, if you show him a good time, and show him that you’re a woman who doesn’t only care about appearances, he will be impressed. He will be head over heels in love and in lust with you.

What good are bodies if they’re not to enjoy passion? Focus on the passion and leave perfection for the movies.

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