The Truth About Why He Disappeared

A few weeks ago, I was emailed by someone in our community about a guy that she really liked. She said she’d been messaging back and forth with him for about a week.

They decided to meet up with each other and she said that they had a blast! She felt like she connected with him on SO many levels.

It was like “a match made in heaven,” she professed… at the end of the date, they went outside, talked and kissed each other passionately.

But that’s when things fell apart.

She asked him if he’d text her when he got home so she’d know he made it home safe.

He agreed, and they went home separately… but she never got his text.

A few hours went by and she decided that she would text him… just to make sure he was okay… no response.

She called him the next day to see what happened to him… no response.

She sent him another text and then an email because she was getting really worried… no response.

What happened? How could a man do something like this? She felt sooo connected to him.

Why Did He Disappear?

Are you tired of men disappearing on you? Or, more specifically, the men you feel really connected to and like a lot?

Are you looking for something long-term but keep finding men who just want short term action or vanish like dust in the wind when you start to get close to them?

Would you like to understand what is going on with men better so that you can get closer to a man that you like and do you want him to desire you more?

There are a lot of reasons why a man might disappear on you even if you’ve shared some amazing times together. Here are some of those reasons:

You plan all the dates, where to go, what to do.

If you’re taking charge of what to do and how to do things in a relationship, you’re taking over the masculine role. And if the guy you’re seeing wants to feel the he’s the man of your relationship, he suddenly feels like you’re not giving him the space to be that man for you.

And chances are, if he doesn’t feel like you’re opening a space for him to be the man in your relationship, he’ll leave and find someone who allows him to take that role for her.

You’re actively pursuing him.

If you’re actively pursuing a man, he’s just going to lean back and let you pursue him. That’s a natural reaction that people have in a relationship. If you act like the leader of the relationship, the other person has to be the follower.

And once again, the leader is another masculine role. There’s nothing wrong with taking a masculine role if that’s what you want. Just realize that the only men who are attracted to masculine women are feminine guys.

He thinks you’re not interested in him.

Have you ever experienced what it’s like to be in the “friend zone” with a guy you liked? Well, every man I’ve ever met has experienced this.

In fact, some men only experience being a friend to women all the way through their late twenties or later. For a man, this is one of the worst things that he can experience.

Most guys have experienced being in the friend zone so much that if there’s even a chance that he might end up in that position with you, he won’t continue to pursue you.

A lot of women think they should just show up to a date and do nothing else. Well, if you’re having problems with men disappearing, this could be one of the reasons why.

And if you let a man know that you’re interested in him in the right way, it can be extremely attractive to him.

He thinks you want something different than what he wants.

A man who disappears isn’t always a bad thing. He might have even had a really great time with you and felt attracted to you.

But if he knows that you’re looking for something different than what he’s looking for…

Like if you’re looking for something serious and he’s looking for a casual fling… it’s very likely that he’ll disappear without talking to you about it.

And while this still may be frustrating to you, it’s actually a great screening method. If a man doesn’t want what you want, you don’t want him sticking around to waste your time anyway.

You just have to make sure to find this out before you get emotionally and physically intimate with him.

If you become intimate with him without finding out what his long-term dating goals are, you’re just setting yourself up for heartbreak and frustration.

He’s not ready for what you want.

Have you ever seen someone back out of a wedding at the last moment? There are a lot of reasons for this but one of them is that sometimes people aren’t ready for something serious… men and women.

He may think he wants something serious. He may even say that he wants something serious. But if he’s not really ready for it, it doesn’t matter what his intentions are.

It’s like those people in school who want to go to the front of the class to give a speech but end up freaking out and sitting back down instead of presenting (I’ve seen a few of them in college).

By the way, this happens with women all the time too. I dated a woman once who said she wanted to have a serious relationship.

But as soon as I presented the idea of actually having that relationship, she freaked out, said she didn’t believe it was real, and disappeared on me.

He feels like you’re attempting to trap him in a relationship without getting to know him well enough first.

A lot of women out there want to jump into a relationship without ever really getting to know a guy first.

A huge fear that a lot of men have is getting into a relationship with a woman who is using him to fulfill some kind of need she has instead of being with him because of who he is.

If you’re attempting to catch a guy and force him into a relationship like you’re trapping a wild animal in a cage, most guys react to this like a wild animal in a cage would… they run as fast as they can as far away as possible.

Instead, a guy wants to feel like it’s his idea to create a relationship with you. If he doesn’t feel this way, he’ll run for the hills when you attempt to push this on him. He’ll feel pressured. He’ll feel like you’re smothering him.

If you do this the right way instead, he’ll feel like he’s winning a great prize and like he’s extremely lucky and fortunate to have an amazing woman who’s willing to be with him in a relationship like this.

He doesn’t feel it for you like you feel it for him.

Attraction isn’t always mutual. You may have felt like the date was amazing. You may have connected to him on something that is important to you. You may feel like he’s perfect for you.

But if he doesn’t experience the same thing with you, why would he stick around?

The answer is that he wouldn’t. Just like you wouldn’t stick around if a guy was totally into you but you weren’t into him (I’m sure that’s happened before).

And if he thinks you’re super attracted to him and he’s only mildly attracted to you, there’s a good chance he’ll feel awkward around you and disappear.

Fortunately, there’s a lot that you can do about being more attractive to men so that the men who you want to stick around, will stick around.

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Matthew Coast

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